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Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) England

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Fatima Charlotte Jamison, daughter of Esther (Holcomb) Jamison, was born in Missouri in 1840. She travelled from Missouri to Calaveras County, California in a wagon train with her siblings in 1860. She married William Westley England who was also in Calaveras county by 1860.

18 July 1860, Twp. 10, Calaveras County, California, p. 279:
William W. England 26 M Salonkeeper $0-$750 b. GA

According to FamilySearch, William England married Fratina Ismenson [sic] on 7 Mar 1861 in Calaveras County, California.

Shooting Affray at Bushville.—On Thursday last a shooting affray occurred at Bushville, near Jenny Lind, in this county. A quarrel arose between W. W. England and William Floris, on a settlement of accounts. England is said to have hit Floris on the head with a rock; Floris then drew a revolver and shot him in the left side. Floris was arrested and detained in Jenny Lind until Saturday; but owing to the illness of Judge Langdon he was not examined. He was brought to the hill on Sunday, and will be detained here until witnesses can be brought from Jenny Lind. England is not supposed to be mortally wounded.— Calaveras Chronicle. March 15th.
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 22, Number 3421, 17 March 1862]

$75 Reward. Stolen from Salt Spring Valley, Calaveras county, on the night of August 28th, one Bay American Mare, 4 years old, branded C.S. on left hip, collar marks, heavy shod; one Sorrel Mare, with Bay Colt, 6 months old, no brand; one yearling Sorrel Horse Colt, with white face, no brand. The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the above at Jenny Lind, or information of the same by which I can get them.
W.W. Engand
Salt Spring Valley, September 1, 1868
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 7 Sept. 1868]

Mill Creek Station, a 320-acre ranch, was located on Mill Creek near the former Mohawk Sawmill.  During the 1860s it was owned by A. J. Pool and W. W. England.  One-quarter of a mile above A. J. Pool & Co.’s ranch, Theodore Trimmer operated a 160-acre ranch (Calaveras County, CA Assessment Rolls, 1861-1867).
[Source: "Ebert's Pass History" by Judith Marvin,]

Published biography of W. W. England:

W. W. England was born in Georgia, on January 16, 1833. His parents were Elisha and Mary E. England, and he remained in Georgia until February 11, 1855, when he started for California, from Marietta, Georgia, via New York, by steamer Illinois to Aspinwall, and from the Isthmus, in steamer John L. Stevens, reaching San Francisco, March 17, 1855. He went to El Dorado and Cold Springs and tried mining with moderate success; also, on Mill Creek, Calaveras county, six miles from the "Big Trees," and other places in California, until 1858, when he went to Frazer river, and spent three months in prospecting, and returned, " broke," to Sacramento. 

He came to this county in 1869, and has a farm of one thousand two hundred acres, located twelve miles from Hollister, devoted principally to grazing. Eighty acres of it are farmed and produce good crops of grain. He also has a good orchard and vineyard, both in bearing. He also raises all kinds of berries in abundance. He keeps about fifty head of cattle, horses, hogs, and other stock. 

Miss Fatima C. Jemison, the wife of the subject of this sketch, was born in Missouri in 1840 ; and came across the plains, in 1860, with three sisters and one brother. She "was married March 6, 1861, at the age of twenty-one. She was esteemed by all who knew her, and was a devoted wife and Christian. She died August 28, 1878. She has two sisters living, Mrs. Poole, and Mrs. McNeill. One sister, Mrs. Brooks, died November 7, 1871. One brother resides in Wash. Ter. The names of Mr. England's children are: Georgia, Arthur, Carrie, Decater, Minnie, Ella, and Theodoria England. 
[History of San Benito County, California : with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, farms, residences, public buildings, factories, hotels, business houses, schools, churches, and mines : with biographical sketches of prominent citizens]

Children of Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) and William Wesley England:

1. Georgie England
2. Arthur Lee England
3. Fatima England
4. Slyter Decatur England
5. Mary Esther England
6. Olivia Helen England

Mrs. W.W. ENGLAND, who has been seriously ill for some time past, is slowly recovering.
[Source: Hollister Telegraph; Hollister, CA; August 22, 1878]

Died -- near Hollister, Aug. 27th, Mrs. W.W. ENGLAND, aged 35 years. [The funeral will take place from the M.E. Church, South, at 12 ½ o’clock to-day.]
[Source: Hollister Telegraph; Hollister, CA; August 29, 1878]

Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) England is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hollister, San Benito County, California

5 June 1880, Hollister Twp., San Benito Co., California:
England, William W M 47 Farmer b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
---Georgie W F 18 Dau KeepingHouse b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Arthur W M 16 Son Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Fatima W F 14 Dau Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Slighter W M 13 Son Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Ollie W F 0 Dau Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Viola W F 4 Dau b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
Chappell, Mattie W F 22 Boarding Teacher b. CA fb. GA mb. TN

After the death of Fatima Charlotte, William England remarried for a second. This marriage took place at the residence of William's brother-in-law and former business partner, Andrew Jackson Pool:

Married. Hollister, November 6--W.W. England to Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas.
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 22 Nov 1881]

Married -- ENGLAND-THOMAS -- at the residence of A.J. POOLE, Hollister, by Judge MONTGOMERY; W.W. ENGLAND of San Benito County to Mrs. Elizabeth THOMAS, of Gilroy.
[Source:  The Pacific Coast; Hollister, CA; 18 Nov. 1881]

In 1883, W.W. England and his brother-in-law A.J. Pool had an unusual brush with a criminal. See details on Andrew Jackson Pool's page.

