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Parentage of Apolonia Martin, wife of Francisco Sanchez

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Sometimes the catalyst to conducting more research appears in the form of a keyword search from one of my readers. I noticed yesterday that someone was looking for information on a Maria Apolonia Martin.  The Apolonia Martin on this blog is the wife of Francisco Xavier Sanchez. Her parents were unknown. That spurred me to look at what I had previously posted about her. In rereading that post, I realized that in 2012 I had noted the presence of Juan de Jesus Martins as a godparent for Apolonia Martin’s son Jose Ramon Sanchez in 1798, and I had posed the following question: Is Juan de Jesus Martins a brother or father of Maria Apolonia Martines? That is a question I never followed up. Until last night.

The full baptism record for Apolonia’s son:

Sanchez, Jose Ramon [Span.], bap 7 April 1798, b. 4 April; son of Franco Sanches and Polonia Martines; godparents – Juan de Jesus Martins, and Ma Rafaela Romero, Span.
[Source: New Mexico Baptisms Santa Cruz de la Canada, vol. 11, 1795-1827 by Virginia Langham Olmstead]

My strategy was to research Juan de Jesus Martins and find out as much as I could about his family connections. When I did, I found that he was linked to Maria Rafaela Romero because she was his wife. This made him easier to identify in records.

Records I found for Juan de Jesus Martins:

In San Juan Pueblo on 19 April 1801, Father Sanchez Vergara baptized five day old Maria de la Conception, the legitimate daughter of Gregorio Lucero and Maria Manuela Martin, citizens of Embudo. Her godparents were Juan de Jesus Martin and Maria Rafaela Romero, citizens of La Joya.
[Source: New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations From the Archives Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango, 1800-1893, by Rick Hendricks, p. 94]

In the record above, Maria Manuela Martin is likely a relative of Juan de Jesus Martin. A sister or daughter? Based on her probable age, she is likely to be a sister.

Juan de Jesus Martin and Barbara Josefa Sanchez, San Juan de los Caballeros, 21 November 1808-9 January 1809, AHAD-363, f. 590-94

            Juan de Jesus Martin, 36, espanol, was widowed of Maria Rafaela Romero. Barbara Josefa Sanchez, espanola, single, was the legitimate daughter of Jose Sanchez and Maria Antonia Bernal, citizens of the jurisdiction of San Juan de los Caballeros. The couple was related in the fourth degree of affinity on the basis of copula licita.
            Father Gonzalez questioned Juan who stated that he was a life-long resident of the area and was related to most of the people of his station here. His intended was the daughter of poor parents who were burdened with a family, while with his prospects he could support her properly. Barbara Josefa Sanchez stated that she had her parents’ permission to marry.
Juan Antonio Valdez, 64, citizen of the San Juan jurisdiction.
Jose de la Trinidad Cisneros, 62, citizen of the San Juan jurisdiction.
Pedro Cisneros, 50, citizen of the San Juan jurisdiction.

                                          Sebastian Martin

Rosa Martin                                        1st degree                     Manuel Martin

Francisco Sanchez                              2nd degree                    Maria Martin

Jose Sanchez                                       3rd degree                    Maria Manuela Garcia

Barbara Sanchez                                 4th degree                    Rafaela Romero

Father Gonzalez forwarded the proceedings to Durango on the same 21 November 1808. On 9 January 1809, Vicar General Millan Rodriguez granted a dispensation.
[Source: New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations From the Archives Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango, 1800-1893, by Rick Hendricks, p. 71-2]

In the record above, Juan de Jesus Martin’s first wife, Rafaela Romero, and his intended, Barbara Sanchez, were related in the fourth degree. This particular record does not shed any light on who Juan’s parents were or what his connection to Apolonia Martin might be. The record below, however, reveals who his parents were.

Gregorio Felipe Lucero y Salazar and Margarita Martin y Romero, San Juan de los Caballeros, 11 April – 19 May 1819, AHAD-371, f. 584-92.
            Gregorio Felipe Lucero y Salazar, 23, espanol, single, was the legitimate son of Antonio Lucero and Ana Maria Salazar, citizens and residents of the plaza of Los Angeles, in the place called Los Luceros of the parish of San Juan de los Caballeros. Margarita Martin y Romero, 17, espanola, was the legitimate daughter of Juan de Jesus Martin and the late Maria Rafaela Romero, residents of the puesto of La Joya. The couple was related in the fourth degree of consanguinity on a traverse line.

                                    Blas Martin

Ana Maria Martin                               siblings                        Pedro Martin

Santiago Lucero                                  1st cousins                    Gregorio Martin

Antonio Lucero                                   2nd cousins                   Juan de Jesus Martin

Gregorio Felipe Lucero                      3rd cousins                   Maria Margarita Martin

Tomas de Herrera, 42, citizen of the plaza of San Rafael
Jose Gabriel Montono, 35, citizen of the plaza of San Antonio
Jose Miguel Ortiz, 72, citizen of the plaza of San Francisco
Jose Pacheco, 34, citizen of the plaza of San Antonio
            Father Sanchez Vergara forwarded the proceedings to Durango on 12 April 1819. On 9 May 1819, Bishop Castaniza granted a dispensation, assigning as penance that the couple would go to communion once more than required by Church precepts, recite the rosary for a week, and pay 10 pesos in alms applicable to pious works at the bishop’s discretion. Their parish priest was to proclaim the banns. Assuming no new impediment arose, he was to proceed with the marriage and nuptial blessing.

