Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mary Ann (Brown) Galt's Death Notice

© Kathy Duncan, 2017

Sometimes an obituary or death notice cannot be found in the area where an ancestor lived. Maybe one was not published. Maybe there are no surviving newspapers. Maybe the newspaper has not been digitalized yet. For whatever reason the information eludes us.

Sometimes, however, the notice appears in a newspaper where an adult child lives. Such is the case for the death notice of Mary Ann (Brown) Galt, wife of James J. Galt. 

The Galts had a daughter named Georgia, who married a man named Heath. A search turned up this death notice for her mother Mary Ann (Brown) Galt's death and further clues that Georgia married Sanford Heath and was a resident of Montrose, Colorado.

Notice that in keeping with the time, Mary Ann (Brown) Galt is identified only as Mrs. J.J. Galt. If I had not already known where she lived, this tells me that she resided in Appleton City, Missouri.

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