21 & 22 June 1900, Kaweah Twp., Tulare County, CA:
England, William W Head W M b. June 1833 66 M 15 b. GA fb. NC mb. NC
---Olivia H. Dau W F b. Sep 1872 28 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Arthur L Son W M b. Apr 1863 37 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Theo V. Dau W F b. Apr 1875 25 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Frean S Nephew W M b. July 1877 22 S b. GA fb. GA mb. GA

England, Slyton Head W M b. Jan 1867 33 M 9 b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Effie Wife W F b. Aug 1871 28 M 9 4-4 b. CA fb. TN mb. TN
---Iva Dau W F b. Dec. 1891 8 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Ester Dau W F b. Apr 1894 6 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Helen Dau W F b. June 1896 3 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Walter L Son W M b. May 1899 1 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA

Local Briefs. Mrs. A.C. Williams of this city is enjoying a visit from her father, W.W. England of Fresno.
[Source: Los Angeles Herald, 25 Oct 1901

Died -- ENGLAND -- in Oakland, July 28, W.W. ENGLAND, a native of Georgia, aged about 68 years. [formerly of this place, died of Bright's disease at East Oakland,well and favorably known in this community and his funeral, which was in charge of the local lodge IOOF, was well attended.]
[Source: The Free Lance; Hollister, San Benito Co., CA; 1 Aug 1902]

William Wesley England was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hollister, San Benito County, California.

Andrew Jackson Pool

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Andrew Jackson Pool, was the son of James and Phebe (Holcomb) Pool. He was born in Missouri c. 1833. He married his first cousin Margaret Jamison. See her page for more information.

Known children of Andrew Jackson and Margaret (Jamison) Pool:

1. Robert Hugh Pool
2. Andrew Edmand Pool
3. "Clara" Gertrude Mae Pool
4. Alfred Milton Pool
5. Maud Augusta Pool
6. Wilmas Alva "Leota" Pool

Married. At Jenny Lind, January 20th, A. J. Pool to Margaret Jamison.
[Source: Daily Alta California, 30 Jan 1861 and Sacramento Daily Union 29 Jan 1861]

At Brushville, Calaveras county, Feb. 17th, the wife of A. J. Pool, of a son. [Robert H. Pool]
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 22, Number 3410, 4 March 1862]

28 July 1870, San Juan Twp., Monterey Co., CA, p. 396:

183 - 180
Poole, A.J. 37 M W Blacksmith b. MO
---Margaret 37 F  W Keeps house b. MO
---Robert H. 8 M W b. CA
---Andrew 5 M W b. CA
---Clara G. 3 F  W b. CA
---Alfred 8/12 M W b. CA

On 1 Oct 1874, A.J. Pool and his brother-in-law W. J. McNeil rented tracts of land in Fresno County, California for one year from Miller and Lux that resulted in a lawsuit that was filed in 1878.

5 June 1880, Hollister Twp., San Benito County, California, p. 368:
Pool, Andrew W M 47 Farmer b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
----, Margaret W F 47 Wife Keeping house b. MO fb. KY mb. MO
----, Hugh W M 18 Son Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Andrew W M 16 Son Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Gertie W F 13 Dau Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Milton W M 10 Son b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Maud W F 3 Dau b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Leota W F 2/12 Mar Dau b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
[Living nearby is the household of first cousin Nancy (Skaggs) Witter and the household of William W. England.]

Married -- ENGLAND-THOMAS -- at the residence of A.J. POOLE, Hollister, by Judge MONTGOMERY; W.W. ENGLAND of San Benito County to Mrs. Elizabeth THOMAS, of Gilroy.
[Source:  The Pacific Coast; Hollister, CA; 18 Nov. 1881]

In 1883, A.J. Pool and his brother-in-law W.W. England had this brush with a criminal:

Murder and Arson -- Last Tuesday morning at about 4 o’clock, nightwatchman AUSTIN noticed a man on horseback pass through town. In about 3 hours thereafter, an officer from Gilroy appeared in town, and then it was learned that murder and arson had been committed near San Jose on Sunday night. That intelligence being gained, Sheriff BURNETT and a posse started out with the intention of tracking the man who passed town, who, from the description given, is beyond all doubt the assassin. All day Tuesday the officers looked for the criminal, but without success. He was heard of at several different places, but no definite information could be gained.

The particulars of the foul deed are: Living at a place near San Jose, known as Lexington, was an old man named Wm. P. RENOWDEN. He was reported to be wealthy, and that he kept considerable coin in his dwelling. This was the general belief among the inhabitants in that neighborhood. On Sunday night last a Mr. Archie McINTYRE, an old friend of RENOWDEN, went to pass the night with him. At 1 o’clock of the night, Mr. W.B. RANKIN, a neighbor, heard several shots in the direction of RENOWDEN’s house, and soon thereafter he discovered the old man’s house to be on fire. He gave the alarm, but before assistance could arrive the house was destroyed. Arriving at the scene of the tragedy, the body of RENOWDEN was discovered within a few rods of the dwelling with a portion of his clothing burned off and 3 bullet wounds, one in the right cheek and 2 in the breast. Further investigation showed the charred remains of another person, which proved to be McINTYRE. The cause for the crime was money, $200 in gold being found in the ruins.

Later particulars of the double murder convey the intelligence that Jno. SHOWERS and Joe JEWELL are the murderers. SHOWERS was arrested in Gilroy on Monday, but JEWELL succeeded in making his escape. The coroner’s inquest developed the facts as stated above. We think that the Sheriff of Santa Clara county made a mistake in not telegraphing to Sheriff BURNETT immediately, who would then have been on the alert. Up to going to press, Thursday, 5pm, no news of JEWELL have been received. Why, we are unable to say, as it is an open fact that JEWELL has been and now is in the immediate neighborhood of Hollister. He took dinner at Mr. NASH’s last Tuesday, and in an hour thereafter Sheriff BURNETT was at the same place, but he could not find JEWELL. On Tuesday night the murderer slept at Mr. A.J. POOLE’s, but wasn’t there when wanted. Wednesday at 2pm he visited the ranch of Judge MURPHY, and remained there nearly an hour. But when looked for he was gone. On Wednesday night Sheriff BURNETT and W.W. ENGLAND started on a hunt for JEWELL. It is rather singular that JEWELL could possibly circulate in this neighborhood without being captured, and that too, when being pursued by some of Santa Clara County’s criminal hunters, assisted by the officers of San Benito County. As matters now appear, it looks to a man up a tree as if the officers were either afraid to meet JEWELL or else are too lazy to find him. We do not assert this as a fact, as we are ignorant of the actions of the officers, who may have plans for his capture, which, in the end, will be successful. We hope so. 
[Source: Hollister Democrat; Hollister, CA;16 March 1883]

Evidently, A.J. Pool removed to Tulare County, California by 1886.