  1. In San Juan Pueblo on 13 May 1796, Father Gonzalez baptized Gregorio Felipe, born on 9 May, the legitimate son of Antonio Lucero and Ana Maria Salazar, citizens of Los Luceros. His godparents were Manuel Salazar and Maria Francisca Silva, citizens of Abiquiu.
  2. In San Juan Pueblo on 17 June 1802, Father Ramon Antonio Gonzalez baptized seven day-old Margarita de Jesus, the legitimate daughter of Juan de Jesus Martin and Maria Rafaela Romero. Her godparents were Santiago Salazar and Maria Dolores Romero, citizens of La Joya.
  3. On 3 April 1819 Antonio Jose Lucero and Ana Maria Salasar, citizens of the plaza of los Angeles in the place of Los Luceros, parents of Gregorio Felipe y Salazar, granted permission for him to marry Margarita de Jesus Martin y Romero of the puesto of La Joya.
  4. On 4 April 1819 in San Juan, Juan de Jesus Martin, citizen of the puesto of La Joya, state his daughter Margarita de Jesus Martin y Romero, born of his marriage to the late Maria Rafaela Romero, had his permission to marry Gregorio Felipe Lucero.
[Source: New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations From the Archives Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango, 1800-1893, by Rick Hendricks, p. 104-105]

In the record above, Juan de Jesus Martin’s daughter Maria Margarita Martin is a third cousin to her intended Gregorio Felipe Lucero, requiring a dispensation and, as luck would have it, a brief genealogy for her. That genealogy shows that her father, Juan de Jesus Martin who married Rafaela Romero was the son of Gregorio Martin, who was the son of Pedro Martin, who was the son of Blas Romero. Five generations in one primary source!

Armed with the name of Juan de Jesus Martin’s father, I was now prepared to search for a connection between Gregorio Martin and Apolonia Martin. At first, I did not find much. Mostly, I found secondary source lists of Gregorio Martin’s children, which listed Juan de Jesus but not Apolonia.

Then I found her St. Thomas birth record:

7 Feb 1777, Maria Polonia Martin, daughter of Gregorio Martin and Maria Victoria Tenorio, baptized in Abiquiu.
[Source: Vital Records, St. Thomas Parish, Abiquiu, NM 1754-1799, Infant and Parents,
Baptisms at St. Thomas, 1754-1799, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico by Feliz Rendon]

Now I’m working to verify the parentage of Maria Victoria Tenorio, who was supposedly born to Manuel Tenorio de Alba y Corona and Apolonia Sandoval and baptized on 15 April 1759 in Santa Fe. This will require a trip to the library since I am not finding a source on the internet. Perhaps next weekend.

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Ellen E. Brown, Daughter of Isaac S. Brown

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Ellen E. Brown, daughter of Isaac S. and Catherine E. (Hay) Brown, was born 15 December 1843 in Greene County, Illinois. She married Eli Grimes in 1864. They lived in Pike County, Illinois, where Ellen (Brown) Grimes died 20 January 1910 and is buried in French Cemetery.

Children of Ellen E. (Brown) and Eli Grimes:

1. Clara Grimes
2. Catherine E. Grimes
3. Hawley A. Grimes

Biography of Eli Grimes published in 1891:

    Eli Grimes. Few citizens of Pike County have shown a greater degree of business tact and enterprise than Eli Grimes, of Milton, who is now filling the office of Postmaster in a very efficient manner. He has been one of the leading spirits in the Republican ranks in this section for some years and is one of the most uncompromising advocates of the party policy. In the conduct of his business affairs he has from his youth up followed the old adage, “Nothing venture, nothing have,” but has likewise wisely calculated probabilities and results.
    The father of our subject is John D. Grimes and his mother was Elizabeth A. (Cox) Grimes. Both parents were born in the Blue Grass State and came to Illinois when quite young, Grandfather Grimes settling in Pike County and Grandfather Cox in Cass County. The marriage took place at the home of the bride, and Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes immediately settled on a farm near Milton, Pike County. Mr. Grimes operated his farm and engaged in speculating. He was one of the leading citizens, taking a prominent part in public enterprises, among which was the building of the Christian Church. He was a member of the society and a Deacon of the same. He is now living in Kansas City, MO., with his second wife, the mother of our subject having breathed her last in 1868, and is engaged in the real-estate business. Six children came to bless the union of John and Elizabeth Grimes and all are still living.
    Our subject is the eldest child and opened his eyes to the light in Milton, January 3, 1843. He received his education in the schools of his native place and, inheriting a taste for trade, began speculating when but seventeen years old. For ten years after the war he was a heavy dealer in horses and mules in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, and he has also done a large trade in cattle. After his marriage in 1864, he established his home in Milton and is still living in the same house. In addition to this property he owns two hundred and sixty acres of farm land in Detroit Township, which is improved with a comfortable residence and adequate barns, and occupied by a renter. Mr. Grimes gives his attention to stock-dealing and to the duties of the office to which he was appointed April 7, 1889. 
The lady who presides over the home of Mr. Grimes bore the maiden name of Ellen E. Brown and was born in Greene County, this State, December 15, 1843. She is an educated, refined woman who has many friends in the community. Her parents, Isaac S. and Catherine E. (Hay) Brown, removed from New York to Illinois, making their first settlement in Greene County and coming to Pike County in 1850. Mr. Brown was killed at the siege of Vicksburg in 1863, he having been a wagonmaster in the Ninety-ninth Illinois Infantry. Mrs. Brown survived until 1889. Their family consists of six sons and daughters, all still living. Mr. and Mrs. Grimes are the parents of three daughters, names respectively: Clara, Catherine E., and Hawley A. All have received good educations and the daughter held teachers’ certificates. The first-born is now deceased, but was formerly the wife of C. White. Catherine married J.A. Miller, lives in Detroit Township, and has one child, Mary Ellen. The youngest, Hawley A., is still residing under the parental roof.
    Mr. Grimes is a member of the Blue Lodge in Milton, in which he has held office, and also belongs to Milton Chapter, No. 119. He has been a member of the School Board and was Assessor of Montezuma Township nine years. He was a candidate for the office of Supervisor but was beaten by five votes. His first Presidential ballot was cast for Abraham Lincoln at his second candidacy and he has never withdrawn his political allegiance from his first love. He has frequently been a delegate to State conventions and is recognized as a prominent member of the local party organization. Our subject was Postmaster under Arthur’s administration.

