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Juan Cristobal Salazar

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Juan Cristobal Salazar was the son of Domingo Antonio Salazar and Maria Guadalupe Gurule.

Births of the children of Juan Cristobal Salazar and Barbara Valdes:

21 Dec 1826 Maria Concepcion of the Rancho 4 days old, daughter of Cristoval Salazar and Barbara Valdes, residents of San Francisco del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Domingo Salazar and Guadalupe Gurule. Maternal Grandparents Juan Bautista Valdes and Anamaria Archuleta. Sponsors Juan Bautista Trugillo and Maria Casilda Quintana, residents of San Francisco del Rancho.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

13 Jan 1828 Jose Julian Salazar del Rancho 5 days old, son of Juan Cristobal Salazar and Maria Varvara Valdes, residents del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Domingo Salazar and Maria Guadalupe Gurule. Maternal Grandparents Bautista Baldes and Ana Maria Archuleta. Sponsors Jesus Gallegos and Maria Barvara? Chago? residents del Rancho.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

17 Jan 1830 Maria Francisca 3 days old del Rancho, daughter of Cristobal Salazar and Maria Barbara Baldes, residents del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Domingo Salazar, dead, and Maria unreadable Gurule. Maternal Grandparents Bautista Baldes and Ana Maria Archuleta. Sponsors Manuel Aragon and Maria Paula Baldes, residents del Rancho.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

11 Jan 1832 Maria Francisca 4 days old, daughter of Cristoval Salazar and Maria Barvara Baldes. Paternal Grandparents Domingo Salazar, deceased, and Maria Guadalupe Gurule. Maternal Grandparents Juan Bautista Baldes, deceased, and Maria Archuleta, all residents del Rancho. Sponsors Ygnacio Baldes and Maria Dolores Duran, residents of San Fernandes.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

9 Feb 1832 Death of Maria Francisca 1 month old, daughter of Cristobal Salazar and Maria Barbara Baldes. This Entry was crossed out because it was put in the wrong book.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

25 Mar 1833 Maria Encarnacion 6 days old, daughter of Cristobal Salazar and Maria Varvara Baldes, residents del Rancho de San Francisco. Paternal Grandparents Domingo Salazar and Maria Gertrudis Gurule. Maternal Grandparents Juan Bautista Valdes and Anna Maria Archuleta. Sponsors Pedro Salazar and Trinidad Valdes, residents of the same place.
[Source: Taos County, New Mexico Baptisms transcribed by Karen Mitchell]

Marriages of the children of Juan Cristobal Salazar and Barbara Valdes:

2 Nov 1841 – Juan de Jesus Martines, single son of Francisco Martines and Maria Ygnacia Ruybal, from the Plaza of San Francisco del Rancho and originally from the Mission of Picuris with Maria Juliana Salazar, single daughter of Cristobal Salazar and Maria Barbara Valdes, residents of the same place, Padrinos: Jose Romero and Maria Manuela Romero residents of the same place, Witnesses: Jesus Maria Martines and Jose Rafael Tenorio, residents of the Plaza of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

7 Dec 1846 Juan Benito Romero, single, son of Jose Rafael Romero and Ana Maria Ortiz, residents of San Francisco del Rancho and native of Taos, with Maria Francisca Salazar single, daughter of Cristobal Salazar, deceased and Maria Barbara Valdes, resident of the same place and native of Taos, Padrinos: Jose Manuel Romero and Maria Ygnacia Gonzales, residents of El Rancho, Witnesses Manuel Miera and Rafael Tafoya, residents of San Fernando

Deaths of the children of Juan Cristobal Salazar and Barbara Valdes:

Salazar, Encarnacion died 9/27/1911 age 78y, child of Cristoval Salazar & Barbara Valdez 
[Source: Ranchos Cemetery, Taos County, New Mexico by Karen Mitchell]

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Littleton Kelly

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Littleton Kelly, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina died between 6 May 1849 and 30 June 1849 in Hinds County, Mississippi.

He married first, Jane Robinson, daughter of Alexander Robinson of Fairfield Dist., South Carolina before 1827.

Jane Kelly, wife of Littleton Kelly, is named as sister in the estate settlement of William Robinson, who died intestate prior to 19 April 1824.
[Source: North of the Broad River: The Land and The People, vol 2 by Buford S. Chappell p. 111]

Jane Kelly, wife of Littleton Kelly, is named as a daughter in the probate of Alexander Robinson of Fairfield Distict, SC in 1827.

Children of Littleton and Jane (Robinson) Kelly, birth order unknown:

1. Sara Ann Kelley,  died by 1849,  married  Thomas J. Davis on 11 Aug 1842 in Hinds County, MS with Hiram Kelly as bondsman. Their only known childe was Sarah Jane Davis born before 1849.
2. William Kelly
3. Henry Kelly
4. James Kelly b. c. 1836
5. Lafayette b.c. 1838
6. John Kelly b.c. 1840

1830, Fairfield Co., SC:

Littleton Kelly 21011 - 10001

two males under 5 =
one male 5 - 10 =
one male 15 - 20 =
one male 20-30: Littleton Kelly, Sr.
one female under five = Sarah Ann Kelly
one female 20-30: Jane (Robinson) Kelly 

Littleton Kelly married second, Sophronia C. Hutson Presswood abt. 7 May 1839 in Hinds County, Mississippi, with bondsman William Hutson. There was no marriage return, but they apparently did live together as man and wife since they had at least two children. 

Sophronia had been married previously to  Robert Presswood abt. 4 Aug 1834 in Hinds County, Mississippi. No return on this marriage license. Bondsman Wm. Broom.

Sophronia and Robert Pressman’s children:

1. Mary Pressman b. c. 1835 in MS

Littleton and Sophronia  Kelley’s known children:
7. Franklin Kelly b.c. 1840
8. Littleton Kelly b.c. 1845

1840, Hinds Co., MS:

Littleton Kelly 2211001 - 01101
[Living next to Hiram Kelly]

two males under 5 = Lafayette Kelly, John Kelly
two males 5 - 10 = James Kelly
one male 10 - 15 =
one male 15 - 20 =
one male 40 - 50 = Littleton Kelly Sr.
one female 5 - 10 = Mary Pressman
one female 10 - 15 = Sarah Ann Kelly
one female = Sophronia (Hutson) Pressman Kelly

Will of Littleton Kelly, page 241, dated 6 May 1849, probated 14 July 1849.  Wife:  Sophronia Kelly, dwelling, lot and blacksmith shop in Utica.  Children:  William Henry, James Lafayette, John Franklin and Littleton (youngest child).  Granddaughter: Sarah Jane Davis, daughter of Sarah Ann Davis dec’d.  Step-daughter:  Mary Presswood.
Ex.: Brother:  Hiram Kelly.  Wit:  Robert White, W.H. Taylor, G.W. Harrison. 
[Notation: Given the other records generated in Hinds County, regarding the children of Littleton Kelley, is it uncertain where the commas separating them should be placed. Certainly William and Henry are two people and not one. James Lafayette is clearly two people and not one. ]

Littleton’s naming of his brother Hiram as his executor indicates that Hiram is also living nearby and is most likely to be the same Hiram found on the census. Of the witnesses of Littleton Kelly’s will, Wm. Taylor had married Mary Fair and G.W. Harrison had married Tennessee C. Kelly. The 1850 mortality schedule included only those individuals who died between 1 July 1849 and 30 June 1850. Since Littleton is not included on the mortality schedule, he must have died between the writing of his will on 6 May 1849 and 30 June 1849.

By November of 1849, sons William and Henry Kelly, along with granddaughterSarah Jane Davis's guardian (her father) brought suit against Hiram Kelly, Sophronia Kelly, and Mary Presswood, alleging that Littleton's will was not valid. The case was not settled until the April 1859 term of the State Supreme Court. That suit reveals that Littleton Kelly died in May 1849 and that his estate was worth $40,000. Not all of his children are named in the suit. 

Littleton Kelley's widow Sophronia (Hutson) Presswood Kelley married  13 Jun 1850 in Hinds County, MS to  John Witham . 

In 1850, the younger chidren of Littleton Kelly were divided between two households:

27 Oct 1850 Hinds Co., MS, p. 167:

John Witham 25 M MD $1,000 b. ME
Sophronia  30 F b. LA
Mary Pressman  15 F b. MS
Franklin Kelly 10 M b. MS
Littleton b. 5 M  b. MS
Henry Baskin 21 M b. MS

In 27 Oct 1850 Hinds Co., MS census page 167:

Nathan G. Martin 33 M Overseer b. TN
Nancy 28 b. SC
Infant Martin 1 (male) b. MS
James Kelley 14 M b. MS
Lafayette 12 M b. MS
John 10 M b. MS

It seems likely that Nancy Robinson was related to Littleton Kelly's first wife Jane because Nathan G. Martin married Nancy Robinson on 9 Feb 1843 in Hinds County, MS with J.S. Baird as bondsmand.