Poole, Andres [sic] Jackson 53 Missouri  Farmer Traver   28 May  1886
[Tulare County CA Great Register of 1888]

Died -- POOL -- at Traver, Cal., Nov 9, A.J. POOL, aged 60 years.
[Source:  The Hollister Free Lance, 15 Nov 1889]

Andrew Jackson Pool's burial place has not been found yet. He was probably buried in Tulare County, California since that seems to have been his place of residence at the time.

Andrew Jackson and Margaret (Jamison) Pool's bible can be viewed  here.

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Mary Emma (Barber) Brown Laine

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Mary Emma Barber, daughter of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born in October 1846 in Barbour County, Alabama  and died on 27 February 1919 in Sulpher Springs, Hopkins County, Texas. She was buried in the Como Cemetery in Como,Texas. At the time of her death, she was living with her daughter Emma Arcenia Brown, wife of Silas O. Brown.
[source: Texas Confederate Widow’s Pension]

Mary Emma Barber married John C. BROWN on 6 August 1863 in Barbour County, Alabama.

Children of John and Mary Emma (Barber) Brown:

1. John Robert Brown born 18 Jan 1868 in Alabama
2. Emma Arcena Brown born 17 March 1870 in Titus County, Texas
3. Lenora H. Brown born 17 Aug 1871
4. Thomas Jefferson Brown born 21 Jan 1873
5. Toy Mansel Brown born 26 Aug 1875 in Texas

Mary Emma (Barber) and John C. Brown have not been located on the 1870 census. He died in 1875 in Texas. Mary Emma (Barber) Brown has not been found on the 1880 census although one child, Emma Arcena Brown has been located living with her aunt Rebecca (Barber) Temple in Cass County, Texas:

14 June 1880, Pct 7, Dist. 16, Cass Co., TX:

Temples, William W M 70 Shoemaker b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
----Rebecca W F  45 Wife Keeps house b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
Brown, Arthena W F 10 Niece b. TX fb. NC mb. SC

Mary Emma (Barber) Brown married as her second husband, Leroy W. Lain, on 12 September 1880. Leroy W. Lain died on 31 March 1908 in Fisher County, Texas. He served in Co. H, Young’s 8th Texas Infantry of the Confederate States Army.
[source: Texas Confederate Widow’s Pension]

Children of Mary Emma (Barber) and Leroy W. Lain:

6. Turie Lee Laine born 13 January 1882 in Titus Co., TX
7. Morris Cleveland Laine
8. Jewel Reese Laine

Census records for Mary Emma (Barber) Brown Laine and Leroy W. Laine:

Pct# 2; Titus County, Texas; 4 June 1900:

Lane, L W Head W M b. June 1823 76 M20 b. AL fb. SC mb. SC
---Emma Wife W F b. Oct 1846 52 M20 8-8 b. AL fb. SC mb. SC
---Turie Dau W F b. Jan 1882 18S b. TX fb. TN mb. AL
---Morris Son W M b. May 1884 16S b. TX fb. TN mb. AL
---Jawel Son W M b. Oct 1886 b. TX fb. TN mb. AL
[Household located between the households of S.O. Brown and J.M. Lain]

Pct #3, Rotan, Fisher County, Texas, 19 April 1910:

Stevenson, John Head M W 30 M-1 5 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Turie Wife F W 28 M-1 1-1 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Madge Dau F W 2S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
Lane, Mary Mil F W 64 Wd b. AL fb. SC mb. SC

Left to right: Mary Emma (Barber) Brown Laine and sister-in-law Lula A. (Whiteforce) Barber

Robert J. Barber

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Robert J. Barber, son of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born 31 December 1848 in Alabama. He died 2 August 1911 and is buried in White Oak Cemetery in Titus County, Texas. He married 1.) Ellen ______ and 2.) Lula Whiteforce.

Children of Robert J. and Ellen Barber:

1. Daughter Barber b.c. 1872 in TX
2. Charles Barber b.c. 1876  in TX

Children of Robert J. and Lula A. (Whiteforce) Barber:

3. Ernest Claude Barber
4. Virgil Hollis Barber
5. Robert J. Barber
6. Myrtle Barber

Census records for Robert J. Barber and family:

13 Aug 1870 Twp 12, Range 25, Barbour Co., AL, P.O. Eufaula page 423:

Barber, Robert 21  M Farm Hand b. AL
----William 32 M Farmer $800 - $200 b. AL
----Minerva 28 F Keeping House  b. SC

12 June 1880, Prec. #2, Titus Co., TX, p. 340A:

Barber, Robert J. 31 W M Self Farmer b. AL fb./mb. Blank
----Ellen O. 25 W F Wife H.K.  b. AL  fb. GA  mb. GA
----Tler E. (sp?) 8 W F Dau b. TX  fb AL  mb. AL
----Charles 4 W M Son b. TX  fb. AL mb. AL
[Note:  Next door to Simeon Meadows]

14 June 1900, Prct. #6, Titus Co., TX, pg. 265B:

Barber, Robert J. Head WM b. Dec 1848 51 M12yr b. AL fb. GA  mb. GA
----Lula Wife WF b. Feb 1864  36  5-4 b. TX  fb. GA  mb. GA
----Sam Son b. Nov 1891 8 b. TX  mb. AL fb. GA
----Myrle Dau b. Feb 1894 6 b. TX fb.  AL mb. GA
----Ernest C. Son b. Apr 1897 3 b. TX fb. AL nb. GA
----Hollace V. Son b. Sept 1898 1 b. TX  fb. AL mb. GA