[Source:  Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois  by the Biographical Publishing Company of Chicago, 1891.

Records for Ellen E. (Brown) and Eli Grimes:

30 July 1870, Milton, Pike Co., IL, p. 242:

Grimes, Eli 27 M W Merchant        $1,000-100   
-----Ellen 26 F W K.H. b. IL
-----Clara 4 F W b. IL
-----Catherine 3 F W b. IL
-----Mary 9 F W b. IL

19 June 1880, Milton, Pike Co., IL, p. 553

Grimes, Eli 37 M W  Trader b. IL fb. KY mb. KY
-----Ellen 36 F W Wife K.H. b. IL fb. NY mb. NY
-----Clara 14 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Catherine 11 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Hawley 6 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Brown, Catherine 65 F W   M-i-law b. NY fb. NY mb. NY
Alkin, Edson 37 M W Boarder b. OH fb. OH mb. OH

Catherine E. Grimes, daughter of Eli Grimes and Ellen E Brown, age 21 married James Albert Miller, 28, son of J B Miller and Mary Griffin, on 14 September 1887 in Pike Co., IL

1900, Milton Village, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 188:

Grimes, Eli  Head  W M    Jan 1843  57 M-36 b. IL  fb. KY  mb. KY
-----Ellen E. Wife    W F     Dec 1843 56 M-36   3-2  b. IL  fb. IL  mb. NY
-----Hawley A. Dau    W F     May 1874 26 S  b. IL  fb. IL mb. IL

19 Apr 1910, Milton Village, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 179:

Grimes, Eli  Head  M W 67 Wd b. IL  fb. KY  mb. IL
-----Hawley    Dau    F W 35 S  b. IL   fb. IL  mb. IL

6 Jan 1920, Milton, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 153:

Grimes, Hawley  Head  F W     45 S  b. IL   mb. IL  fb. IL
Dennison, Bulah   Companion   F W  21 S  f.b IL   mb. IL  fb. IL

Isaac S. Brown's Certificate Against Stephan A. Douglas

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Occasionally, newspapers give us a rare glimpse into our ancestor's activities, political leanings, friends and associates. The following article printed in the Daily Illinois State Journal, regarding Stephen A. Douglas' statements about Henry Clay, suggests that Isaac S. Brown was not a Douglas supporter, that he took umbrage over the remarks Douglas made about Clay, that he may even have been a Lincoln supporter, that Isaac S. Brown was well-respected in both Greene and Pike Counties, and that his associates included other well-respected men: David Pierson, Isaac Landis, William Winn, James F. Pinkerton, and Adam Lee.

Douglas’ Abuse of Clay—Testimony of Ear Witnesses

    The letter of Judge Woodson to the St. Louis Republican was a complete vindication of the truth of the charge made by the Press against Stephen A. Douglas, that in 1844 he denounced Henry Clay in the most coarse and bitter terms. But as Judge Woodson did not hear Douglas at Carrollton, where the most offensive language was used, and as the followers of Douglas, in their desperation, are attempting to torture Judge W’s testimony so as to break its force, the Carrollton Press publishes the following certificate.

