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Burrell B. Pugh's Bible

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Years ago, the Dendys met on a regular basis for a family reunion in DeKalb, Texas. We always met on a Saturday in mid to late October when the Texas heat has mostly burned itself out. A cousin had told me for years that his father owned the old Pugh bible. One year it was brought to the reunion. We were told that sadly there was no family information in it. One of the other researcher cousins suggested that we look between the old and new testament because a lot of people recorded their information there. I did not have a lot of hope, but when my cousin turned to the pages between the old and new testaments, sure enough, there was. The record was brief but thrilling.

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The significant bit of information on this page is that the Bible was published in 1819, so this is a period Bible and not a Bible that was published after the fact with earlier information recorded in it. Evidently, Burrel B. Pugh had purchased the Bible as a newlywed. He had married Barbara Smith, daughter of John and Hannah (McGuire) Smith, in Clarke County, Alabama in December of 1823 and purchased his bible the following month. For some reason, only the birth of their eldest son is recorded in this Bible. It could be that there are pages missing, or that he switched to a different bible. My camera had stopped working at the time, but another cousin photographed the bible and sent me pictures.

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Burrel B Pugh
his Bible bought
12th day 1824
price $1.50
Burrel B Pugh
his Book bought
January ???????????
Price $1.50

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Burrel B. Pugh
Born November 27th day
In the year of our Lord
Barbara Pugh borned
September 13th day of the year of
Burrel and Barbara Pugh 
Married December 18th
In the year of our lord
John S Pugh
Born November 5th in the
year of our lord 1824

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