Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mary Belle (Duncan) and Joe H. Holder

© Kathy Duncan, 2014

Back in 2012, I posted a photograph of Richard E. Duncan and family. Their daughter Mary Belle Duncan, who was simply called Belle by the Duncan family, was not in the photo because she had left home and was married to Joe H. Holder. Since she died young, I did not have much hope of ever seeing a photograph of her. However, cousin Gerald Holder had not one, but two pictures of her with her family. All of these pictures were taken before her death in 1922.

The first picture is one of Mary Belle (Duncan) Holder with her son Enos Melvin "Gid' Holder taken c. 1920/1921:

Enos Melvin "Gid" Holder and mother Mary Belle (Duncan) Holder cd. 1920/1921

The second picture is of the entire Holder family posed in their new John Deere wagon. From left to right: Enos Wayne "Gid" Holder, Henry Holder, Gladys Holder, Joe H. Holder, Mary Belle (Duncan) Holder, Susie Holder.

Left to right: Gid Holder, Henry Holder, Gladys Holder, Joe H. Holder [father in wagon seat], Mary Belle (Duncan) Holder [mother in wagon seat], Susie Holder, c. 1919/1920

The last picture is of Enos Melvin "Gid" Holder and family. This photograph features from left to right: Enos Melvin "Gid" Holder, Wayne Holder, Gerald Holder, and Sharlene (Foster) Holder.

Left to right: Enos Melvin "Gid" Holder, Wayne Holder, Gerald Holder, Sharlene (Foster) Holder, 1947

Thank you, Gerald Holder for sharing these photographs.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Buford Dendy and Louise (Davis) Dendy

© Kathy Duncan, 2014

The photograph below is of my great-grandparents: Buford W. and Louise (Davis) Dendy. This photograph was taken in the early part of 1910.

Left to right: Burl Cason Dendy, Buford Watts Dendy [father], Louise (Davis) Dendy [mother], Arlene (Dendy) Deaton [baby], Orval Van Buren Dendy