Carrollton, Ill., Sept. 20, 1860
    The undersigned hereby certify that we were present at a joint discussion between Stephen A. Douglas and D. M. Woodson opposing candidates for Congress at Carrollton, in 1844, and that Mr. Douglas, referring to Henry Clay’s action and position upon the Oregon Boundary question, was unsparing in his abuse and denunciation of Clay, using substantially the following language: “I denounced him in the Congress of the United States as a Traitor, and I now denounce him as an old BLACK-HEATED TRAITOR.” He also assailed him as being corrupt enough to be bribed with British Gold.
    Although the above statements have been the subject of frequent conversation among the old citizens of Carrollton, we have heretofore refrained from coming before the public, (though frequently solicited,) and do so now because the truth seems to demand it, as the statement has been branded as a falsehood by some of the public prints.
David Pierson,
Isaac Landis,
Wm. Winn,
James F. Pinkerton,
Isaac S. Brown,
Adam Lee
    The Press adds; “These witnesses who have thus come upon the stand will be recognized as among our most respectable and reliable citizens, (Mr. Brown being at this time a resident of Pike county, but well known here.) The name of David Pierson is as “familiar as a household word” all through this portion of Illinois, and is a synonym for integrity and scrupulous regard for the truth. Isaac Landis is a venerable minister of the Gospel, and a statement from his lips or pen will not for a moment be questioned by those who know him. Messrs. Winn, Lee and Pinkerton stand deservedly high in the community as upright citizens whose words need no indorsement. The testimony of any one of these men would be sufficient to convict Stephen A. Douglas before a jury, of his most gross assault upon the lamented Sage of Ashland, but when in doubt there is such an array of proof, who can doubt.”
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Tues. 25 Sept 1860]

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Emma C. (Brown) Manlove Lehman Egel, daughter of John Delos Brown

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Emma C. Brown, daughter of John Delos and Nancy (Johnson) Brown, was born 28 January 1858 in Illinois. She was married three times To Deville or Devillo Manlove, a Lehman, and to John Egel.

Emma C Brown married Deville Manlove on 9 July 1875 in DeWitt Co., IL. They evidently had four children. 

Children of Emma C. (Brown) and Devillo Manlove:

1. Truman M. Manlove
2. Clarence Olen Manlove
3. Edith Manlove
4. Verna/Vera Manlove

Devillo Manlove died 1 August 1892 and is buried in the Chandler Cemetery of Argenta, Macon County, Illinois.

Following the death of Devillo Manlove, Emma married John Lehman. They had at least one child, Donnie Lehman. He died 26 September 1895 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri.

Children of Emma C. (Brown) and John Lehman:

5. Donnie Lehman

1 June 1900, Cameron, Clinton Co., MO:

Lehman, E? Head W F b. Jan 1858 42 Wd 6-6 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Manlove, Clarence son W M b. May 1878 22 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Edith dau W F b. Feb 1884 16 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Verna dau W F b. Oct 1888 11 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Lehman, Donnie dau W F b. Feb 1896 4 S b. MO fb. IL mb. IL

[The census states that Emma is the mother of six children with six still living. Therefore, two children are missing from this household. They are probably older than Edith Manlove. One of them is evidently Truman Manlove.]

Emma C Lehman of Cameron, Clinton Co., Missouri married John Egel of Stewartsville, DeKalb Co., Missouri on 2 August 1909 in DeKalb Co., Missouri.

20 April 1910, Stewartsville, DeKalb Co., MO:

Egel, John Head M W 62 M-3 0 b. NY fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----, Emma Wife F W 52 M-3 6-6 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Lehman, Lonnie step-dau F W 14 S b. MO fb. PA mb. IL

The 1910 census indicates that both John Egel and wife Emma had been married three times each. 

2 January 1920, Cameron, Clinton Co., MO:
Egel, John Head M W 71 M b. NY fb. Indiana mb. Indiana
-----, Emma wife F W 61 M f. IL fb. IL mb. IL

12 January 1920, Independence, Jackson Co., MO:

Halley, Herman R. Head M W 43 M b. NY fb. Ny mb. NY
-----Maude C Wife F W 40 M b. MO fb. PA mb. NY
Schneider, John Head M W 33 M b. MO fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----Donnie Wife F W 23 M b. MO fb. Pa mb. IL

John Egel died on 10 September 1921 in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri and is buried in the Stewartsville Cemetery in Stewartsville, DeKalb County, Missouri, where he shares a tombstone with his previous wife Margaret C. Egel who died in 1907.

Donnie (Lehman) Schneider died 8 March 1924 and is buried in Graceland Cemetery, in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri.

18 April 1930, Independence, Jackson Co, MO:

Schneider, John Head M W 43 Wd b. MO fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----Mary E dau F W 10 S b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
-----Donnie R dau F W 9 S b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
Egel Emma C. m-i-l F W 72 Wd b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Death Certificate of Emma C. (Brown) Manlove Lehman Egel:

Emma C. Egel of 401 N Spring, Independence, Jackson Co. MO, b. 28 Jan 1858 in Illinois, d 31 Oct 1933 in Jackson Co., MO. Father: John D. Brown. Mother: Nancy Johnson. Informant: Verna Neff. Burial in Cameron, MO 2 Nov 1933. She died of a skull fracture after being struck by a car.

Truman M. Manlove, born 6 November 1875 in Illinois, died 11 July 1936 of Pellegra and is buried in Highland Cemetery in Carter County, Missouri.