Based on the 1849 lawsuit and the 1850 census, one guess is that the children are split between two households because Franklin and Littleton are Sophronia's children while James, Lafayette, and John are the children of Littleton's first wife Jane. That would mean that Jane may have died in childbirth or shortly after John's birth. Littleton, having a newborn and other young children in the house would have remarried quickly. That means that Franklin was born during the first year of Littleton and Sophronia's marriage. This would also account for John G. Kelly choosing his uncle Thomas J. Davis as his guardian. 

Nancy Y. Robinson, wife of N.G. b. 9 Jan 1812, d. 9 Feb 1867 is buried in the James V. Robinson Cemetery located behind the old Broome house near Cessan in Utica, Hinds Co., MS. Also in this cemetery are James V. Robinson b. 1787, d. 6 June 1861 and his wife Mary b. 1780, d. 26 Aug 1859. A notation on findagrave says that family records place Nancy Y. Robinson's birth in 1822.

Nathan Green MARTIN is buried in the Utica Town Cemetery in Hinds Co., MS. His stone indicates that he was born in Winchester, TN on 20 July 1821 and died on 6 May 1886. Also in the Utica Town Cemetery is another stone for his wife Nancy Jane (Robison) MARTIN.  It seems probable that a child of theirs erected a memorial stone for Nancy in the Utica Town Cemetery since it would be less expensive to do that than to more her body and her tombstone.

5 April 1853, fourteen years old John G. Kelly, minor heir of Littleton Kelly, asked the court to appoint "his friend & relative Thomas J. Davis his legal guardian."
Filed in Hinds Co., MS.

John Wickham was named guardian of Franklin L. and Littleton J. Kelley on 3 Aug 1854 in Hinds Co., MS. 

3 Aug. 1854 in Hinds Co., MS, John Wickham paid guardian bond for Franklin L. and Littleton J. Kelly.

6 Jan 1855 in Hinds Co., MS, N.G. Martin paid guardian bond for John G. Kelley, son of Littleton Kelley dec’d .  

6 Jan 1855, Thomas J. Davis, guardian of John G Kelly reported that "said Ward is now about sixteen years of age and desires petitioner to resign his said Guardianship." Davis also reported that Kelly had chosen Nathan G. Martin as his new guardian. He asked for a final settlement of Kelly's estate so that he could be discharged.
[Source: Hinds Co., MS Probate Court]

By 1860 Sophronia and John Witham had moved to Copiah County, Mississippi.

25 Oct 1860, Copiah Co., MS:

John Witham 35 M MD $600-$1,100 b. ME
Sophronia 40 F b. LA
Edgar 6 M b. MS
Edith 2 F b. MS
Littleton Kelly 14 M b. MS

7 Feb 1866. Thomas J. Davis, the former guardian of Sarah Jane Davis, wished to file a final settlement on his daughter's accounts without the appointment of commissioners. Davis stated that "the property of his said late ward consisted of slaves, and money derived from the Estate of her maternal grandfather, Littleton Kelly deceased, and from the hire of said slaves," of which "the former have become free and passed beyond his control, and the latter has been expended in the maintenance and education of his said late ward."
[Source: Hinds Co., MS Probate Court]

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Middleton Kelley

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Middleton Kelley, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District., South Carolina was born 20 June 1798 died 13 Oct 1851. He is buried in the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Jefferson County, Mississippi.

He married 1.) Elizabeth Burns on 28 Apr 1822 in Jefferson Co., MS, and 2.) Matilda Short on 6 June 1832 in Jefferson Co., MS. She was born on  6 Dec 1816 and died 16 Apr 1843. She is also buried in the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Jefferson County, Mississippi.

Children of Middleton and Matilda (Short) Kelley:

1. Francis Kelley
2. S. Kelley

The Democrat published at Huntsville, AL on 11 Jan 1840:  Runaway slaves committed to jail.  Belongs to Middleton Kelly of Jefferson County, Mississippi. M. Kelly, sheriff.
[Source:  Marriage, Death and Legal Notices From Early Alabama Newspapers 1819-1893 by Pauline Jones Gandrud]

1840 Jefferson Co., MS:

Middleton Kelly 110011 - 11021

one male under 5 = S. Kelly
one male 5 - 10 =
one male = 20 - 30
one male = 30 - 40 = Middleton Kelly
one female under 5 = Francis Kelly
one female 5 - 10
one female 5 - 10
two females 15 - 20
one female 20 - 30 = Matilda (Short) Kelly

8 Aug 1850 Twp 9 East Jefferson Co., MS p. 104:

Middleton Kelly 53 MW Planter $2,880 b. SC
Francis Kelly 15  FW b. MS
S. Kelly 11 M W b. MS

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James Wallace Pinkney Seastrunk

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James Wallace Pinkney Seastrunk, son of Samuel and Lydia (Kelly) Seastrunk, was born in South Carolina in 1840.

During the Civil War he enlisted at Tyler, TX in Co. C, 17th Texas Calvary on Feb 26 1862. He was still with this unit when he was captured at Arkansas Post on 11 Jan 1863. He lived a little more than a month after his capture, dying at Camp Douglass in Chicago, Illinois on 13 Feb 1863.

James Wallace Pinkney Seastrunk is buried in a mass grave known as Confederate Mound at Oak Wood Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. His name appears on the memorial plaque as J.W. Seastrunk.

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Mary (Kelley) Fair

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Mary Kelley, daughter of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, married William Fair.

Currently, it is unknown where William and Mary (Kelley) Fair settled. A William Fair lived in Hinds County, Mississippi. His children and in-laws were interacting with the other Kellys and their allied families, so at this time it is thought that he may be the same William Fair who married Mary Kelley.  Further research needs to be done in this area.

The following estate notice was run in the Raymond, Mississippi Gazette on 11 May 1849 for William Fair:

“April 1849 Term, Probate Court, Hinds Co., MS. Frances Stubbs, Admr."

Two years later The Hinds County Gazette ran the following notice for nonresident heirs of William Fair on 6 Nov 1851, naming:

“Isaac H. Fair, William H. Fair, Mariah and Thomas H. Floyd, Eliza and Joe A. Tyler."
[Source for both estate notices of William Fair: Newspaper Notices of Mississipians 1820 - 1860 by The Mississippi Genealogy Society, 1960]

William Fair may have died in Hinds County by mid-1849.  A wife for him is not named in either notice.

The following Fair marriages occurred in Hinds Co., MS:

Jefferson M. Hutson married Harriet Frances Fair with John S. Fair as bondsman on 10 May 1844
William Taylor married Mary Fair, with John J. Fair as bondsman, on 4 June 1844
Thomas H. Floyd married Mariah Fair, with Jefferson M. Hutson as bondsman, on
17 June 1846
Joseph Seastrunk married Elizabeth Jane Fair, with Samuel Plandell as bondsman on 22 Nov  1848

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William J. Kelley

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William J. Kelly, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, died before the settlement of his father’s estate.  A letter from his adminstrator, filed in John Kelly's estate settlement, indicates that there were five surviving heirs, four of which still resided in SC. They are unnamed in the John Kelley Sr. estate records:

“January 30th 1843

“Dear Sir

“A part of the family of W.J. Kelley dec’d have expressed a desire that I should adminster on his estate.  Four out five of them who are in the state have signified their wish in the paper. The remaining one of the five, lives in the lower part of Richland- His wishes are only presumed on, not known.  I am not ______ of the office, but if I am to undertake it, no time should be lost.  You can therefore take the ________ preliminary steps to granting administration- and please inform me when I need to attend at your office.
Yours repectfully,
Geo. R. Hunter”

Dr. Thomas Reuben Seastrunk

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Dr. Thomas Reuben Seastrunk was Sameul Seastrunk's partner in crime. Like Samuel, Reuben removed to Texas in 1857, under orders to be out of Copiah County, Mississippi in 15 days. They were probably brothers.

Ironically, on the 1850 census of Copiah Co., MS, Reuben Seastrunk owned three slaves: a black female age 23, a mulatto male age 4, a mulatto male age 1. Like Samuel, he must have had a change of heart shortly afterward when he and Samuel began helping slaves escape from Copiah County. See post on Samuel Seastrunk and wife Lydia Kelly, which contains a physical description of Reuben Seastrunk.

DEATHS - 1906
T. R. Seastrunk, M.D., Charleston Medical College, 1840, died at his home in Burkeville on August 20th. Age 86. He was a native of South Carolina, and spent his early youth on a farm. He practiced medicine in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi before coming to Texas. He located in Newton County, Texas, in 1857, where he remained for about fifty years until his death. He was one of a family of eleven children remarkable for longevity--no one of whom died under 70 years of age, and for ten years previous to his death there were three generations of his immediate  family practicing medicine.
To many he was not only a true physician, but a father and friend in time of need, and his many acts of kindness will ever be remembered by them. He was a successful physician and a public-spirited gentleman, loved and honored in every walk of life.
[Source: Texas State Journal of Medicine, vol. 2]

Thomas Reuben Seastrunk is buried in the Burkeville Methodist Church Cemetery. According to an historical marker on the site, "In that era [1850s] circuit riders served the congregation, which included both black and white worshippers."
[Source: Texas State Historical Marker]

In 1885, the congregation of New Hope Baptist Church in Shankleville, TX, a community of African Americans, wanted to stop renting and a church building and build their own church. They purchased three acres, at $5.00 per acre, from T.R. Seastrunk, and they were then able to build their own church on their own land.
[Source: National Registration of Historic Places Registration form for Odom house, Burkeville, TX]

Hampton H. Kelley

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Hampton H. Kelley, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina was born c. 1800 in South Carolina and died c. 1858 in Richland District, SC. H married Caroline ----- who was born c. 1815 in Sourth Carolina.

