Saturday, April 20, 2013

Probates and Wills: Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1774 - 1896 Book Review

© Kathy Duncan, 2013

Probates and Wills: Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1774 - 1896 by Henrietta M. Christmas and Patricia S. Rau is a little gem. With an every name index, its 102 pages contain about 73 wills abstracted from Book E of Santa Fe County, New Mexico located in the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The few early wills contained in it were probated in a later period from 1877 - 1896 when families needed to deed land in their own names. The bulk of the wills are from the 1877 - 1896 time period. Still, this book will make a fine addition to your New Mexico genealogy collection. If purchasing from Amazon, go to Amazon through the New Mexico Genealogical Society's webpage and use their Amazon Books link at the top of the page. When you do, a percentage of your purchase will to go NMGS. They, in turn, donate the proceeds to the Special Collections Library in Albuquerque, which houses a wonderful collection of New Mexico genealogy. The volunteers at the Special Collections Library are friendly and helpful. I am now making all of my Amazon purchases that way.

If you are searching for earlier New Mexico wills, do not despair. Instead, visit Henrietta M. Christmas's blog. She is steadily adding abstracts of early wills there. They make delightful reading.

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