1910  Titus Co., TX  ED 140, Sht. 3:

Barber, Robert J. Head 61  M2  22 b. AL fb. NC mb. NC
----Lula A. Wife 46  M1  6-5 b. TX fb. GA mb. GA
----Sam G. Son b. 18 b. TX  fb. AL mb. TX
----Earnest C. Son 13 b. TX  fb. AL mb. TX
----Virgil H. Son 11S b. TX fb. AL mb. TX
----Robert J. Son 9S b. TX fb. AL mb. TX

9 Jan 1920, Pct. #1, Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., TX, ED 165 Sht 11:

204 - 206
Barber, Lula A. 55 b. TX fb. GA mb. GA
----Earnest C. 23 Brakeman - RD b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
----Virgil H. 22  Laborer - Tailor shop b. TX fb. TX m. TX
----Robert J. 19 Clerk - RD b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
----Miller, Myrtil 25 b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
----Marshall 9 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
----_____ M. 5 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX

Obituary of Lula (Whiteforce) Barber published in the Mt. Pleasant Daily News, Mon., 4 Oct 1954:

Mrs. Lula A. Barber Dies At Home On E. Third St. Sunday.  Mrs. Lula A. Barber, 515 East Third St., passed away at her home at 2:30 o’clock Sunday afternoon following a lengthy illness due to the infirmities of age. Her death came at the age of 91.

Mrs. Barber had made her home in Mt. Pleasant for many years and was held in high esteem by a wide circle of friends. She is survived by one son, Robert Barber, Mt. Pleasant, and one daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Long of Pine Bluff, Ark., Three grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services will be held at Smith-Bates Chapel at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon under direction of R.A. McGrew, minister of music and ed. at the First Baptist Church. Burial will follow at the Masonic Cemetery.
[Source:  Mt. Pleasant Daily News, Mon., 4 Oct 1954, p. 1]

Left to right: Mary Emma (Barber) Brown Laine, her sister-in-law Lula A. (Whiteforce) Barber [wife of Robert J. Barber], children of R.J. Barber: Myrtle (Barber) Miller, Marshall Miller [son of Myrtle], Ernest Barber, Robert Barber, Virgle Barber.

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George W. Barber

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George W. Barber, son of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born 28 Jan 1845 in Alabama and died 15 Dec 1920 in Fannin Co., TX.  He married first Matilda Walder on 9 May 1867 in Barbour County, Alabama. He married Caldonia Harris on 28 Feb 1869 in Lafayette Co., AR. Since George's marriage to Matilda Walder lasted less than two years, she may have died in childbirth. George W. Barber's Texas CSA pension, dated 23 Mar 1910 stated that he had come to Texas 40 years before (c. 1870) and that he had resided in Fannin Co., TX for 36 of those 40 years. George and Caldonia must have headed to Texas shortly after their marriage. According to George W. Barber's death certificate his parents were Joseph Jackson and A_____a (Moore) Barber, birthplaces unknown.

Census records for George W. Barber:

28 Jun 1880, 7-PCT, Fannin County, Texas, p. 545D:


Barber, George Head W M 34 Farmer b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
---Caldonia Wife W F 33 Keeps House b. NC  fb. NC mb. NC
---William  Son W M 8 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Jackson Son W M  7 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Ida Dau W F 5 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---George  Son W M 2 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---James Son W M 3/12 Feby  b. TX fb. AL mb. NC

20 June 1900, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX, p. 191:
Series T623, Roll 1634

Barber, D.W. Head W M Jan 1845 55 M-30  b. AL fb. GA mb. GA
----C.D. Wife W F Apr 1846 54 M-30 7 - 3 b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
----John Son W M Mar 1887 13 S b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
[Notation--Based on the cemetery records of Sandy Cemetery in Fannin Co., TX three of the four deceased children of George W. and Caldonia Barber were son William, son Jackson, and son James.--kdd]

21 June 1900, 8 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX. p. 234:
Series T623, Roll 1634

Leaky, William A. Head W M Feb 1847 54 M-31 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
-----Betsy Anne Wife W F Nov 1849 50 M-31   7 - 5 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
-----Joseph L. Son W M Feb 1876 24 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Andrew W. Son W M Feb 1881 18 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Jane? Dau W F Aug 1892   7 S  b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
Barber, Margaret L. Dau W F Apr 1873 27 W 1 - 1 b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Minnie V. gr-dau W F Mar 1893 7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
[Margert L. Barber seems to be the widow of a William H. Barber, son of George and Caldonia Barber.--kdd]

29 Apr 1910, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX p. 235:
Series T624 Roll 1548

Barber, George Head M W 32 M1-11 b. TX  fb. AL  mb. NC
-----Kate  Wife F W 27 M1-11 5 - 5 b. KY fb. KY mb. KY
-----Edna  Dau F W 11 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----____  Son M W 7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----Claud Son M W 5 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----Vernon Son M W 3 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
----- Ruel  Son M W 1/12 S b. TX f b. TX  mb.  KY

Barber, George Head M W 66 M2-40 b. AL fb.  AL mb. AL
-----, Caldonia Wife F W 64 M1-40 7 - 3 b. NC fb. NCn mb. NC

10 May 1910, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX p. 244:

Barber, John Head M W 23 M1-3 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
----Annie Wife F W 20 M1-3 2 - 2  b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
----Chester Son M W 2 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
----Tracie  Dau  F W 1 4/12 S b. TX fb. TX  mb. TX

2 & Jan 1920, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX, p. 146:
Series T625, Roll 1803

-164 Barber, George W. Head M W 74 M b. AL fb. GA mb.  GA
---C.D. Wife F W  73 M b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
-165 Barber, John A. Head M W 32 M b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Annie Wife F W 29 M b. TX fb. TN mb. TN
---Chester Son M W 12 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Gracy Dau F W  11 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---J.B. Son M W   9 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Jodie Son M W   7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Elsie Dau F W   3 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX

Sandy Cemetery, Ravenna, Fannin Co., Texas:

G.W. Barber Jan 23, 1845 - Dec 15, 1920
Caladonia Barber Apr 9, 1845 - Oct 10, 1925
W.H. son of G.W. & C.D. Barber Jul 22, 1871 - Sept 12, 1895
J.J. son of G.W. and C.D. Barber Dec 14, 1872 - Jan 31, 1889
J.M. son of G.W. and C.D. Barber Mar 14, 1880 - Sept 14, 1880
John Austin Barber Mar 18, 1887 - Sept 19, 1937

Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey

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Sarah E. Barber, daughter of Joesph and Arsenia Barber, was born 15 Jan 1843 in Alabama.  She married Levi Blakely on 3 December 1867 in Barbour County, Alabama. Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey died 9 July 1910. Levi then married Annie Bell Crye in 1911. He died on 5 May 1923.