Obituary for son Clarence Olen Manlove:

Clarence O. Manlove, 89, of 1016 Locust, died yesterday at Research hospital. He was born in Weldon, Ill, and lived here 60 years. Mr. Manlove was a retired cabinetmaker. He was a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church and its Holy Name Society. Mr. Manlove was a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of American union, local no. 1635, and was a life member of the Ozanam Home for Boys and the Marillac School for Special Education. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Lenora S. Manlove of the home, and two sisters, Mrs. Edith Flanders, Los Altos, Calif., and Mrs. Vera Neff, Mammoth Springs, Ark. Services will be held at 9 o’clock Saturday at the church; burial at Mount Olivet cemetery. The rosary will be said at 7 o’clock Friday night at the Melody-McGilley-Eylar chapel, Linwood and Main.
[Source: The Kansas City Times, 22 June 1967]

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William M. Brown, son of Isaac S. Brown of Pike Co., IL

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William M. Brown, son of Isaac S. and Catharine (Hay) Brown was born 29 November 1840 in Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois. He married Alice Strawn, daughter of Alvis and Joanna Strawn, on 2 December 1868. William M. Brown died in 1917 and is buried in French Cemetery next to his wife Alice (Strawn) Brown.

Children of William M. and Alice (Strawn) Brown:

1. William Edmund Brown
2. Fred S. Brown
3. Helen A. Brown

The history of commercial progress in Milton would be incomplete without mention of William M. Brown, a leading and prominent merchant of that city. He was born November 29, 1840, in Carrollton, Greene county, Illinois, his parents Isaac S. and Catharine (Hay) Brown, who became early residents of Pike county, where they took up their abode in March, 1850. The father purchased a farm a mile and a half south and a half mile east of Milton and upon that place William M. Brown was reared, having been a youth of nine years at the time of the removal to the old homestead. He acquired his education in the district schools near by and he still owns the farm which comprises one hundred and and twenty acres of as rich soil as can be found in the state of Illinois. During periods of vacation he aided in the work of the  fields and remained upon the old homestead until nineteen years of age, when he went to California by way of the Isthmus of Panama. The journey consumed twenty-four days from the time he left New York city until his arrival at San Francisco in March, 1859. He remained upon the Pacific coast for three years engaged in mining and ranching and he was fairly successful in his work, but lost much of what he possessed in his first mining ventures in prospecting for greater results at a later date. In 1863 he returned to the old homestead near Milton, Illinois, and leased the farm from his father in connection with his brother, James A. The father went to the war, becoming a member of a company of the Ninety-ninth Illinois Regiment commanded by Captain J. G. Johnson. He served for three years as wagon master and was killed in the siege of Vicksburg on the 22nd of May, 1863. There was a very sad incident in connection with his death. In the heat of battle he heard the Masonic cry for help from one of his comrades and facing almost certain death amidst a hail of bullets, he picked up his comrade and while carrying him off the field away from danger a bullet passed through his comrade’s body, killing him, and entered Mr. Brown’s thumb, passing out through the hand. This occasioned blood poisoning, which caused Mr. Brown’s death a few days later. At his request his remains were interred upon the battle-field but were afterward removed to the National Soldier’s Cemetery at Vicksburg. In March, 1869, William M. Brown, accompanied by his mother, made a pilgrimage to Vicksburg to discover his father’s grave and place a monument over it. They had no trouble in finding the place of interment, which was on the topmost circle, he being the eighth soldier buried in the beautiful Union Soldier’s National Cemetery at that place. The monument was erected according to the plans and after performing this act of love and duty over the grave of husband and father they returned home.
    On the 2d of December, 1868, Mr. Brown was married to Miss Alice Strawn, a daughter of Alvis and Joanna Strawn. Unto them were born three children, two sons and a daughter. William Edmund, born December 13, 1869, died March 26, 1870. Fred S., born in Milton, April 2, 1873, is now a physcian and druggist of Wichita, Kansas. Helen A., born December 25, 1887, in Milton, is at home.
     Mr. Brown is a member of the Modern Woodmen camp, No. 922, and in his political view he is a liberal republican. He has been associated with business interests in Milton through a long period and is a self-made man, whose prosperity has resulted entirely from his enterprise and capable efforts.
[Source: Past and Present of Pike County, ILL  by M.D. Massie] 

Census Records of William M. and Alice (Strawn) Brown:

26 July 1870, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, P.O.: Milton, p. 239:

Brown, William 30 M W Farmer  $15,000-500 b. IL
-----Alice 20 F W b. IL
Barber, Joanna 41 F W K.H. $800-100 b. KY
-----Joel 16 Farm hand b. IL

16 June 1880, Milton, Pike Co., IL, p. 550:

Brown, William  40 W M Farmer b. IL  fb. KY  mb. NY
-----Alice 30 W F  Wife b. IL  fb. NC   mb. KY
-----Frederick 7 W M Son b. IL  fb. IL   mb. IL
Barber, Joel C. 26 W M   b. IL   fb. NY   mb. KY

June 1900, Milton Village, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co.IL, p.  187:

283 - 286 
Brown, William M.   Head  W M Nov 1840 59 M-31 b.  IL  fb. KY  mb. NY
-----Alice Wife   W F Dec 1849 50 M-31   b. NC  fb. NC   mb. KY

-----Helen A.  Dau    W F Dec 1887 12 S  b. IL  fb. IL   mb. IL

Florence Mae (Brown) Galt, daughter of John Delos Brown

© Kathy Duncan, 2016

Florence Mae Brown, daughter of John Delos and Nancy (Johnson) Brown, was born  29 August 1870 in Weldon, DeWitt County, Illinois. She married on 24 Sept 1890 in Weldon to Thomas Resin Galt, son of James Junius and Mary Ann (Brown) Galt. He was born 7 Feb 1860 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois. Florence died 3 November 1934 and is buried in Hale Center Cemetery next to her husband Thomas Resin Galt.