Known children of Hampton H. Kelly:

1. Marion Kelley b. c. 1838 in SC
2. Edney Kelley b.c. 1839 in SC
3. Asa D. Kelley b. 28 Oct 1841 in SC, d. 1 June 1925 in Richland Co., SC, buried in the Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery on Hwy 378 near Horrell Hill, Richland Co., SC.
4. Hermione Kelley b.c. 1844 in SC
5. Zachary T. Kelley b.c. 1846 in SC

9 Aug 1850 Richland Dist. SC census p. 51:

Hampton H. Kelly 50 M Planter $1,700 b. SC
Caroline 35 F b. SC
Marion 12 F b. SC
Edney 11 M b. SC
Asey   8 M b. SC
Hermion 6 F b. SC
Zachary T. b. 4  M b. SC

In 1851, Hampton H. Kelley applied for a Revolutionary War pension on behalf of his deceased father John Kelly:

“His son, Hampton H. Kelley, executed a pension application on 29 July 1851 and alleged that John Kelly while residing in Fairfield Dist., SC volunteered as a horseman in the light dragoons under Capt. Jacob Barnett, Lt. Col. Henry Hampton, and Gen. Sumter. He was in the battles at Kings Mountain, Cowpens, and Eutaw Springs. Kelly died 9 January 1842 in Fairfield District, South Carolina. A reference was made to another son Frost Kelly, who moved to Mississippi. FPA R5845; Salley, Doc., p. 53; AA 4208; M273.” [Source: The Patriots at the Cowpens  by Bobby Gilmer Moss]

On 29 July 1851 Hampton H. Kelly, a resident of Richland District swore that “his said father, John Kelly, deceased...left no widow, this Despondent’s mother having died previous to his father. That after his father’s death and at the sale of his father’s property this declarant’s brother, Frost Kelly, who has since moved to the State of Mississippi, bought an old trunk containing the old papers of his said father and a portion of his said father’ horseman’s uniform which he had in his lifetime declared was part of that which he wore in said service in said war.”
[Source: Revolutionary War pension application for John Kelley]

Will of H. H. Kelley, Planter of Richland Co.; will book L, page 136; box 49 pkg 1205.
Wife: Caroline.  Mentions children, some of which are minors, but does not name them.  Dated 29 Dec 1857. Wit. Simon Taylor, John McLauchlin, M.B. McLauchlin, Caroline Kelly made executrix on 16 March 1858.

In 1880, Hampton H. Kelly's widow, Caroline R. Kelly, was living with her son Z. T. Kelly.

1880, Center Twp., Richland Co., SC.:

Kelly, Z. T.  M W 33 Farmer b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Kelly, Fannie W F 18 Wife b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Kelly Caroline R. W F 69

Hiram Kelley

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Hiram Kelley, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina was born about 1799 in South Carolina and died 1851 in Mississippi. He married first Millicent Bruce 13 Oct 1821 in Hinds County, Mississippi.

Children of Hiram and Millicent (Bruce) Kelley:

1. John Kelley b. 23 Jul [probably 1828] in Hinds Co., MS
2. Tennessee L. C. Kelley b. 4 Oct 1829 in Hinds Co., MS
3. Frances A. Kelley b. 13 Mar 1831 in Hinds Co., MS
4. Middleton Kelley b. 2 Nov 1832 in Hinds Co., MS
5. Hiram L.L. Kelley b. 3 Sep 1834 in Hinds Co., MS

Hiram Kelley married second, Millicent’s sister Elizabeth Bruce on 23 Jan 1835 in Hinds County, Mississippi.

Children of Hiram and Elizabeth (Bruce) Kelley:

6. Martha A. Kelley b.10 Mar 1836  in MS
7. Eleanor Kelley b. 19 Aug 1837 in MS
8. William Kelley b. 12 Aug 1838 in MS
9. Frost J. [Joel?] Kelley b. 23 Jul 1840 in MS
10. Robert Kelley b. 4 Dec 1841 in MS
11. Emily “Emma” Amelia Kelley b.13 Jun 1845 in Utica, MS; d. 6 Mar 1893 in Tin Top in Parker Co., TX; married Thomas Marine Stewart on 13 Jun 1871 in Hinds Co., MS
12. Sarah Davis Kelley 6 Jan 1847 in MS
13. Delia Kelley b.c. 1849 in MS

1840 Hinds Co, MS:

Hiram Kelly 221011 - 10101001
[living next Littleton Kelly]

two males under 5 = William Kelley, and unknown
two males 5 - 10 = Hiram L.L. Kelley, Middleton Kelley
one male 10 - 15 = John Kelley
one male 20 - 30 = unknown male
one male 30 - 40 = Hiram Kelly
one female under 5 = Martha Kelley
one female 10- 15 = Tennessee L. C. Kelley
one female 20 - 30 = Elizabeth (Bruce) Kelley
one female 50 - 60 = unknown female

26 Oct 1850, Hinds County, Mississippi  census p. 167:

748 - 748
Hiram Kelly 51 M Farmer  b. SC
Eliza  23 F b. TN
John  b. 21 M b. MS
Tennessee  20 F b. MS
Middleton  17 M b. MS
Martha 14 F b. MS
William 12 M b. MS
Joel 9 M b. MS
Robert 8 M b. MS
Emily 5 F b. MS
Delia 1 F b. MS

5 Sept 1860, Auburn, Hinds Co., MS:

Jno E. Kelly  32 M Merchant b. MS
W. W. Kelly 22 M Clk b. MS
F J. Kelly 20 M b. MS
Robt L. Kelly 17 M b. MS
E. A. Kelly 15 F b. MS
M. A. Kelly 11 F b. MS
Ellen Harrison 12 b. MS
Robert Harrison 9 M b. MS

Possible Hinds County, MS marriages:
William W. Kelly m. Miss M. E. Tharp 20 Dec 1860, Hinds Co., MS
Robert L. Kelly m. Eliza A. Morrison 11 Dec 1868 Hinds Co., MS
Miss E. A. Kelly m. T. M. Stewart 13 Dec. 1871 Hinds Co., MS

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Louisa W. (Kelly) Douglas

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Louisa W. Kelly, daughter of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, was born about 11 Oct 1816 in Fairfield District, South Carolina and died 2 Dec 1840. She is buried in the Mount Pleasant UMC Cemetery, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. She married Joseph Douglass on 5 April 1836.

The marriage notice for Louisa Kelley and James Douglass ran in two Columbia, South Carolina newspapers:

The 15 April 1836 issue of The Southern Times and State Gazette :

“Married on Tuesday evening the 5th instant, by Benjamin Tradewell, Esq., Joseph Douglass of Richland Dist., to Miss Louisa Kelly, of Fairfield District.” [This issue is at the Wessels Library, Newberry College, Newberry, South Carolina]

The 16 April 1836 issue of the Telescope:

“On Tuesday evening, the 5th inst., by Benj. Tradewell, Esq., Mr. Joseph Douglass of Richland District, to Miss Louisa Kelly, of Fairfield Dist., SC.” [This issue is at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lewis Round Wilson Library.]

[Source for both newspaper notices: Marriage and Death Notices from Columbia, South Carolina Newspapers 1792 - 1839  by Brent H. Holcomb] 

The children of Louisa W. (Kelley) Douglas were named in the will of her brother James F. Kelly of Hinds County, Mississippi:

1. John James Douglas
2. Louisa Joanna Douglass

1840 Richland Co., SC census:

Douglass, Joseph 10001-10001 

one male under 5 = John James Douglas
one male 20 - 30 = Joseph Douglas
one female under 5 = Louisa Joanna Douglas
one female 20 - 30 = Louisa W. (Kelley) Douglas

Tombstones in the Mount Pleasant UMC Cemetery in Columbia, Richland Co., SC:
Joseph Douglas b. unk d. 17 Nov 1888
Mrs. Louisa W. Douglas b. unk. d. 2 Dec 1840
John Douglas b. unk d. 1869
Harriet Douglas b. unk d. 27 May 1887
[Source: findagrave]

Carrie Belle (Kelley) Christian

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Carrie Belle Kelley was the daughter of John Frost and Elizabeth Olivia (Curlee) Kelley.