Bible birth records for Levi Blakey and his wives Sarah E. Barber and Annie Bell Crye:

Levi Blakey August 10, 1849
Sarah E. Blakey Jan. 15, 1848
Charley Lee Blakey Aug. 10, 1869
Walter Whitfield Blakey Oct. 28, 1870
Lue Ellen Blakey Jan. 28, 1873
Columbus Baker Blakey Feb. 3, 1874
Leigh Leon Blakey May 27, 1875
Beatrise Desomer Blakey July 22, 1876
Sarah Bama Blakey Dec. 4, 1877
Abigail Emma Blakey Mar. 14, 1879
Mart Roy Blakey Jan. 23, 1881
Monroe Jefferson Blakey June 16, 1883
Levi J. Blakey Oct. 24, 1884
Anna Blanche Feb. 26, 1908
Asa David Blakey Feb. 10, 1912
Ruby Irene Blakey Dec. 7, 1914
William Levi Blakey Dec. 19, 1916
Mary Ruth Blakey May 26, 1919
Catherine Blakey Jan. 16, 1922

Census records for Levi and Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey:

24 June 1880, Prct #7, Cass Co., TX, p. 238:

Blakey, Levi 30 W M Head Farmer b. AL  fb. NC  mb. NC
---Sarah 36 W F Wife K.H.  b. AL  fb. GA  mb. NC
---Charley L. 10 W M Son b. AL  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Walter W.  9 W M Son b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Louella 7 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Laban 5 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Beattrice 3 W F Dau  b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Sarah B. 2 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  m.b.AL
---Abigal 1 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL mb. AL

21 June 1900, 7-PCT, Cass County, TX, p. 315:

Blakey, Levi Head W M Aug 1849 50 M-30 b. AL fb. NC mb. NC
---Sarah E. Wife W  F 1843 57 M-30 11-10 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
---Leon Son W M Mar 1875 25 S b. TX  fb. AL mb. AL
---Monroe Son W M Apr 1888 17 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
---Levi Son W M Jan 1884 16 S b. TX fb. AL  mb. AL
Wood, Balena Dau W F Feb 1880 20 Wd b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
McClure, Bill Boarder BM Jan 1881 19 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
John Oscar Boarder BM Feb 1885 15 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
[Notation:  The deceased child of Sarah E. (Barber) and Levi Blakey was Walter Whitfield Blakey.--kdd]

22 April 1910, 7 3-PCT, Cass Co,TX, p. 252:

Blakey, Levi Head M W 62 M1-45 b. AL fb. AL mb. US
---Sarah Wife F  W 66 M1-45 10-8 b. AL fb. US mb. US
---Leon Son M W 36 M1-1 b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
---Lizzie Dil F  W 17 M1-1 1-1 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Carline  Grdau F  W l2/12 S b. TX  fb TX mb. TX

Census records of Levi and Annie Bell (Crye) Blakey:

19th & 20th January 1920, Bloomburg, Cass County, TX, p. 287:

Blakey, L.  Head W M 70 M b. AL fb. NC mb. GA
---Annie Bell Wife W F 35 M b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
---Asa Dau W F 8 S b. TX  fb. AL mb. GA
---Ruby Dau W F 6 S b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
---William Son W M 3 6/12 S b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
---Mary Dau W F 7/12 S b. TX mb. AL fb. GA
Martin, Blanchey Step-dau WF 12 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. GA

Obituary published of Sarah [Barber] Blakey in the Citizen’s Journal of Atlanta, Texas on 14 July 1910:

Sarah Blakey - The beloved wife of L. Blakey was born Jan. 15th, 1843, and died of paralysis at her home July 9th, 1910 at 8:05 o’clock p.m.

She was buried in Smyrna Cemetery, Sunday afternoon, July 10th, funeral services conducted in Smyrna church by Judge F.A. Allday. A good noble mother has passed away. [Rest of obituary could not be made out]

NOTE: Card of thanks - I would like to thank the good people through your paper for their kindness to our dear mother, Mrs. Levi Blakey, while she was sick. We never will forget them, may the dear Lord ever be with them. They did all that could be done, but the Lord saw fit to call her home at eight o’clock Saturday night July 9, 1910. Some of the neighbors stood by us like sister, and I must say that if I never see them again I will always remember them.

We sure did appreciate Bro. Allday’s talk at the funeral services; it was as fine as I ever heard. May the richest of blessing be on him.  [Signed] Her daughter, Mrs. George Gibson, Deridder, La.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass County [TX] Connections by the Cass Co. Gen Society]

Probate papers for Sarah E. Blakey were filed in Cass County by her husband Levi Blakey. These papers state that she died July 9, 1910 and left the following children:

C.L. Blakey, a man, 41 years old, who resides at San Antonio in Bexas County, Texas.
Louella Hagler, a woman, 36 years old, who resides at Maude in Bowie County, Texas,
Leon L. Blakey, a man, 35 years old, who resides at Atlanta in Cass County, Texas,
Beatrice Gibson, a woman 33 years old, who resides at DeRider, Louisaniana,
Bamer McAdams, a woman, 30 years old, who resides at Atlanta, Cass County, Texas,
Abigail Smith, a woman, 28 years old, who resides at Monroe, Louisana,
Monroe Blakey, a man 26, years old, who resides at Oil City, Louisiana,
Mart Blakey, a man, 24 years old, who resides at Atlanta, Cass County, Texas,
Levi Blakey, a man, 22 years old, who resides at Delta, Pennsylvania.

