Saturday, March 30, 2013

ILEY N. SELPH, Signal Corps

© Kathy Duncan, 2013

The following newspaper announcement traces the miliary posting of Iley Nunn Selph, my husband's grandfather:

The United States Army
War Department Orders

Washington, Oct. 15 -- The army orders issued today are as follows: Sergeant Walter G. Cooper, signal corps, U.S.A., now on furlough at Fort Sill, Ok., will report on or about the expiration of his furlough to the commanding officer of that post for duty.

First Class Private I. N. Selph, signal corps, U.S.A., now supposed to be at Fort Sill, Ok., will upon being relieved by Sergeant Cooper, be sent to Fort Reno, Ok.
[Source: Kansas City Star; Kansas City, MO; Sat., Oct 15, 1898]

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