3 May 1910, Houston Co., TX, ED 83, sh 27:

Christian, Sarah F W 14 S GA TX TX
---Carrie Belle F W 45 M1-28 4-3 TX TX TN
---Henry B. M W 51 M1-28 TX TX TX

Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Gross and Mr. and Mrs. K.S. Collins of Houston and Mrs. Douglass King of Greenville will be entertained by Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook during the State Baptist convention here next week.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Sun. 3 Nov 1912]

Mrs. Wilbur Charles Paul of Memphis, Tenn., is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Sun 23 Feb 1913]

Mrs. W. C. Paul of Memphis, Tenn., will leave for home Wednesday after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook.
[Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Ft. Worth, TX; Mon 13 Dec 1915]

Miss Mary Arden Kelly, who has been in San Antonio for several months, is now with her aunt, Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook.
[Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Ft. Worth, TX; Fri 12 May 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook will leave Saturday for New Orleans, Houston and Memphis, Tenn. Later they will go to Chicago and other lake resorts where they will remain until autumn when they will return to Fort Worth--Fort Worth Star Telegram
[Source: Houston Chronicle; Houston, TX; Sun 13 May  1917]

24 ----1920, Dist, Dist 141, 10-WD, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, p. 241:

Christian, H.B. Head M W 59-M b. TX  fb. MS mb.TN
---Carrie Wife F  W 59-M b. TX fb. MS  mb. MS
Paul, Mary E. Dau F  W 30-D b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---W.C. Grson M W  5 S b. TN fb. TN  mb. TX
---Arden Kelly Grson M W 3 2/12 b. TN  fb. TN mb. TX

Death Certificate:
Mary Christian McCanless, married
b. 4 Sept 1889, TX
d. 4 April 1948
bur. 6 April 1948, Memphis, Tenn.
father: Henry B. Christian b. TX
mother: Cory Bell Kelly b. TX
informant: Arden Paul, daughter of Miami, FL

Lena Salome (Kelley) Montgomery

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Lena Salome Kelley, daughter of Frost John and Elizabeth Olivia (Curlee) Kelley, was born 1864 in Texas and died 1901 in Texas, possibly in Dallas. She married Dr. A.L. Montgomery of Tyler, Smith County, Texas. He was born in 1860 and died in 1914 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Biography of A.L. Montgomery, written during his lifetime:

A.L. Montgomery, M.D., a rising young practitioner of Tyler, Texas, is the eldest of a family of eight children, and was born in Rusk county, Texas, January 20, 1860. His father, James M. Montgomery, was born in Spartanburg district, South Carolina, was reared there, and came to Texas in 1855. He settled in Rusk county, and there married Tempy, daughter of Claiborne Bateman, an old settler of Rusk county, and originally from Georgia. J.M. Montgomery still lives in Rusk county, and is a farmer.
A. L. Montgomery was reared in Rusk county, received a part of his preliminary education in Summer Hill Select School, at Omen, Smith county, and finished his general education at the old university State normal department, at Nashville, Tennessee, graduating in May, 1883. He taught school a year and a half, and then took lectures at the medical department of the Tulane University of Louisiana, at New Orleans, and graduated from there March 30, 1887. He began the practice at Tyler, May 12, 1887, and has taken a good position there in his profession. He married, September 13, 1888, Lena S., daughter of Frost J. and E.O. Kelley, of Smith county, Texas. The future of the doctor is bright and promising. The doctor is a member of the State Medical Association.
[Source: Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, F. A. Battey & Co., Chicago, 1889.]

6 June 1900, Tyler, Smith County, Texas:

321 S. Broadway
Montgomery, A.L. head W M b. Jan 1860 40 M-12 b. TX fb. SC mb. GA
-----Lena S. wife W F b. Jun 1864 35 M-12 3-1 b. TX fb. SC mb. LA
-----James D. son W M b. Aug 1892 7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX

After Lena's death in 1901, Dr. A.L. Montgomery remarried - to Mrs. Annie (Mayfield) Griffin:

Montgomery-Griffin--Tyler, Tex., Dec. 26--Dr. A.L. Montgomery, a leading physician of Tyler, and Mrs. Annie Griffin were married here last night by Rev. J. H. Grambrell.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Sat 27 Dec 1902]

The 1910 census reveals that Dr. A. L. Montgomery's name was Americus L. Montgomery:

19 April 1910, Tyler, Smith Co., TX:

503 East Front
Montgomery, L. Americus head M W 50 M-2 8 1-1 b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
-----Anne wife F W 39 M-2 8 b. AL fb. VA mb. AL
Reed, Marry Servant F B 60 Wd b. TX fb. US mb. US
Morris, Josie Boarder F W 15 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
Wallace, Harry head M W 38 M-1 4 b. OH fb. OH mb. OH
-----Elsa wife F W 21 M-1 4 1-1 b. OH fb. Ger mb. Ger
-----Bruce son F W 2 S b. OH fb. OH mb. OH

1913 Tyler, Texas City Directory:
Montgomery, Americus L, phys 101 1/2 W Ferguson, r503 E Front

An obituary for Dr. A. L. Montgomery was published in the Tyler Daily Courier Times which revealed that Dr. Montgomery and family had moved to Dallas, Texas  prior to his death.  It also confirms that he married after the death of Lena, but it does not reveal the name of his second wife:

“Montgomery, Dr. A.L. Died Aug 20, 1914 at his home in Dallas.  Burial at Tyler. Survival by his widow and one son, James Don Montgomery. Former Tyler resident for over 20 years. Deacon at First Baptist Church since 1894. Prominent doctor. Tyler Daily Courier Times. Aug. 21, 1914,
[Source: Obituaries from Tyler Newspapers Smith County, Texas 1905-1915  by Conaway and Neilson, p. 5.]

Both Dr. A. L. and Lena S. (Kelley) Montgomery were buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Smith County, Texas. Their tombstones contain the following inscriptions:

1860 - 1914
A Christian Physician

Lena Salome Montgomery
Wife of  Dr. A. L.
1864 - 1901

Death Certificate:
A. L. Montgomery, married
b. 1860, Henderson, TX
d. 20 Aug 1914, 326 Windomere, Dallas, TX
bur. 21 Aug 1914, Tyler, TX
occupation: dr
father: Jas Montgomery, b. SC
mother: Bateman
informant: Mrs. A.L. Montgomery, 326 Windomere

Dr. A. L. Montgomery's full name was revealed in this entry of the Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804 - 1929:
Americus Langston Montgomery
b. 1860
d. 20 Aug 1914 Tyler, TX
medical school: Tulane University School of Medicine, 1887

After the death of Dr. A.L. Montgomery, his son with Lena, James Donley Montgomery continued to maintain a child-parent relationship with his stepmother Ann, who seems to have never had any surviving biological children.

14 Jan 1920, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX:

326 Windamere
Montgomery, A.L. head F W 49/69 Wd b. AL fb. SC mb. AL
-----J. D. son M W 27 M b. TX fb. TX mb. AL
-----Josephine d-i-l  M W 23 M b. TX fb. VA mb. KY

3 April 1930, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co. CA:

1054 Aston Ave
Montgomery, J. D. head M W 37 M 26 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX - insurance adjuster
-----Josephine M. H. wife F W 30 M 19 b. TX fb. VA mb. KY
-----Elizabeth A. dau F W 10 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
-----Ann R. mother F W 59 Wd 20 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL

4 May  1940, Councilman Dist. 4, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA:

405 S. Catalina
Montgomery, Ann R head F W 69 Wd grade: 1, b. AL res: same place
-----Ann grdau F W 20 S b. TX grade: C-1 res. same place

Dr. A.L. Montgomery's widow Ann died in California in 1959. I have not located her place of burial yet.

California Death Index:
Ann R Montgomery
b. 6 Dec 1871, Alabama
d. 17 Jan 1959, Los Angeles
Father's surname: Mayfield

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Mary Arden (Kelley) Ewing

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Mary Arden (Kelley) Ewing was the daughter of Graves D. and Mary (Vardarman) Kelley. She married Lieut. Henry Wallis Ewing of Houston.

The wedding of a well known society girl of the city will take pace today at 4:30 p.m. Miss Mary Arden Kelley, niece of Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook, with whom she has made her home, will be married to Lieut. Henry Wallis Ewing of Houston in the Broadway Baptist Church.
Mr. Ewing is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Ewing of Houston and has been stationed at Camp Bowie for some time. There will be no attendants, bu the music will be a feature of the wedding.
[Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Ft. Worth, TX; Sun 3 Mar 1918]

Miss Mary Arden Kelly and Lieut. Henry Willis Ewing of Campt Bowie, formerly of Houston, were united in marriage Sunday at 4:30 p.m., in Broadway Baptist Church, the pastor, Rev. Forrest Smith, officiating.The bride is well known in society circles of the city, having lived here for several years. She has made her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Christian of the Westbrook, most of her life, and came to fort worth after a trip to Europe which was made after her graduation from Belcourt Seminary, Washington, D.C.
The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Ewing of Houston and has been stationed at Camp Bowie for some time.
The wedding was quite simple. There were no attendants. Mrs. H. Clay Walker sang the nuptial song "Because," and during the ceremony, "I Love You Truly" was played.
The bride's gown was fashioned of heavy white duchess satin.
The skirt was short and at the sides were bouffant draperies, below which were others of tulle caught with orange blossoms. The bodice was made of Venetian lace. The court train falling from the shoulders was of satin and thbridal veil worn over the face fell to the hem of the train. An arm bouquet of bride roses was carried. It was a costume of rare beauty.
Owing to the fact that the bride-groom's furlough was of only four days duration, Lieut. and Mrs. Ewing did not leave on a bridal trip. They will be at home at the Westbrook.
[Source:  Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Ft. Worth, TX; Mon. 4 Mar 1918]

Death Certificate:
Mrs. Mary Arden Kelley Ewing, married
b. 25 Nov 1894, Utica, MS
d. 25 Feb 1956 Houston, Harris Co., TX
bur. 28 Feb 1956, Forest Park Cem, Houston, TX
father: Graves D. Kelley b. Tyler, TX
mother: Mary Vardarman b. MS
informant: Henry W. Ewing

Graves D. Kelley

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Graves D. Kelley was the son Frost John and Elizabeth Olivia (Curlee) Kelley. He married Mary Vardarman. They had one surviving child:  Mary Arden Kelley.

