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Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) England

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Fatima Charlotte Jamison, daughter of Esther (Holcomb) Jamison, was born in Missouri in 1840. She travelled from Missouri to Calaveras County, California in a wagon train with her siblings in 1860. She married William Westley England who was also in Calaveras county by 1860.

18 July 1860, Twp. 10, Calaveras County, California, p. 279:
William W. England 26 M Salonkeeper $0-$750 b. GA

According to FamilySearch, William England married Fratina Ismenson [sic] on 7 Mar 1861 in Calaveras County, California.

Shooting Affray at Bushville.—On Thursday last a shooting affray occurred at Bushville, near Jenny Lind, in this county. A quarrel arose between W. W. England and William Floris, on a settlement of accounts. England is said to have hit Floris on the head with a rock; Floris then drew a revolver and shot him in the left side. Floris was arrested and detained in Jenny Lind until Saturday; but owing to the illness of Judge Langdon he was not examined. He was brought to the hill on Sunday, and will be detained here until witnesses can be brought from Jenny Lind. England is not supposed to be mortally wounded.— Calaveras Chronicle. March 15th.
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 22, Number 3421, 17 March 1862]

$75 Reward. Stolen from Salt Spring Valley, Calaveras county, on the night of August 28th, one Bay American Mare, 4 years old, branded C.S. on left hip, collar marks, heavy shod; one Sorrel Mare, with Bay Colt, 6 months old, no brand; one yearling Sorrel Horse Colt, with white face, no brand. The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the above at Jenny Lind, or information of the same by which I can get them.
W.W. Engand
Salt Spring Valley, September 1, 1868
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 7 Sept. 1868]

Mill Creek Station, a 320-acre ranch, was located on Mill Creek near the former Mohawk Sawmill.  During the 1860s it was owned by A. J. Pool and W. W. England.  One-quarter of a mile above A. J. Pool & Co.’s ranch, Theodore Trimmer operated a 160-acre ranch (Calaveras County, CA Assessment Rolls, 1861-1867).
[Source: "Ebert's Pass History" by Judith Marvin,]

Published biography of W. W. England:

W. W. England was born in Georgia, on January 16, 1833. His parents were Elisha and Mary E. England, and he remained in Georgia until February 11, 1855, when he started for California, from Marietta, Georgia, via New York, by steamer Illinois to Aspinwall, and from the Isthmus, in steamer John L. Stevens, reaching San Francisco, March 17, 1855. He went to El Dorado and Cold Springs and tried mining with moderate success; also, on Mill Creek, Calaveras county, six miles from the "Big Trees," and other places in California, until 1858, when he went to Frazer river, and spent three months in prospecting, and returned, " broke," to Sacramento. 

He came to this county in 1869, and has a farm of one thousand two hundred acres, located twelve miles from Hollister, devoted principally to grazing. Eighty acres of it are farmed and produce good crops of grain. He also has a good orchard and vineyard, both in bearing. He also raises all kinds of berries in abundance. He keeps about fifty head of cattle, horses, hogs, and other stock. 

Miss Fatima C. Jemison, the wife of the subject of this sketch, was born in Missouri in 1840 ; and came across the plains, in 1860, with three sisters and one brother. She "was married March 6, 1861, at the age of twenty-one. She was esteemed by all who knew her, and was a devoted wife and Christian. She died August 28, 1878. She has two sisters living, Mrs. Poole, and Mrs. McNeill. One sister, Mrs. Brooks, died November 7, 1871. One brother resides in Wash. Ter. The names of Mr. England's children are: Georgia, Arthur, Carrie, Decater, Minnie, Ella, and Theodoria England. 
[History of San Benito County, California : with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, farms, residences, public buildings, factories, hotels, business houses, schools, churches, and mines : with biographical sketches of prominent citizens]

Children of Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) and William Wesley England:

1. Georgie England
2. Arthur Lee England
3. Fatima England
4. Slyter Decatur England
5. Mary Esther England
6. Olivia Helen England

Mrs. W.W. ENGLAND, who has been seriously ill for some time past, is slowly recovering.
[Source: Hollister Telegraph; Hollister, CA; August 22, 1878]

Died -- near Hollister, Aug. 27th, Mrs. W.W. ENGLAND, aged 35 years. [The funeral will take place from the M.E. Church, South, at 12 ½ o’clock to-day.]
[Source: Hollister Telegraph; Hollister, CA; August 29, 1878]

Fatima Charlotte (Jamison) England is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hollister, San Benito County, California

5 June 1880, Hollister Twp., San Benito Co., California:
England, William W M 47 Farmer b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
---Georgie W F 18 Dau KeepingHouse b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Arthur W M 16 Son Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Fatima W F 14 Dau Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Slighter W M 13 Son Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Ollie W F 0 Dau Student b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
---Viola W F 4 Dau b. CA fb. GA mb. GA
Chappell, Mattie W F 22 Boarding Teacher b. CA fb. GA mb. TN

After the death of Fatima Charlotte, William England remarried for a second. This marriage took place at the residence of William's brother-in-law and former business partner, Andrew Jackson Pool:

Married. Hollister, November 6--W.W. England to Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas.
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 22 Nov 1881]

Married -- ENGLAND-THOMAS -- at the residence of A.J. POOLE, Hollister, by Judge MONTGOMERY; W.W. ENGLAND of San Benito County to Mrs. Elizabeth THOMAS, of Gilroy.
[Source:  The Pacific Coast; Hollister, CA; 18 Nov. 1881]

In 1883, W.W. England and his brother-in-law A.J. Pool had an unusual brush with a criminal. See details on Andrew Jackson Pool's page.

21 & 22 June 1900, Kaweah Twp., Tulare County, CA:
England, William W Head W M b. June 1833 66 M 15 b. GA fb. NC mb. NC
---Olivia H. Dau W F b. Sep 1872 28 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Arthur L Son W M b. Apr 1863 37 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Theo V. Dau W F b. Apr 1875 25 S b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Frean S Nephew W M b. July 1877 22 S b. GA fb. GA mb. GA

England, Slyton Head W M b. Jan 1867 33 M 9 b. CA fb. GA mb. MO
---Effie Wife W F b. Aug 1871 28 M 9 4-4 b. CA fb. TN mb. TN
---Iva Dau W F b. Dec. 1891 8 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Ester Dau W F b. Apr 1894 6 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Helen Dau W F b. June 1896 3 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA
---Walter L Son W M b. May 1899 1 S b. CA fb. CA mb. CA

Local Briefs. Mrs. A.C. Williams of this city is enjoying a visit from her father, W.W. England of Fresno.
[Source: Los Angeles Herald, 25 Oct 1901

Died -- ENGLAND -- in Oakland, July 28, W.W. ENGLAND, a native of Georgia, aged about 68 years. [formerly of this place, died of Bright's disease at East Oakland,well and favorably known in this community and his funeral, which was in charge of the local lodge IOOF, was well attended.]
[Source: The Free Lance; Hollister, San Benito Co., CA; 1 Aug 1902]

William Wesley England was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hollister, San Benito County, California.

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