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John Kelly Jr. of Kershaw County, South Carolina

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JOHN KELLY, JR. of Kershaw County, South Caroline is believed to be the son of John Kelly Sr.  of Fairfield District, South Carolina. Born c. 1786 in South Carolina, John Kelley Jr. married Nancy Missouri Owens, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Hood) Owens.

John Kelly died April 1859 and was buried on his plantation in Kershaw County, South Carolina with a large rock to mark his burial place.

Nancy Missouri (Owens) Kelly, born 22 Nov 1819, died 14 March 1912 and was buried in the Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Westville, Kershaw County, South Carolina.

Children of John and Nancy Missouri (Owens) Kelly:

1. William Kelly
2. Mansel Pinkney Kelley
3. Mary Jane Kelley
4. Harvey H. Kelley
5. Singleton Frost Kelly
6. Edna Elizabeth Kelly

Census records for John and Nancy Missouri (Owens) Kelly:

19 Nov 1850, Kershaw County, SC p. 126:

John Kelly 64 M Farmer $2,800 b. SC
Nancy Kelly 31 F b. SC
Wm Kelly 10 M b. SC
M. Kelly 7 M b. SC
Mary Kelly 4 F b. SC
Harvey Kelly 2 M b. SC
Mary Jones or James 80 F b. SC

1860 First Division, Kershaw County, South Carolina:

Kelley, NM M 40 b. SC
-----, M.P. M 17 b. SC
-----, M.J. F 15 b. SC
-----, H.H. M 12 b. SC
-----, S F M 10 b. SC
-----, E.E. F 5 b. b. SC

9 July 1870, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw County, SC, p. 212:

Kelly, Nancy 59 F W Keeping House $0 - $300 b. SC
-----, Singleton 17 M W At Home b. SC
-----, Elienezer 15 F W At Home b. SC
Kelly, Harvey 20 M W Farmer b. SC

11th & 12th June 1880, Flat Rock Twp. (East), Kershaw County, South Carolina, p. 158:

Clyburn, Lewis L. W M 40 Farmer b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Mary J. W F 34 Wife Keeping House b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Lottie J. W F 18 Dau At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----Thomas B. W M 14 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, William R. W M 12 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Stephen W M 10 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Lewis W M 8 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Edna A. B. W F 3 Dau At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Henry W M 1 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Kelly, Nancy M. W F 60 m-i-l At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----Edna E. W F 25 s-i-l At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----Harvey H. W M 31 b-i-l Miller b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Drakeford, Jess B M 16 Servant Domestic Servant b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, Caesor B M 17 Servant Domestic Servant b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

14 June 1900, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 160:

Clyburn, Stephen Head W M July 1860 29 M  Ginner b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
----, Lizzie R. Wife W F b. July  1873 28 M b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
---,  Edna  Dau W F  b. July 1899 10/12 S b. SC fb. SC  mb. SC
Kelly, Harvy H. Uncle W M b. Dec 1849 50 S  Miller b. SC fb. SC  mb. SC
---, Nancy M. Grandmother  W F  b. Nov 1819 79 Wd  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC7

7 May 1910, Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC p. 220:

221 - 223
CLYBURN, L.L.  Head M W 70 W b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
KELLEY, Nancy M. M-i-l F  W 90 W  7 - 4 b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
----Edna s-i-l F  W 55 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
PERRY, Eva grdau F  W 20 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
----, Stephen grson M W 18 S b. SC fb. SC  mb. SC
JORDAN, Morgarek servant F W 32 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

Rev. D H Selph Graduates and Gets His First Teaching Job

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Duncan Hyder Selph graduated from Union University on 15 July 1852. The following account appeared in The Classic Union on July 1852:

Prior to graduation, Duncan H. Selph had secured his first teaching position at the West Tennessee Baptist Male Institute at Spring Creek in Madison County, Tennessee. The doors opened for the first time in the newly built brick building on the first Monday in March of 1852, and Rev. D. H. Selph would have been its first teacher. This advertisement ran in The Classic Union on 15 March 1852:

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This tidbit regarding Florence May (Brown) Galt was found by googling her husband Thomas Resin Galt's name. For this I used just his initials, so the google search was for T.R. Galt. The notice is, in fact, about her and not him. Women for a large portion of the twentieth century were mostly referred to by their husbands' names.

Apparently, she had taken ill while on a visit to New Mexico, possibly to visit one of her children - daughter Beulah Frances (Galt) Graham was living in New Mexico at the time. She had become so ill that Thomas, who had not accompanied her, went to New Mexico to bring her home to Hale Center, Texas. She died less than five months later and is buried in the Hale Center Cemetery.