June 1880, Utica, Beat #3, Hinds Co., MS, p. 222:

Ross, James B. W M 31 Merchant b. MS fb. SC mb. SC
-----Julia O. W F 33 Wife b. MS fb. SC mb. SC
-----Eugene W M 7 Son b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
-----Julia A. W F 4/12 Daughter b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
Jones, Arthur  Mu M 11 Servt b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
Kelly, Graves W M 24 b-i-l Clerk in store b. TX fb. SC mb. MS
Husband, John J. W M 20 Wagoner b. MS fb. LA mb. LA

Will of Graves D. Kelley. p. 496, dated 30 Nov 1900, filed 4 Oct 1902.
Wit.: T.T. Hart, S.S. McKey, D.C. Simmons
Exec.: brother Frost J. Kelley
Heirs: bro. Frost J. Kelley; bro-in-law Henry B. Christian; sister Mrs. Lena S. Montgomery of Tyler, Texas; dau. Mary Arden Kelley, a minor; sister Mrs. Carie Belle Christain guardian of infant dau. Mary Arden Kelley; mentions land left him by his mother in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., Texas; “to be buried beside my wife in cemetery in Utica, MS.”

Mary Vardarman Kelley is buried in the Utica Cemetery, Utica, Hinds County, Mississippi.
Graves D. Kelley is buried by her, as was his wish.

Ellen Elizabeth (Kelley) Horsley

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Ellen Elizabeth Kelley was the daughter of Frost John and Emily (Lee)Kelley. She was born in Utica, Hinds County, Mississippi.

4 ---1880, Dist. 111, Gilmer, Upshur Co., TX, p. 4:

Horsley, R.G. W M 34 School teacher GA GA GA
---E.E. W F  31 Wife MS MS MS
---A.E. W F    5 Dau TX GA MS

4 June 1900, 1-WD, Greenville, Hunt Co., TX, p. 72:

Horsely, Robert G. Head W M Apr 1846 54 M-26   GA   GA GA
---Ella E. Wife  W  F Dec 1850 49 M-26 5-3 MS  SC  SC
---Annie Dau   W  F Dec 1874 S         TX   GA   MS
---William J. Son   W M July 1880 19 S TX   GA   MS
---Hallie B. Dau   W  F Dec 1883 16 S TX   GA   MS

Ellen Elizabeth Kelley Horsely’s death record from the Coker-Mathews Funeral Home of Greenville, Texas, book 3, page 264:

Father:  T.F. Kelley [sic] His birthplace: S. Car.
Mother:  Omelia Curlee Her birthplace: Miss
Date of birth:  Dec 30 1849
Birthplace:  Miss
Religion:  Baptist
Residence:  Greenville  Tex
Martial status:  widow
Date of death:   Aug 26 1825
Cause of death:   Senility
Place of death:  Greenville  Tex
Age at death:  75 years 7 months 26 days
Funeral date:  Aug 17 1925
Place of burial:  Forest Park Cemetery
Charged to:  D.N. King
Other notation: Funeral Services at First Baptist Church

[Source: Hunt County, Texas, Funeral Home Records Coker-Mathews Funeral Home May 1921 - December 1926  Greenville, Texas , vol. 2, p.189.]

The informant for the funeral home record of Ellen Elizabeth Horsely is not given.  Clearly, the information that Emily Curlee was her mother is in error since Ellen was born during the marriage of Frost and Emily (Lee) Kelly. This is a garbling of the names of Frost Kelley‘s two wives. D.N. King, who paid for the funeral was Ellen Elizabeth (Kelley) Horsely‘s son-in-law.

Obituary of Ellen Elizabeth (Kelley) Horsley published in the Greenville Morning Herald, Thurs. 27 Aug 1925:

Funeral Mrs. Horsely Today - Services - Pioneer Resident First Baptist Church 4:00 This Afternoon - Mrs. R.G. Horsley, aged 65, years, 7 months, and 26 days, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Douglas N. King, at 3331 Washington Street Wednesday afternoon at 2:25 o’clock after a protracted illness.
Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist Church her this (Thurs.) afternoon at 4:00 o’clock conducted by the Pastor Dr. A.A. Duncan, assisted by Rev. H.B. Pender, after which the remains will be interred in Forest Park Cemetery.
Active pall bearers: Lee M. Pool, E.H. Cashell, Howard G. Decker, L.N. Breeding, Walter Bean, J.F. Daniels. Honorary - J.M. Gee, J.B. Griffin, W.H. Bush, C.E. Arrant, Jim Webb, Dr. J.F. Clark, Jim T. Ellis, Dr. E.P.Becton, W.D. Nichols, Sam B. Brooks, E.A. Jones, John Mitchell, B.Q. Evans, Capt. W.M. Arnold, C.E. Dinkle, Deacons of the First Baptist Church, Confederate Veterans.

Ellen Elizabeth Kelley was born in Utica, Mississippi Dec 30, 1849, and was brought to Texas at the age of seven years by her parents, the family settling in Smith County, near Tyler. She was united in marriage to Robert Green Horsley at Mt. Pleasant, Titus County, Feb 15, 1874.

Mr. and Mrs. Horsley removed to Greenville in 1896 since which time she has been a resident of this city. Throughout her years of residence here she made a wide circle of friends, her kind and motherly disposition, her charitable deeds and thoughtful consideration of others at all times winning for her the love and admiration of all.
Deceased was converted at the age of 10 years and united with the Baptist church. She was consistent and earnest in her daily Christian life and during her active years she took a prominent part in church work, being a regular attendant at religious services.
Mrs. Horsley was the mother of five children, two of whom survive: Mrs. Douglas N. King of this city and W.J. Horsley of Ft. Worth. She is also survived by three grandchildren: Jack and Donlay Garner, and Madell Horsley, and one sister Mrs. Henry B. Christian of Ft. Worth, all of whom have the sympathy of many friends.
[Source: Morning Herald, Greenville, TX, Thurs., 27 Aug 1925]

Ellen’s marriage to Horsley in Titus Co., TX in 1874 indicates that the Kelley family was living in Titus County, Texas as early as 1874 and lends support to the claim that her father Frost Kelley died there., At the age of 10, when Ellen joined the Baptist church, the family was probably living in Smith County.

Obituary of Robert Green Horsley published in Greenville, TX:  The Morning Herald, Tues., 17 Feb 1920:

Prof. R.G. Horsley Died on Sunday - Was Prominent Man and Educator for Several Years - Prof. Robert G. Horsley passed away Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Douglas King, after an illness of several days. The funeral was held at the First Baptist Church at 4 o’clock Monday afternoon, and was conducted by Rev. A.A. Duncan, pastor of the church, and burial was in East Mount Cemetery.
The pallbearers were W.A. Bean, L.N. Breeding, H.G. Decker, S.B. Brooks, W.B. McCormick and T.J. Daniel.
Honorary pallbearers were the members of the Joseph E. Johnston Camp of the United Confederate Veterans of which the deceased was a member.
Prof. Horsley is survived by his wife of 2309 Henderson St, a daughter Mrs. Douglas King, of this city and a son W.J. Horsley of Ft. Worth.
Born at Antioch, Georgia in 1847, Mr. Horsley served throughout the Civil War with one of the Georgia regiments and on many occasions he distinguished himself in battle. He came with his parents at an early age and before moving to Greenville in 1897 he lived at several places in this state including Queen City. He was a graduate of Baylor University, holding several degrees from that institution and during his life he enjoyed wide renown as a mathematician, being regarded as an authority on several phases of that science. He was one of the early professors of Burleson College, and also taught in the Greenville public schools.
A prominent teacher himself, there are many citizens of this county who had the privilege to attending school under his tutelage and many a pleasant recollection will come to mind regarding the school work of this much loved gentleman.