That in addition to the nine above named children of the petitioner and the said Sarah E. Blakey deceased, there was born unto them another child to-wit: W.W. Blakey, who died after reaching manhood, leaving three children surviving him, all three of whom now reside at Atlanta in Cass County, Texas and whose names and ages are as follows:
Erma Blakey, a girl, eleven years old.
Ora Blakey, a girl nine years old,
Bessie Blakey, a girl seven years old.
[Source: Cass Co, Tx Probate Minutes, Bk 11, p. 431-432. Notation--did not see anything in the records indicating at inheritance from Sarah’s father Joseph Barber.]

Obituary published for Levi Blakey in Citizens Journal on 10 May 1923:

Levi Blakey - Levi Blakey, was born Aug. 10, 1849 in Alabama, where he married Sarah Barber in 1868. To this union eleven children were born, five of whom survive him. He moved to Cass County in 1870, where he has since resided.

Mrs. Blakey died in 1910 and he has since married Anna Martin. To this union five children were born, all of whom are living.

He is survived by five children by his first marriage: Chas. Blakey and Mrs. B. Q. McAdams, Atlanta; Mrs. Geo. H. Gibson, DeRidder, La; Mrs. E. O. Smith of Monroe, Louisiana and L. J. Blakey of Washington, D.C.; also his wife and five children by his second marriage - Asa, Ruby, Ruth May, William and Katherine.

He was one of the oldest settlers in Cass County and was respected by all who knew him.

He joined the Baptist Church when he was a young man and has since been a member of that church. He said a short time before his death that he had no fear of death, but did not want to leave his family.

He passed away peacefully at his home near Atlanta Sunday noon. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from Smyrna Church, Rev. Williams, assisted by Rev. Fuller, conducted the services. His remains were laid to rest in Smyrna Cemetery, beside his deceased wife and two sons.

L. J. Blakey of Washington, D. C. a son, was sick and unable to come for the funeral.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass Co. [TX] Connections, vol. 1 by Cass Co. Gen Soc.]

Annie Belle Blakey was declared a lunatic on 29 Apr 1924. Records indicate that she had been suffering for mental illness for two years. She died shortly after entering the Rusk asylum.

Obituary for Anne Bell (Crye) Martin Blakey published in the Citizens Journal on 9 July 1925:

Anna L. Blakey - Mrs. Anna L. Blakey died in Rusk Asylum Monday. Remains shipped to Atlanta and buried at O’Farrell on Wednesday afternoon. Sympathy to the bereaved.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass County [TX] Connections, vol. 2 by Cass Co. Gen Soc.]

Blakey burials in Smyrna Cemetery, Smyrna Community, Cass Co., TX:

Blakey, Lee "Levi" 10 Aug 1849 - 5 May 1923
kn/ch Anna, John, Minneola & Vergil
Blakey, Sarah E.  (Barber) 15 Jan 1843 - 9 Jul 1910
w/0 Lee m. 3 Dec 1868 in AL
Blakey, Walter Whitfield 1870 - 1908
kn/ch Bessie Gertrude h/o Martha Fitts
Blakey, Martha Jane Fitts 1874 - 1973
McAdams, Bamma S. Blakey 4 Dec 1877 - 25 Nov 1959
m. 25 Mar 1903   d/o Levi & Sarah Eliz. Barber Blakey
McAdams, Burlie Quincey 9 Mar 1879 - 22 Sep 1949
h/o Bamma; kn/ch Oda Mae & B.Q. Jr.
s/o Sam L. and Nannie Clements b/o Ada, L.B. & Mat
Location of Smyrna Cemetery: from Hwy 59 in Atlanta take Hwy 77 east at intersection of 59 & 77 for 5 miles to cemetery. Blakeys are in Section A - from church next to hwy 77. Row 1 is in upper end of cemetery.
[Source: Cemeteries with Cass Co. Connections Vol. 8 by Cass County Genealogical Society]

Samuel Barber

© Kathy Duncan, 2014

Samuel Barber, son of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born about 1841 in either Georgia or Alabama.

He seems to have disappeared by 1870, which suggests that he was killed during the Civil War. An S.M. Barber served in the First Alabama Regiment, Company C. This S.M. Barber was captured at Island 10. He surrendered  along with 1,500 other men. While others were taken to Camp Douglass in Illinois or Camp Butler near  Springfield, Illinois, S.M. Barber was taken to Camp Randall near Madison, Wisconsin. During the three months that these men were held at Camp Randall, 139 confederates died and 110 of them were from the First Alabama. Among them was S.M. Barber. Prior to their capture on Island 10, these men had often been forced to stand knee deep in chilly river water while manning the guns of the batteries. This water was especially cold in March. After being moved to colder climates than they had been used to in southern Alabama, most of them developed pnuemonia. As the men of Camp Randall died, frequently as many as ten a day, they were buried side by side on the edge of Forest Hill Cemetery. This spot came to be known to the people of Madison, Wisconsin as "Confederate Rest." For five years after the war, they were forgotten until Mrs. Alice W. Waterman, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a recent resident of Madison learned of their burial place. According to the Wisconsin State Journal of May 29, 1885, she "heaped up neat mounds over each grave, planted trees in the plat and an evergreen hedge along the east and south sides, cleared away the weeds, trimmed the grass, and had a rude board fence, which has since been removed, constructed around the plat. Then she secured head boards, had them appropriately inscribed with the names of the Wisconsin State Journal of May 29, 1885, she "heaped up neat mounds over each grave, planted trees in the plat and an evergreen hedge along the east and south sides, cleared away the weeds, trimmed the grass, and had a rude board fence, which has since been removed, constructed around the plat. Then she secured head boards, had them appropriately inscribed with the names of the dead, their company and regiment, as well as the date of death."  She referred to them always as "my boys." Adjoining the cemetery is a Federal cemetery. For many years it was the custom on Decoration Day to hold memorial services in the open space that separated the two. Mrs. Waterman died on 13 Sept 1897. Her dream had been to erect a granite monument in Forest Hill Cemetery to commemorate the soldiers buried there. Because of her own poor finances and the poverty throughout the southern state, this dream was unrealized at her death. S.M. Barber died 22 May 1862 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin.
[Source: History of the First Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A. by Edward Young McMorries]

According to the online cemetery transcript of the Confederate Rest cemetery, S.M. Barber’s tombstone is inscribed “S.N. Barber” which is in conflict with the name as it appears on the regimental roster.

