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Very little is known about Esther (Holcomb) Jamison/Jameson, Azariah Holcomb's sister.The census tells that she was born in Tennessee about 1796. She died between the 1850 census and her brother Enoch's probate settlement in 1853.

Esther Jameson was the wife of Robert Jameson, who left a probate in Jasper County, Missouri in 1848. Esther Jameson's probate was filed in 1852. Jasper N. Jamerson, Anna E. Jamerson, and Charlotte Jamerson, minor heirs of Robert Jamerson, chose a guardian in 1854 in Jasper County.

Here is what the census reveals about her:

18 Sep 1850, Jackson Twp., Jasper Co., Missouri, p. 375:

Esther Jamison  54 F $800 TN
Amanda 26 F MO
Caroline 19 F MO
Robert 22 M Farmer MO
George M 20 M MO
Margaret 17 F MO
Jasper N 14 M MO
Anna E. 13 F MO
Charlotte 10 F MO

215 on page 374-375
Thomas W. Jameson 36 M Carpenter MO
Eliza A. 23 F KY
Cynthia A. 16 F MO
Eliza R 13 F MO
Alee R 12 F MO
John W. 10 M MO
Nancy C 2 F MO
Matilda M 7/12 MO
[This Thomas W. Jameson is living next door to Esther Jamison and is probably her son or the son of her husband.]

The following 1850 census record should also be noted--

25 Oct 1850 McDonald Co., Missouri p. 112:
Sanders Wheeler - 27 M Farmer TN
Mahala - 21 F MO
Henry - 4 M  MO
Hulda - 3 F MO
George Jamison - 21 M Farmer MO
Sanders Wheeler - 21 M Farmer MO

Is is possible that George Jamison was enumerated twice? Mahala Wheeler, daughter of Azariah Holcomb, is George Jamison's first cousin. This may indicate that he had been in both households that year, and there was some confusion over which one he was in living for census purposes.

13 July 1860, Mineral Twp., Jasper County, Missouri, P.O. Carthage, p. 878:
792 - 769
R.F. Jamison - M W Blacksmith  0 - 120 MO
Emily - 24 F  W MO
George - 6 M W  MO
Florence M. - 1 F  W MO
George W. Pool - 39 M W Blacksmith 0 - 120 MO
Louisa - 24 F  W MO
Charles W. - 4 M W Kansas Territory
Laura F.  - 2 F  W MO

The R.F. Jamison above is probably the same Robert who is with Esther on the 1850 census. Note that his first cousin George W. Pool is living with him. George is working in the same business as his father James Pool--blacksmithing, as his cousin Robert.

11-21 June 1870, Flat Creek Twp., Barry County, Missouri:

R.F. Jameson - W M 42 Wagon maker MO
Emily - W F 36 MO
George - W M 16 MO
Florence - W F 10 MO
F. C. - W F 3

Note that Robert is working in the wagon making trade.

Update posted on October 14, 2017--Additional research has uncovered an additional daughter for Robert and Esther (Holcomb) Jameson: Eliza Mariah Jameson

Update posted on July 2, 2013-- Kate Renner contacted me with the following information: "I have Esther's death date as 1 Sep 1851 per England family data.  Esther's daughter Fatima married William England in 1861 in California."

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