Children of Thomas Resin and Florence Mae (Brown) Galt:

1. Beulah Frances Galt
2. Junius Deloss Galt
3. Juanita May Galt
4. Ruth Ann Galt
5. Marie Ellen Galt
6. Thomas Martin Galt
7. Alta Naomi Galt
8. Charles Calvern Galt

Census records of Thomas Resin and Florence Mae (Brown) Galt:

26 Jun 1900, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, OK ED 14 SD 73, p. 37:

134 - 131       
Galt, Thomas Head  W M Feb 1860  40 M-10 b. IL  fb. IL  mb. IL
---Florence Wife W  F Aug 1870 29 M-10 5-5  f. IL mb. IL  fb. IL
---Beulah F. Dau  W  F Sep 1891 S b. IL  fb. IL  mb. IL
---Junius D. Son  W M July  1893 5  S  b. MO fb. IL  mb. IL
---Waneta Dau  W F  July  1895 4 S  f. MO fb. IL mb. IL
---Ruth A. Dau  W F  Sep  1896  3 S b. MO fb. IL  mb. IL
---Marie Dau W F  Aug   1899  b. IT  fb. IL  mb. IL

22 & 23 Apr 1910, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX p. 196:

70 - 74           
Galt, T.R. Head  M W 49  M1-20 b. IL  fb.  IL mb. IL
---Florence  Wfe     F  W 39 M1-20  8-8 b. IL fb.  IL  mb. KS
---Buehla  Dau    F W  18 S b. IL fb.  IL  mb. IL
---Julous Son     M W 16 S  b. MO fb. IL mb. IL
---Neta  Dau    F W  14 S b. MO fb. IL mb. IL
---Ruth Dau    F W  12 S  b. MO fb. IL  mb. IL
---Marie  Dau    F W  10 S b. OK  b. IL  mb. IL
---Tommie Son     M W  6  S  b. AR  fb. IL  mb. IL
---Alta Dau    F W  1 S  b. MO fb.  IL  mb. IL
---Charles  Son   M W  S   b. TX   fb. IL   mb. IL

20 Jan 1920, Prect. 3, Hale Co., TX p. 132:

FM 142 - 148 
Galt, Thomas R. Head (owns) M W 59 M b. IL  fb. IL   mb. IL
---Florence M. Wife F  W 49 M b. IL  fb. IL  mb. IL
---Tommy Son M W 16  b.AR fb. IL  mb. IL
---Alta Dau  F W   11 S  b. MO fb. IL  mb. IL
---Charley Son  M W 10 S b. TX  fb. IL mb.  IL

5 Apr 1930, Just. Prec. 3, Hale Co., TX, p. 157:

14 - 15            
Galt, Thomas R. Head  M W 70 M-31 b. IL  fb. IL mb. IL
---Florence, M. Wife  F  W 59 M-21 b. IL  fb. IL  mb. IL
---Thomas M. Son  M W 26 b. AR fb. IL  mb.  IL
---Charles C. Son  M W 20  b. TX  fb. IL  mb.  IL
West, Bobby J. Grdau F W 2 b. TX  fb. TX  mb. MO

Obituary published for Florence Mae (Brown) Galt in the Plainview Evening Herald  on 4 Nov 1934:

Mrs. T.R. Galt Died Saturday At Hale Center - Funeral services for Mrs. T.R. Galt, 64, Hale Center, who died at her home early Saturday morning following a long illness will be conducted at 2:00 o’clock this afternoon at the Hale Center First Methodist church, Rev. R.S. Watson, Hale Center, assisted by Rev. O. M. Addison, Quitaque, will be in charge of funeral services.
   Mrs. Galt is survived by her husband and six daughters, Mrs. W. B. Graham, Rutherene, New Mexico; Miss Junius Galt, Big Springs; Mrs. Juanita Ferguson, Colorado Springs,Colorado; Miss Ruth Galt, Lamar, Colorado; Mrs. Floyd Ferguson, Hale Center and Mrs. Alta West, Hale Center, two sons Tommy Galt, Goodland, and Charley Galt, Hale Center, three sisters, Mrs. O.F. Lochbaum, Mrs. M.E. Walker and Mrs. Minnie Miller, all of Springfield, Ill, one brother, Charley Brown, Los Angeles, Calif.
   Active pallbearers will be: Robert Louthan, Ralph Louthan, Frank Porter, Melven Bridges, Ben Roney, and Al LeMond. Honorary pallbearers: Luther Mounts, Buddy Keeler, T.R. McDaniels, Wallace Louthan, Woody Day, Marland Hargraves and Dudley Applewhite.
   Flower bearer will be: Mrs. Dudley Applewhite, Miss Maetta Mounts, Mrs. T.B. McDanield, Miss Lelia Whilhite, Mrs. Buddy Keeler, and Mrs. Frank Perry.
   Mrs. Galt had resided in Hale County 22 years.
   Funeral arrangements are in the charge of the Lindsey Funeral Home.