William A. BARBER

© Kathy Duncan, 2014

William A. Barber, son of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born in July of 1838. On later census records William consistently reports his place of birth as Georgia. He married Minerva (Manurva) SHELBY on 19 Dec 1867 in Bullock Co., AL. She was born in Oct of 1840 in South Carolina. They did not have any children of record.

Bullock Co., AL was formed from Barbour, Pike, Macon, and Montgomery counties in 1867 just months before William Barber married Minerva Shelby.

William A. Barber first applied for a Civil War pension in 1904. The notations in his pension state that he owned no land. His pension states that he was a private in Co. C of the 2nd GA Volunteers. He enlisted on 24 July 1861 in Columbus, GA and was discharged on 2 Apr 1865. He stated that he was wounded in the left arm at the Battle of Richmond Seven Days Fight. He was living in Dale Co., AL when he received his pension. His file included depositions from Wm. Redd Jr. and W.S. Shepherd dated 29 Apr 1904. Both were officers in his company. W.P. Windham also gave a deposition on 5 July 1911 that he had known William Barber for 20 years and that Barber was over 70 years of age. Significantly, William A. Barber stated that he was born in “Simpter Co., GA.” There is no Simpter Co., but phonetically this sounds like Sumter Co., GA. The last date found in W.A. Barber’s file is 7 Aug 1911, presumably William was still living on that date.
[Source: William A. Barber’s Georgia Confederate Pension file #13551]

The service record for William A. Barbour/Barber of Co. C, 2nd Regt. GA Vol Infantry contains additional information. They mustered in Muscogee Co., GA and were called the “Semmes Guards.” Both Redd and Shepherd were officers in the Semmes Guards. William A. Barbour was a 3d Corporal on July 24, 1861. He was captured at Deep Bottom, VA on 25 Sept 1864 and paroled from Pt. Lookout, Maryland and transferred to Aiken’s Landing, VA for exchange on 17 Mar 1865. Received, Bulwark’s & Cox’s Wharves, James River, VA on 19 Mar 1865.
[Source: Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861 - 1865, vol. 1 by Lillian Henderson]

Despite rendering service and residing in Dale County, William A. Barber does not appear on the 1907 Confederate Veteran’s census of Dale County, Alabama.

Census records for William A. Barber:

13 Aug 1870 Twp 12, Range 25, Barbour Co., AL, P.O. Eufaula page 423:

Barber, Robert 21 M Farm Hand b. AL
----- William 32 M Farmer $800 - $200 b. AL
----- Minerva 28 F Keeping House  b. SC

27 June 1880, 6-PCT, Pike Co., AL, p. 104A:

Barber, Wm. A.  W M 42 Farmer b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
---M.A.H. W F 39 Keeps house b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

[Notation: W. A. and Minerva Barber were living in Dale Co., AL by 22 June 1892 when the Southern Star of Dale Co. reported that Miss Della Campbell of Troy was visiting them.--kdd]

5 June 1900, Barnes Cross Roads, Dale Co., AL, p. 285:

Barber, William A. Head W M  Jul 1838 61 M-33 b. GA f. NC mb. GA
---Minerva Wife W F   Oc t 1840 59 M-33 0-0 b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

25 Apr 1910, 8-PCT, Midland City Village, Dale Co., AL, p. 143:

Barber, William A. Head M W 71 M-43 b. GA fb. NCmb. SC
-----Minerva Wife F  W 69 M-43 b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

Rebecca (Barber) Walls Temple

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Rebecca Barber, daughter of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born about 1836. She married Sidney Walls on 2 June 1861 in Barbour County, Alabama.  They were married only a few months before Sidney J. Wall enlisted in the First Alabama Infantry. By 1870 Rebecca (Barber) Walls was living with her parents Joseph and Arsenia Barber.  There are no additional marriages for Rebecca (Barber) Walls in Barbour County, Alabama.

12 Aug 1870, Twp 10, Range 26, Barbour Co., AL, page 449:

Barber, Joseph 60 M W Farmer NC
Arbthenia 60 F W Keeps house NC
Walls, Rebecca 35 F W At home GA

A Sidney J. Wall enlisted into the First Alabama Infantry Co., F. He may have been captured during the surrender of Island 10. Soldiers from the First Alabama were taken to Camp Randall, Camp Douglas, and Camp Butler. Sidney J. Wall does not appear among the names of the dead at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin where most of the CSA dead were from Alabama. There is, however an S.J. Wall, private, of Co. F, 1st Alabama Infantry, who died at Camp Douglass on 13 Aug 1962 and is buried in the “Confederate Mound” at Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co., IL.
[Source: Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Civilians who Died as Prisoners of War at Camp Douglass, Chicago, IL 1862 -1865.]

This is most likely Sidney J. Wall, suggesting that Rebecca Barber and Sidney J. Wall married shortly before his enlistment and that they had no surviving children.

Rebecca (Barber) Wall married William Temples on 11 Feb 1872 in Lafayette Co., AR. She was about 37 years old, and he was about 62.

14 June 1880, Pct 7, Dist. 16, Cass Co., TX:

Temples, William W M 70 Shoemaker b. NC  fb. NC mb. NC
----Rebecca W F  45 Wife Keeps house b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
Brown, Arthena W F  10 Niece b. TX fb. NC mb. SC

[Notation--Arthena Brown is Rebecca (Barber) Walls Temples’ niece Emma Arcenia Brown, daughter of John C. and Mary Emma (Barber) Brown. By 1880 Arcenia’s mother Mary Emma Brown was widowed. The location of the rest of the Brown family in 1880  is, as of yet, unknown.--kdd]

In 1890 the "heirs of Wm. Temple" appear in the Cass Co., TX tax list.

