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The tombstone of Sarah (Happer) Galt, wife of Rev. Thomas Galt of Farmington, IL, clearly shows her birth date as Sep. 11, 1809. Her death date, however, is not easy to decipher. Fortunately, her obituary was published in the Daily Illinois State Journal along with a touching, poetic tribute:

DIED.--In Farmington, in this county, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Sarah H. Galt, wife of Rev. T. Galt, in the 39th year of her age.

The deceased has left a husband and five children, to rejoice in her exit from this world, to enter that other, and blessed world; him also, to feel his want of a beloved companion; and them, theirs, of an affectionate and dutiful mother.

Again, Oh Death! the orphan's moan,
The widowed heart, thy power attest,
And many a head with grief bowed down,
As thy shalt quivered in her breast.

Yet, kindly was the warning given--
Gently thy mission was fulfill'd,
But like a pure and gentle flower
She slowly faded from the earth.

Quenched was the light of her fair home,
When childhood's minist'ring angle fled;
Yet rests a sainted mother's prayer,
A circling halo o'er each head.
Farmington, Feb. 3, '49 M.H.B.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Tues., Feb. 13, 1849]

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