Thomas Resin Galt Celebrates His 87th Birthday

Mary Ellen Brown, daughter of John Delos Brown

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Mary Ellen Brown, daughter of John Delos and Nancy (Johnson) Brown was born 2 March 1862 on her father’s farm in Pike Co., IL, and spent her childhood in DeWitt Co., IL. At age 21, She married Alfred F. Miller, 29, in Weldon, DeWitt County, Illinois on 15 June 1882. He was the son of Mathias Miller. They lived in Gardner Twp (DeWitt or Sangamon Co?) until 1886 when they removed to their farm in Sangamon Co., IL.

A detailed biography of Alfred F. Miller and family was published c. 1891, just a year before Alfred' death.


A. F. MILLER, who is engaged in farming on section 4, Gardner Township, has passed his entire life in this county and is a representative of one of its early families. He is of German descent on the paternal side, while his mother's people were early settlers of Kentucky. His grandparents, Peter and Margaret (Despard) Miller, were natives of Germany, where the husband followed farming until his death. which occurred about 1845. His widow afterward came to this country and died in Lincoln, Ill., in 1868, and her remains were interred in the cemetery at Springfield.

Mathias Miller, the father of our subject, was born in Bavaria, Germany, April 11, 1819, and spent the days of his boyhood and youth upon the homestead farm. He also learned the mason's trade which he followed until attaining his majority. It was during the early years of his manhood that, with a desire to benefit his financial condition, he crossed the Atlantic in 1842, and became a resident of Springfield, Ill., where he worked at various pursuits until 1844. He then made his way on foot to the prairies of Wisconsin where, in connection with a partner during the winter, he made twenty-four thousand shingles, which he rafted down the Mississippi River and sold. The return journey to Springfield was also made on foot and on again arriving in the city he formed a partnership with Jacob Willis in the coopering business, which connection continued some years, they having an excellent trade in that line. Salisbury was next the scene of his labors. In that place he also carried on a shop for several years until at length having acquired some capital, he invested in land, purchasing eighty acres on section 5, Gardner Township. His youthful training now proved of advantage to him and so successful was he in his undertakings that before his death he had become owner of four hundred and fifty-two acres, constituting one of the finest farms in the community. He was also owner of a house and two lots in Monticello. Mr. Miller was a man of good business ability, sagacious and farsighted, and to his own efforts may be attributed his success. He faithfully discharged his duties of citizenship, was a member of the Catholic Church and voted with the Democratic party. His wife, the mother of our subject, was in her maidenhood Miss Martha Ross, daughter of William and Maria (Morrison) Ross, both of whom were natives of Kentucky, where her birth also occurred. Their marriage took place May 17, 1846. Her father became one of the earliest settlers of Sangamon county and, purchasing land, devoted himself to agricultural pursuits until his death, which occurred in 1864. He was a Republican in politics. His wife survived him several years. The mother of our subject is living on the old homestead at the age of sixty-nine years. She is a faithful member of the Methodist Church and her life has been spent in the Master's service.

Of the ten children born unto Mr. and Mrs. Miller, five grew to mature years while four are yet living, namely: Mrs. Sarah E. Gard, of Gardner Township; A. F., of this sketch; Mrs. Florence Campbell and Mrs. Virginia McGraw, who are also living in Gardner Township. George William enlisted in the One Hundred and Fourteenth Illinois Infantry, in 1863, and at the battle of Guntown was captured, but succeeded in making his escape and for thirty-one days lived upon berries and such other food as he could find. At length he reached the Union lines, but was soon afterward taken sick and sent to the hospital in Louisville. He was then granted permission to return, but died a few days after reaching home.

A. F. Miller was born on the old homestead in Gardner Township, on the 5th of December, 1853. His boyhood days were spent in the usual manner of farmer lands, he attending the district schools of the neighborhood in the winter season and assisting in the labors of the farm during the summer months. Having attained to man's estate, on the 15th of June, 1882, in Weldon, DeWitt County, Ill., he led to the marriage altar Miss Mary E. Brown, daughter of John D. and Nancy (Johnson) Brown. Her grandfather, Isaac Brown, a native of New York, came to Illinois in a very early day and settled near Milton, Pike County, where he farmed until the war when he volunteered and entered the service. He had his thumb shot off and gangrene setting in, death ensued. John D. Brown, father of Mrs. Miller, was reared in Pike County, where he married Miss Nancy Johnson, a native of that county, and a daughter of Samuel Johnson, who was born in Kentucky, but is numbered among the early settlers of Pike County. After his marriage Mr. Miller [sic - Mr. Brown] removed with his young wife to Champaign County, where he devoted himself to agricultural pursuits until 1861, when he enlisted in the Twenty-first Illinois Cavalry. He served four years, during which time he was thrice wounded in the wrist, and received two rebel balls in his side. Returning home he continued farming in Champaign County for two years and then removed to DeWitt County, where he and his wife still make their home upon a farm.
They are respected citizens of the community, and in politics he is a Republican. Their family numbers ten children: Eva C., who died at the age of 
twenty-one in DeWitt County; Emma C., twin sister of Eva, who married and resides in Missouri; Hebert, who is living in Colorado; Mary E., wife of our subject; Mrs. Minnie A. Norfleet, of Montgomery County, Ill.; Isaac S., of Colorado; Florence M., Catharine E., Carrie V., and Charles A., at home.