No obituaries for William and Rebecca (Barber) Temple were found in the Cass Co., TX area. No dates of death or place of death have been found for them as yet.


© Kathy Duncan, 2014

Joseph Barber was born about 1810 in North Carolina and died after 1870. He married Arsenia [Moore?] by 1835.  Arsenia was born about 1812 in North Carolina and died after 1870.  They resided  in Sumter Co., Georgia, then in Russell County, Alabama and Barbour County, Alabama. Later Joseph Barber evidently removed to Cass Co., TX and lived near his daughter Sarah Blakey.

Joseph Barber appeared on the first membership list for Friendship Baptist Church in Sumter Co., GA on October 1842. Friendship Baptist Church is located on Hwy 30 (Friendship Road) thirteen miles from Americus, GA. Built in the mid-1800s, it is the oldest church building in Sumter County. The current building was built on the original church site where services started in 1839. There were no other Barbers or Moores on the membership list.
[Source: History of Sumter County, Georgia by Jack F. Cox]

There are no Barbers buried in the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery; however, there are the following Mashburns:

Daniel Mashburn 6 Apr 1819 - 4 Apr 1873
Mary P. Mashburn (wife of Daniel) 2 July 1822 -25 Nov 1897
J.R. Mashburn 1856 - 1942 (d. 25 June)
Ella Hayne Mashburn (wife of J.R.) 1857 - 1939 (d. 4 May)
Samuel Robert Moore 1861 - 15 May 1945
[Source: web page. Notation: Among the heirs of Thomas Mashburn of Onslow Co., NC is a Daniel Mashburn and a grandson, Joseph Barber. At this time, there is no primary evidence to link Daniel Mashburn's grandson Joseph Barber with Joseph Barber of Barbour Co., AL, but the search continues.--kdd]

A Samuel W. Barber married Sarah Ann Harvey on 20 Dec 1849 in Sumter County, GA. As of yet, no relationship has been established between Samuel and Joseph Barber.
[Source: History of Sumter County, Georgia by Jack F. Cox]

In 1850, Samuel W. Barber’s Sumter County household contained the following individuals, all born in Georgia: Samuel W. age 36, Sarah age 26, Susan age 7, Henry age 5, and Sarah age 3. Obviously, none of these children belonged to Sarah. Samuel’s previous wife died between 1847 and 1850.
[Source: 1850 Sumter Co., GA census]

Known children of Joseph and Arsenia Barber:

1. Rebecca Barber born about 1835 - 1837 in Georgia
2. William A. Barber born about 1838 in Sumter Co., Georgia
3. Samuel Barber born about 1841 in Georgia or Alabama
4. Sarah E. Barber born  13 Jan 1843 in Alabama
5. George W. Barber born
6. Mary Emma Barber born
7. Robert J. Barber born
8. Edward Barber born about 1849 in Alabama - a twin to Robert J. Barber?

The Creel Church Cemetery of Barbour Co., Alabama contains the grave of Bama Barber 23 Aug 1879 - May 1955. Bama was a name that Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey used in naming one of her daughters. [Source: web page. Connection?--kdd]

Census Records For Joseph and Arsenia Barber:

1840 Sumter Co, Georgia census:

Joseph Barber  1 0 0 0 1 - 0 1 0 0 1

In 1840 William A. Barber is the male under five years of age while his elder sister Rebecca is a female between five and ten years old. Joseph Barber is between 20 and 30 years of age and Arcenia also between 20 and 30 years of age. Joseph Barber was no longer a resident of Sumter Co., GA by 1850 although Samuel W. Barber was still in residence.

5 December 1850, No Twp L, Russell County, Alabama, page 54:

Joseph Barber 40 M Farmer - $100 b. NC
Arsenia 38 F b. NC
Rebecca 13 F b. NC
William 12 M b. NC
Samuel 9 M b. AL
Sarah 7 F b. AL
George 5 M b. AL
Mary 3 F b. AL
Robert 1 M b. AL
Edward 1 M b. AL

13 July 1860, Eastern Div., Barbour County, Alabama, P.O. Eufaula, page 340:

Joseph Barber 49 M Farmer - $500 b. NC
Arcena 47 F b. NC
Rebecca 24 F b. GA
William 21 M Farm hand b. GA
Samuel 18 M b. GA
Sarah 17 F b. AL
George 15 M b. AL
Emma 13 F b. AL
Robert 11 M b. AL
Edward 11 M b. AL
[notation--This census seems to be the most accurate in terms of the children's birthplaces. A later census reports Rebecca's birthplace as Georgia. William A. Barber consistently reports his birthplace as Georgia, and Sarah (Barber) Blakey consistently reports her birthplace as Alabama. This places the Barber family in George from at least 1834 to 1838. Need to check both North Carolina and George for the marriage record of Joseph and Arcena (Moore?) Barber c. 1833. --kdd]

12 Aug 1870, Twp 10, Range 26, Barbour Co., AL, page 449:

Barber, Joseph 60 M W Farmer b. NC
----- Arbthenia 60 F W Keeps house b. NC
Walls, Rebecca 35 F W At home b. GA

13 Aug 1870 Twp 12, Range 25, Barbour Co., AL, P.O. Eufaula page 423:

Barber, Robert 21  M Farm Hand b. AL
----- William 32 M Farmer $800 - $200 b. AL
----- Minerva 28 F Keeping House b. SC

Arcenia Barber, wife of Joseph died between the 1870 census and the 1880 census. The date and place of her death are unknown.

1880, Prec. 7, Cass Co., TX, p. 222A:

Barber, Joseph 69 b. Self employed b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
----- Rebecca 50 b. Keeps house b. TN fb. TN mb. TN

Joseph Barber married Mrs. Rebecca Murphy on 22 Dec 1874 in Cass Co., TX. Their marriage is recorded in Bk 4, p. 39. They were married by J.E. Jones, L.E.; no witness’s names appear on their marriage license.

Joseph Barber's date and place of death are unknown. There is no tombstone next to his last wife Rebecca.