Horsley marriages in Hunt Co., TX:
Annie E. Horsley married E.M. Gardner 13 Dec 1903, Bk. L. p. 579.
Hallie B. Horsley married Douglas N. King 23 Jun 1904, Bk M, p. 95
[Source: Hunt County, Texas Marriages 1846 - 1911 by the Hunt County Genealogical Society]

Census records for daughter, Hallie (Horsley) King:

19 & 20 Jan 1920, Dist 124, Greenville, Hunt Co., TX:

3331 Washington St.
King, Virginia A. Head F W 63 Wd b. TX fb. VA mb. KY
---Douglas N. Son M W 36 M b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Hallie D-in-l F  W 31 M b. TX fb. GA  mb. MS
Gardner, Donley boarder M W 14 S  b. TX fb. TN mb. TX
[Notation: Donley Gardner is Hallie King’s nephew.--kdd]

8 Apr 1930, Dist 3, Greenville, Hunt Co., TX:

3331 Washington St.
King, Douglas N. Head M W 45 M-21 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---, Hallie B. Wife F  W 42 M-17 b. TX mb. GA fb. MS
---, Virginia A. Mother F W 78 Wd-19 b. TX fb. KY mb. KY

Julia O. (Kelley) Ross

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Julia O. Kelley was the daughter of Frost John and Emily (Lee) Kelley. She married James B. Ross.

Julia O. (Kelley) Ross's will in Hinds Co., MS:

Mrs. Julia Ross, of Utica, MS, page 665--dated 22 July 1912 and filed 13 July 1914.
Heirs:  son Frost Eugene Ross dec’d; grandchildren: Robert Kelley Ross and Catherine Gladys Ross; son George Shelby Ross. Exec.: son John Shelby Ross.
Wit.: B.M. Grafton and W.H. Price.

James B. Ross son of J.B. & J.O. Ross
b. 13 1877 d. 16 June 1879
buried Utica Cem, Utica, Hinds Co., MS

June 1880, Utica, Beat #3, Hinds Co., MS, p. 222:

Ross, James B. W M 31 Merchant b. MS fb. SC mb. SC
-----Julia O. W F 33 Wife b. MS fb. SC mb. SC
-----Eugene W M 7 Son b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
-----Julia A. W F 4/12 Daughter b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
Jones, Arthur  Mu M 11 Servt b. MS fb. MS mb. MS
Kelly, Graves W M 24 b-i-l Clerk in store b. TX fb. SC mb. MS
Husband, John J. W M 20 Wagoner b. MS fb. LA mb. LA

Alice Julia Ross dau of J.B. & J.O. Ross
b. 26 Mar 1880 d. 3 Dec 1882
bur. Utica Cem., Utica, Hinds Co., MS

1 June 1900, Beat #3, Utica Town, Hinds Co., MS, p. 205:

15-15 Ross, Julia O. Head W  F Mar 1846 54 Wd  11 - 1MS   SC   MS
---Shelby Son    W M Mar 1882 18 S MS   MS   MS
Green, Clifton Boarder WM Dec 1872 24 S MS   MS   MS
Simmons, Dayton Boarder WM May 1873 23 S MS   MS   MS
James, Ira R. Boarder W M Mar  1876 24 S MS   MS   MS

7 May 1910, 3-Bt, Hinds Co., MS, p. 214

82-83 Ross, Julia O. Head W  F 62 Wd MS   SC   SC
---Shelby J. Son   W M 28 S MS   MS   MS
Grafton, Ben Boarder WM 29 S MS   MS   MS
more boarders

Frost John Kelley

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Frost John Kelley, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, was born 1821 in Fairfield District, South Carolina and died 1874 in Mt. Pleasant, Titus County, Texas.  According to The Old Cemeteries of  Hinds County, Mississippi: From 1811 to the Present, by Mary Collins Landin, he is buried in Utica Town Cemetery, Utica, Hinds County, Mississippi, exact birth date and death dates unkown.  According to her work, tombstone inscription reads "John Frost Kelly" a “son of John and Charity.” However, I searched the Utica Cemetery and could not find his headstone. It should be noted that it is a large cemetery, and I was on short time. I have requested a photograph of this headstone through findagrave. An accurate reading of his headstone is necessary to document the name of his mother.

Frost Kelly's name appears alternately in the records as “John Frost” and “Frost John.”

At the estate sale of his father, John Kelly, Frost Kelly purchased his father's trunk which contained his father's old papers and pieces of his Revoutionary War uniform. Families had very few papers in that time. It can be guessed that the trunk might have contained papers associated with his father's military service, land records, notes, and perhaps a few family letters. Presumably Frost Kelly took this with him to Missississippi and perhaps to Texas. It is a possibility that one of his children took them back to Missisissippi, or they may have been divided up among his children.

Will of Susannah Fairchilds, page 184, dated 2 May 1842, probated 24 Feb 1846 in Hinds Co., MS. Daughter:  Serene Robertson.  Son:  Lazarus B. Ragan.  Children:  Jesse B. Ragan, John A. Ragan, Rebecca Jones.  Granddaughter: Susan E. Ragan.  Ex:  Lazarus B. Ragan and kinsman Robert Jones
Wit:  Robert Jones, Frost J. Kelley, Thomas J. Davis.

Frost’s wife Emily Lee Goza Kelley was buried in the James Lee/John Kelley Cemetery located on the Collins Farms, three miles from Utica, MS, 300 yards off of Tom Collines Rd. This cemetery was founded by the Lee and Kelley families on their property and was near the Utica Christian Church (now extinct).

Cemetery contains 40 marked graves, among them:

Emily Lee Goza Kelley, wf of John Frost Kelley, dau of James & Mary Lee, widow of Joshua Goza b. Marion Co. MS 1 Dec 1812 d. 18 Jun 1852
Joshua Goza, husband of Emily Lee b. ? d. 1840
Thaddeus B. Goza, son of Joshua and Emily b. 10 Aug 1940 d. 11 Feb 1860
Julia Kelley, dau of J.F. and E.L. (no dates)
Lydia Louisa Ann Kelley, dau of J.F. and E.L. b. 22 Jul 1843 d. 30 Sep 1849
Mary Emily Kelley, dau of J.F. and E.L. b. 4 Sep 1851 d. 26 sep 1851
Lee, James b. 29 Mar 1782 d. 11 Aug 1843
Lee, Mary, wf of James b. 7 Oct 1785 d. 1 Apr 1813
[Source: The Old Cemeteries of  Hinds County, Mississippi: From 1811 to the Present by Mary Collins Landin]

Children of Joshua and Emily (Lee) Goza:

1. Thaddeus B. Goza b. 10 Aug 1840 d. 11 Feb 1860

Children of Frost John Kelley and Emily Lee Goza:

2. Julia O. Kelley b. 1846 d. aft. 1850 
3. Lydia Louisa Ann Kelley b. 22 Jul 1843 d. 30 Sep 1849
4. Ellen Kelley b.c. 1851 in MS
5. Mary Emily Kelley b. 4 Sep 1851 d. 26 Sep 1851

Frost has named one of his daughters after his two sisters Lydia and Louisa.

23 Dec 1850 Hinds Co., MS p. 216: 

Frost J. Kelley 28 M Planter $4,000 b. SC
Emily 30 F b. MS
Julia O. 1 F b. MS
Lewis  24  M b. CA
Wallace Sistrunk 10 M b. SC
Toland Sistrunk  4 M  b. SC

Note that Lydia (Kelly) Seastrunk's children are enumerated 1850 in both the homes of her brother Frost Kelley and of her widower Samuel Seastrunk. 

Following Emily (Lee) Goza Kelly’s death in 1852, Frost J. Kelley married Elizabeth Olivia Curlee on 1 Feb 1854 in Hinds Co., MS.  Elizabeth was born 11 Nov 1834 and died 30 Jul 1895.  She is buried in the Utica Town Cemetery in Utica, MS. Children of Frost J. and Elizabeth O. (Curlee) Kelly:

6. Marian Lelia b. abt. 10 Jan 1856 d. 13 Jun 1856 near Utica, MS
7. Jessie Kelly b. c. 1857 in MS
8. Graves D. Kelley b. 7 Feb 1859 in TX, d. 27 Sept 1902 and buried in the Utica 
9. Frost J. Kelley Jr.
10. Carrie Belle Kelley m. Henry B. Christian and moved to New Orleans, LA
11. Lena S. Kelley m. Dr. A.L. Montgomery of Tyler, TX.