Mrs. Miller was born near Milton, Pike County, March 4, 1862, and her childhood days were spent upon her father's farm in DeWitt County. In Weldon the marriage of our subject and his wife was celebrated, and for a year they lived upon the Miller homestead. They next removed to a farm on section 4, Gardner Township, where they lived until 1886 when, coming into possession of one hundred and seven acres of land, they removed to their present home. The house was erected by Mr. Miller and all of the improvements on the farm have been made by him. He raises all kinds of grain adapted to the Illinois soil and climate and makes a specialty of the breeding of Poland china hogs. He has inherited the business ability of his father and is accounted one of the promising and prominent young farmers of Gardner Township. Socially he is a member of the Farmers' Mutual Benefit Association of Salisbury, and politically is a Democrat.

An interesting family of five children grace the union of Mr. and Mrs. Miller, namely: Howard E., Stella P., Opal V., Lloyd Byron and Vance B. The family circle remains unbroken and its members are highly esteemed.
[Source: PORTRAIT & BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM OF SANGAMON COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1891, p. 338]

Alfred F Miller, husband, aged 38 years, 10 months, 19 days, died 24 October 1892 and is buried in Old Sackett Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois.

Following Alfred F. Miller's death there was a flurry of lawsuits among the minor heirs of the estate:

In the matter of Estella P., Opal V., Lloyd B., Vance B., and Stanley R. Miller, minor heirs of Alfred F. Miller, deceased, of Gardner township, letters of guardianship were issued to John McGraugh, with bond of $2,100, with John L. Gardner and Alexander Campbell as sureties.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Register; Springfield, Illinois; Tues. 13 Dec 1892]

Howard E. Miller, Byron Miller, Vance Miller, Stanley R. Miller, Pearl Miller, and Opal Miller, minors, brought suit by their guardian John McGraugh, against Martha Miller, Mary E. Miller and Sebastian Miller to partition the estate of Alfred F. Miller, deceased, of Gardner township.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Register; Springfield, IL, Sun. 15 Jan 1893]

In the matter of Alfred F. Miller, minor heir of Alfred F. Miller, deceased, of Gardner township, letters of guardianship were issued to John McGraugh, with bond of $200.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Register, Springfield, IL; Sun. 6 Jan 1895]

6 June 1900, Weldon, DeWitt Co., Illinois:

Miller, Mary E. Head W F b. Mar 1862 38 Wd. 7-7 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----, Howard E. son W M b. Apr 1883 17 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Estel P. dau W F b. Aug 1884 15 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Opal V. dau W F b. May 1886 14 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Lloyd B. son W M b. Nov 1887 12 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Vance B. son W M b. May 1889 11 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Stanley R. son W M b. Feb 1891 9 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Alfred F. son W M b. Mar 1893 7 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

By 1920, the widow Mary Ellen (Brown) Miller was married to James Edmond Walker and living in Springfield, Illinois just a couple of houses away from Mary Ellen's sister Carrie Viola (Brown) Lochbaum.

2 January 1920, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL:

113 East Carpenter
Walker, Mrs J. E. Head M W 44 M b. PA ft. Ireland mb. Ireland
-----Mary Wife F W 55 M b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Miller, Stanley stepson M W 27 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

15 April 1930, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL:

2412 South Ninth
Walker, James E Head M W 65 M 21 b. PA fb. Ireland mb. Ireland
-----Mary E Wife F W 66 M 18 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Miller, Stanley R step-son M W 40 D 25 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Walker-Remains of James Edmond Walker, 2412 South Ninth street, were removed to the residence Friday morning where funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Rev. R. F. McDaniel, officiating. Interment in Roselawn cemetery. Bisch & son in charge. Survivors are wife, Mary E. Walker; one son, Orville Walker, Los Angeles, Cal.; three brothers; three sisters; one step-daughter, Mrs. John Goodale; and three step-sons, Byron, Vance B. and Stanley R. Miller.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Sat. 2 Aug 1930]

Obituary of son Lloyd Byron Miller:

Lloyd B. Miller – Lloyd Byron Miller, 2160 S. 12th St., died at 4:30 p.m Thursday at his residence.
   He was born at Salisbury and had lived in this community most of his life. Mr. Miller was an employe [sic] of the Vredenburgh Lumber Co. 17 years. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America.
   He is survived by his wife, Helen Pearl; son, Byron V.; sisters, Miss Opal V. Miller and Mrs. John Houston, all of Springfield; brothers, Stanley and Vance, both of Florida; five grandchildren.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Fri. 13 Feb 1959]