Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carolina (Sandoval) Selph, photograph

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Photograph of Carolina (Sandoval) Selph, wife of Iley Nunn Selph, daughter of Ramon Sandoval and Rosita Leyba. Granddaughter, Iris (Selph) Foster of Taos, verified the identity of this photograph.

Carolina (Sandoval) Selph
Taos, NM
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Andrew Jackson Pool's Bible

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

These three pages of Andrew Jackson Pool's bible were generously shared by his descendant Meghan Crosno. It's always exciting to see bible records in any condition. After researching Andrew J. Pool for so many years, it is especially rewarding to see his bible records.

Andrew Jackson Pool, Births from Bible
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Andrew Jackson Pool
was born March 2, 1832

Margaret Mc[Cormoc?] Jameson
November 17, 1832

Robert Hugh Poole
February 17, 1862

Andrew Edman Poole
July 3, 1864

Gertrude Mae Poole
September 7, 1866

Alfred Milton Poole
October 26, 1869

Maud Augusta Poole
June 13, 1877

Wilmas Alva Poole
March 19, 1880

Andrew Jackson Pool, Marriages from Bible
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Andrew J Poole and
Margaret McC? Jameson
was married January
20th 1861

Robert C. Shelton and
Gertie M. Poole
was married June 8th 1900

Charles H. Hodge
Maud A. Pool
married Nov 12 1896

Clarince L. Davis
Wilmas A. Poole
was married Jan 1901

Andrew E. Pool
Frances G. Gies
was married Oct 1907

Milton A. Pool 28 years
Daisy A. Brown 21 years
was married Oct 1st 1897

Andrew Jackson Pool, Deaths from Bible
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Robert Hugh Pool age 21
died Oct 17th 1885

Andrew Jackson Poole 57
died November 10th 1889

Andrew Edmond Poole
died Sept. 15. 1912 age  48

Milton Alfred Poole
Died Dec. 19. 1916 age [47?]

Margaret McCermac 
Died at Long Beach
Oct 31, 1918 age 86

Gertrude May Shelton
Nov 17, 1927

Robert C. Shelton
Nov. 3 1936

Wilmas Alva Poole Davis
died in Los Angeles
Jan. 1, 1945