The Hinds County Gazette  of Raymond, Mississippi ran the following item on 2 July 1856:

“Died near Utica, in this county, on the 13th ult., Marian Lelia, daughter of F.J. and E.A. Kelly--aged 5 months and 3 days.”
[Source: Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers vol. 4, 1850 - 1861 by Betty Couch Wiltshire] 

4 Sept 1860 Smith County, Texas, Tyler Beat., P.O.Tyler page 86b:

Kelly, F.J.  39 M  Farmer $10,000 - 20,000 b. SC
Kelly, Elizabeth  24 F b. MS
Kelly, Julia 14 F b. MS
Kelly, Ellen 11 F b. MS
Kelly, Jessie 3 F b. MS
Kelly, Graves 1 M b. TX

Gardner's Planters Directory of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas
Kelly Col. Frost, Utica, Hinds, Miss.
[Source: 1861 New Orleans, LA City Directory]

On 3 July 1867, F. J. Kelley registered to vote in Smith County, precinct #1 and stated that he had been in state 12 years, in the county 12 years, and in the precinct for 30 days.
[Source: Texas State Voter Registration Lists]

Frost Kelley "turned out Jennie Fletcher and her children" and refused to pay her for seven months work. The Bureau ordered him to pay her $31.46 for past wages. Jennie Fletcher, freedwoman, vs. Frost Kelley, Tyler, Texas, November 16, 1867; vol. 164, p. 90, Register of Complaints, BREAL, RG 105, NA.
[Source: Freedom After Slavery: The Black Experience and the Freedman's Bureau in  by Lavonne Jackson Leslie]

9 June 1880, PCT 1, Dist. 107, Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., TX, p. 311:

Kelley, Elizabeth O. W F 37 Head  Music teacher b. MS fb. SC mb. NC
---Carrie B. W F 18 Dau  b. TX fb. SC mb. MS
---Lelia S. W F 16 Dau b. TX fb. SC mb. MS
---Frost J. W M 9 Son b. TX fb. SC mb. MS
Tinnia, Mattie W F 17 Boarder b. TX fb. TX mb. IN
---Lucy W F 15 Boarder b. TX fb. TN mb. TN
Fitzgerald, Nellie W F 16 Boarder b. TX fb. TN mb. TN
Barnett, Ella W F 15 Boarder b. TX fb. NC mb. NC

A biography of Frost J. Kelley was published in 1900:

Frost J. Kelley and Family

“Frost J. Kelley was born in Fairfax [sic] District, South Carolina, in 1821.  He was from an old and prominent family of that State.  At the age of nineteen he was a school teacher; the following year he commenced farming, making through life a successful planter.
“His first marriage was with Mrs. Emily Gaza [sic], nee Emily Lee, who was a descendant of one of the most illustrous families of the South.  By this union there were four children, all daughters; only two now living--Mrs. Julia O. Ross, Utica, Mississippi; Mrs. Ellen E. Horsley, wife of Rev. R.G. Horsley, Greenville, TX.
“His second wife, who was Miss Elizabeth Olivia Curlee, was a woman of culture and Christian refinement.  They had eight chilren, four now living--G.D. Kelley, Frost J. Kelley, Jr., both living in Utica, Misissippi; Mrs. Carrie Belle Christian, residing in New Orleans, Louisana; Mrs. Lena S. Montgomery, wife of Dr. A.L. Montgomery, Tyler, Texas.
“Dr. Montgomery is a leader in his profession.  He graduated from the Normal Department of the University of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1883; from the Medical Department of Tulane University, of New Orleans, Louisana, in 1887. He has met with commendable success as a pysician and surgeon during his many years practice in Tyler.  He is an educated Christian gentleman; up-to-date in his profession; of large acquaintance and many friends, he has a useful life before him.
“Frost J. Kelley, Sr., moved to Texas in 1857, and settled in Tyler.  He had accumulated in land and slaves large property.  He was truly a Southern man, loyal to her institutions and her history.  He was a good citizen and an exemplary gentleman; a leading member of the Baptist church, and took great interest in Sunday school work, acting most of his life as superintendent of Sunday schools.  Both the wives of Mr. Kelley were buried in the family burial ground near Utica, Mississippi.  He was buried in the cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, where he died in 1874.
“Frost J. Kelley Sr., was a good man for any community; he was intelligent, religious, upright and moral, a leader in a healthy sentiment that works for good.”
[Source: Some Biographies of Old Settlers. Historical, Personal and Reminiscent by Sid S. Johnson, Tyler, Texas 1900]

A tombstone for Frost J. Kelley has not been found in Titus County, Texas. Is it possible that his body was returned to Utica for burial, but this seems like an unlikely mistake for his immediate survivors to make.

Obadiah K. Kelly

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OBADIAH K. KELLEY, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, died 5 Dec 1848 and is buried in Utica Town Cemetery, Utica, Hinds County, Mississippi.  His tombstone does not give a birth date but says that he was the “husband of Adelia.”

Obadiah K. Kelley married Adelia Moore on 8 Sept 1847 in Hinds Co., MS. She was born 25 May 1829 and died 19 Apr 1855. She is buried in Leonard R. Fletcher Cemetery in Hinds County, Mississippi.  She was the daughter of Alfred and Frances Moore.

They probably had no children since his will does not name any in his will and leaves his property to his nephew Obadiah Sistrunk upon wife Adelia’s death.

Will of Obadiah K. Kelley, page 235, dated 5 Dec 1848; probated 11 Jan 1849 in Hinds Co., MS.  Wife: Adelia Kelly, all estate and at her death to nephew Obadiah Sistrunk.  Ex:  George W. Mimms, A. P. Weeks.  Wit:  J.W. Pittman, Ransom Warner, Robt. White.

Know all men by their presents that I Obadiah K. Kelly of the county of Hinds and State of Mississippi do will and give and bequeath unto my wife Adelia Kelly all of my presonal property viz: six slaves Benjamin, Prince, Elihu, Sally, Jimmy, and Boy Jesse Five horses and buggy a good saddle horse and four fine mules and waggon, and the tract of land on which I reside I wish to be sold to pay the debts that I owe and all above discharging my debts to be paid over to my wife. Also I gtive unto her my good watch all property of mine whether mentioned or not I give to her and after her death to go to my nephew John Obadiah Seastrunk and I further appoint Geo. w. Mimmes and A. B. Weekes my lawful Executors done this 5th day of Dec. one thousand and eight hundred and forty eight.
In the presence and signed and sealed. O.K. Kelly
J. W. Pittman
Ransom Warner
Robt White
will proven 11 Jan 1849
[Source: Wills 1832-1917, Hinds Co., MS, p. 235]

The 1850 census for Adelia and Leonard Fletcher indicates that they had married after the cut off for the 1850 census as she is called Adelia Kelly, and he is called Leonard Fletcher:

12 Nov 1850 Hinds Co., MS p. 178

Adelia Kelly 21 F Farmer  $1300 b. MS
Frances Moore 60 F  b. SC
Alfred Moore 9 M b. MS
John Sistrunk 21 M b. SC
Leonard Fletcher 22 M b. MS

The Hinds County Gazette  of Raymond, Mississippi ran the following nonresident heirs notice for the estate of Obadiah Kelly on 18 Dec 1851, naming:

“John Douglass, Ella Douglass, Wallis Seastrunk, Geo W. Mimms, Exec.
[Source: Newspaper Notices of Mississipians 1820 - 1860  by The Mississippi Genealogical Society, 1960]

Children of Adelia (Moore) Kelley and Leonard R. Fletcher:

1. Leonard Fletcher b. 28 Sep 1853 d. 1853--Leonard R. Fletcher cem.
2. Frances Adelia Fletcher b. 14 Feb 1855 d. 8 Oct 1856-Leonard R. Fletcher cem. 

James F. Kelly

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James F. Kelly was the son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina. He died in Utica, Hinds County, Mississippi without having ever seemed to marry or have children. He left his property to his brothers and his nieces and nephews. If is through his will that I was able to identify his sister Louisa W. (Kelly) Douglas and her children in Richland County, South Carolina.

I, James F. Kelly of the County of Hinds and State of Mississippi do make and publish this my last will and testament....First, I direct that a debt due Mrs. Allen amounting to about three hundred dollars to be paid by my Executors early after my death. I also direct that all my other debts be paid out of the first moneys that shall come unto the hands of my Executors form debts due me and before any division takes place. I also direct that my slaves be divided as follows, my boy Cudy's and my girl Charlotte and child to my brother Frost J. Kelly. My girl Sally and Jenny and Sally's child to my brother Obadiah K. Kelly. I also direct that my Executors pay five hundred dollars to each of my two sisters children as herein named when they arrive to the age of maturity. John James and Lemeazer Joanna Douglass, son and daughter of my sister Lemeazer W Douglass. James Wallace Pinckney Seastrunk son of my sister Lydia Seastrunk. I direct that my gold watch horse bridle and saddle be divided between my two brothers Frost J. Kelly and Obadiah K Kelly the watch to one and the horse bridle and saddle to the other. The block of goods on hand notes and accounts due for goods sold and my sorrel horse supposed to amount to about forty five hundred dollars after paying all debts due by me and Frost J Kelly about nine hundred dollars due him for a balance on his interest in the firm of J F & F J Kelly which interest was taken by me about the first day of February last, to be divided equally between my brothers Frost J Kelly and Obadiah K. Kelly. I request that my boy Cudjoe be set free at the ate of sixty years old should he live to that age and desire the same published. I do herby make and ordain my esteemed brothers Frost J Kelly and Obadiah K Kelly, Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I, James F Kelly, the testator, have this my will, written on one  sheet of paper, set my hand and seal, this 25th day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and forty three.
James F Kelly - seal
Signed and acknowledged in our presence 30th Nov 1843
Robt Jones, Thomas R. Woolley, G. W. Southwick

State of Mississippi Hinds County: Personally appeared in open Court Robert Jones & G W Southwick who being duly sworn say on oath that they saw the testator James F Kelly subscribe the foregoing and heard him acknowledge the same as his last will of testament which was done in the presence of all the subscribing witnesses and that they with the other witness subscribed. The same as witnesses thereto at this request and in his presence and in the presence of one another's and that at the time of this signing the same the testator was of sound and disposing mind and memory to the best of their knowledge and belief.
Sworn to and subscribed in open Court}  Robt Jones
this 28 Dec 1843. H. Smith Clerk}  G W Southwick
Filed 28 Dec 1843 H. Smith Clerk & Recorded Jany 10, 1844

Leota (Seastrunk) Jack

Leota (Seastrunk) Jack was the daugther of Samuel and Susan (Thurman) Seastrunk.

Death Certificate:
Leota Jack, widowed
b. 14 June 1881 in Texas
d. 21 Nov 1965 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
bur. 23 Nov 1965 Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, TX
father: Samuel Seastrunk
mother: Susan Thurman
informant: Phillip Keese

Preston B. Seastrunk

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Preston B. Seatrunk, was the son of Samuel and Susan (Thurman) Seastrunk.

Death Certificate:
Preston B. Seastrunk, widowed
b. 15 Apr 1877 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
d. 18 Feb 1962
bur 21 Feb 1962 in Grove Hill Cem, Dallas, TX
father: Samuel Seatrunk
mother: Susan Thurman
informant: Mrs. Mary Lynn Keese

Obituary of  Nell Seastrunk, wife of Preston B. Seastrunk:

Mrs. Nell, 1611 South Tyler, passed away Monday. Survived by her husband, Preston Seastrunk, Dallas; sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Faye Malcomb, California; Mrs. Lucy Crane, California; brother, Roy Carter, Dallas; two grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Services 10 a.m. Wednesday, Lamar & Smith Chapel, Dr. Jasper Manton. Interment Chapel Hill. Pallbearers: Charles Stahl, Chester Ashley, Glenn Lancaster, Howard H. Smith, Gay Anderson, L.C. Cox.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Wed. 21 Nov 1956]

Death of Preston B. Seastrunk:

Fire Deaths Rise to Nine
Dallas' 1962 fire-death toll rose to nine Monday with the deaths Sunday of two elderly men burned in separate accidents earlier.
...and Preston B. Seastrunk, 84, burned Saturday when his sick-bed mattress caught fire in his home at 1611 S. Tyler.
...Seastrunk, an invalid with a broken hip was burned from his waist up when his bed caught fire. His male nurse called Campbell Ambulance which sped him to Methodist Hospital.
Fire Capt. A.E. Dandridge listed the cause of the fire as careless smoking.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Tues. 20 Feb 1962]

Preston 1611 S. Tyler. Survived by sister, Mrs. Leota Jack, Dallas; two granddaughters, Miss Mary Lynn Keese, Dallas, Mrs. Linda Bishop, Little Rock; eight great-grandchildren. Services 10 a.m. Wednesday. Lamar & Smith Chapel. Interment Grove Hill. Pallbearers: Richard Morrion, Gay Anderson, J.L. Groodt, Buddy Mayes, L.C. Cox.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Wed. 21 Feb 1962]

Obituaries of the children of Preston B. Seastrunk:

SEASTRUNK--Preston Leroy, the 17 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Seastrunk, died at 12:20 yesterday. Funeral today at 10:30 rom the family residences, 1026 Elm street.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Wed. 7 Aug 1901]

Mrs. Francis Cordy, 26, better known in Dallas as Dorothy Seastrunk and to motion picture audiences as Dorothy Seastrom, died at 8:30 a.m. Friday at th the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Seastrunk, 1038 Ford street, Oak Cliff.
Miss Seastrom was a victim of the influenza epidemic in Dallas in 1919, her constitution having been impaired since that time. In 1920, however, she had recovered sufficiently to move to Los Angeles, where she became a member of the Theodore Kosloff ballet. Picture engagements followed giving her leads in Lloyd Hamilton comedies and later featured assignments with the Colleen Moore unit. Ill health forced her to retire in the summer of 1928 and she returned to Dallas to rest with her parents. She was married to Francis Cordy, screen director in 1923.
Miss Seastrom came into the public eye when she was 15 years old and a freshman at Forest Avenue High School. Her remarkable beauty, dancing and histrionic talents made her a familiar figure in many local amateur entertainments. She played the role of Ruth in Eugene O'Neil's "Beyond the Horizon" when the Dallas Little Theater first presented this modern masterpiece in 1929. Her performance is still regarded as one of the finest ever accomplished within the organization.
She is survived by her parents and one brother, Lynn Seastrunk.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Sat. 1 Feb 1930]

Films' Dot Seastrom Buried in Home Town
The funeral of Mrs. Francis Cordy, 26, known in films as Dorothy Seastrom and formerly, Miss Dorothy Seastrunk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Seastrunk, 1038 Ford street, Oak Cliff, was held Saturday afternoon at the chapel of Ed C. Smith & Bro. Mortuary. Burial was in Grove Hill Cemetery.
Miss Seastrom was well-known in theatricals. She was a member of Theodore Kosloff's ballet at Los Angeles in 1920, later appeared in Lloyd Hamilton comedies and in Colleen Moore features for the screen. Before, however, she appeared in several Dallas Little Theater productions.
Active pallbearers were John Fleming, R.M. Perry, Arthur Bacon, M.J. Rosenfield, Stanley Marcus and Dr. W.C. Hixson.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Sun. 2 Feb 1930]

Notes on the Passing Show
Not so Strange
A current issue of a curent motion picture magazine comment as follows: "The fates of filmdom sometimes play strange tricks...
"Six years ago when 'The Dressmake From Paris,' starring Leatrice Joy, was shown upon the screens of the country, movie fans and critics alike predicted a great future for Dorothy Seastrom, who appeared in a small part.
"Last March Dorothy press notices in the papers that once heralded her...just a funeral notice in a small paper in Dallas, Texas, where she died.
"Hollywood didn't even know Dorothy had passed away.
"The Paramount picture won Dorothy a contract with First National.
"Her whole life centered around the one ambition--to be a star. She worked day and night.
"And when she found herself in a very weakened condition and was forced to ask studio executives for a leave of absence. The leave was granted. On a doctor's examination, it was found that Dorothy had weak lungs.
"Several months in the Pottenger Sanitarium seemed to improve her health. Then back to the studio--but all in vain. She broke down again."
The motion picture magazine's columnist evidently doesn't read the right newspapers. The untimely death at 25 years of Miss Seastrom, or rather Dorothy Seastrunk, was regretted to considerable length. And the late Miss Seastrunk was not known in Dallas as merely a home-town girl who had made good in pictures. She was popular socially and, in her girlhood, was quite in the public eye as a classical dancer. She took the dramatically difficult part of Ruth Andrews in the Dallas Little Theater's first production of O'Neill's "Beyond the Horizon." She gave a performance that has not yet been forgotten. During her long illness she was visited by as many of her friends as health would permit. When the Little Theater revived "Beyond the Horizon," the organization sent the invalid a basket of flowers and expressed the sentiment that she would soon be well.
We mention this in refutation of the charge that Dallas ignored a talented daughter when she was stricken with a fatal illness.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Fri 17 Oct 1930]

Lynn Seastrunk Native of Dallas Dies at Hospital
Lynn V. Seastrunk, 39, of 4436 Potomac, Dallas insurance man, died Wednesday at local hospital after a brief illness.
A native of Dallas, he was graduated from Forest Avenue High School and attended Southern Methodist University. For several years he had been auditor for J. E. Earnest & Company insurance.
Surviving are his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Mary Lynn Keese and Miss Linda Seastrunk, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Seastrunk, all of Dallas
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Thurs. 9 Mar 1944]

SEASTRUNK--Lynn V., age 39, died in local hospital Wednesday. Survived by hiw wife, two daughters, Mrs. Mary Lynn Keese, Miss Linda Seatrunk; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Seastrunk, all of Dallas. Services Friday 10:30 a.m., George A. Brewer Funeral Chapel, 3603 Ross-ave., Rev. Father P. J. O'Grady officiating. Interment Calvary Hill Cemetery. Pallbearers: Pat Murphy, M.J. Flahive. W.P. Bondies, E.T. Earnest, Joe Earnest, Jr., R.B. Stichter Jr.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Fri. 10 Mar 1944]

Wife of Lynn V. Seastrunk:

Native of Dallas Passes Following Week's Illness
Mrs. Agnes Marie Seastrunk, 35, a native of Dallas, died Sunday after a week's illness.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Reilly, Mrs. Seastrunk was graduated from St. Edward's Academy and attended Southern Methodist University. She  was a member of St. Edward's Church.
She is survived by her parents, two daughters, Mrs. Phillip Keese, Amarillo, and Linda Seastrunk; two sisters, Mrs. Sam J. Adams and Mrs. Harry M. Roberts; two brothers, William J. Reilly and Thomas P. Reilly.
The Rosary will be recited Monday at 8 p.m. at the George A. Brewer Funeral Chapel. 3603 Ross. and services will be conducted by the Rev. P. J. O'Grady at St. Edward's Church Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.
Burial will be in Calvary Hill Cemetery. Pallbearers are Harvey Reden, Edgar Smith Jr., Alexander Hickey, R.B. Stichter Jr., Sam J. Adams and Harry M. Roberts.
[Source: Dallas Morning News; Dallas, TX; Mon. 27 Nov 1944]