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Andrew Jackson Pool

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Andrew Jackson Pool, was the son of James and Phebe (Holcomb) Pool. He was born in Missouri c. 1833. He married his first cousin Margaret Jamison. See her page for more information.

Known children of Andrew Jackson and Margaret (Jamison) Pool:

1. Robert Hugh Pool
2. Andrew Edmand Pool
3. "Clara" Gertrude Mae Pool
4. Alfred Milton Pool
5. Maud Augusta Pool
6. Wilmas Alva "Leota" Pool

Married. At Jenny Lind, January 20th, A. J. Pool to Margaret Jamison.
[Source: Daily Alta California, 30 Jan 1861 and Sacramento Daily Union 29 Jan 1861]

At Brushville, Calaveras county, Feb. 17th, the wife of A. J. Pool, of a son. [Robert H. Pool]
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 22, Number 3410, 4 March 1862]

28 July 1870, San Juan Twp., Monterey Co., CA, p. 396:

183 - 180
Poole, A.J. 37 M W Blacksmith b. MO
---Margaret 37 F  W Keeps house b. MO
---Robert H. 8 M W b. CA
---Andrew 5 M W b. CA
---Clara G. 3 F  W b. CA
---Alfred 8/12 M W b. CA

On 1 Oct 1874, A.J. Pool and his brother-in-law W. J. McNeil rented tracts of land in Fresno County, California for one year from Miller and Lux that resulted in a lawsuit that was filed in 1878.

5 June 1880, Hollister Twp., San Benito County, California, p. 368:
Pool, Andrew W M 47 Farmer b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
----, Margaret W F 47 Wife Keeping house b. MO fb. KY mb. MO
----, Hugh W M 18 Son Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Andrew W M 16 Son Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Gertie W F 13 Dau Student b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Milton W M 10 Son b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Maud W F 3 Dau b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
----, Leota W F 2/12 Mar Dau b. CA fb. MO mb. MO
[Living nearby is the household of first cousin Nancy (Skaggs) Witter and the household of William W. England.]

Married -- ENGLAND-THOMAS -- at the residence of A.J. POOLE, Hollister, by Judge MONTGOMERY; W.W. ENGLAND of San Benito County to Mrs. Elizabeth THOMAS, of Gilroy.
[Source:  The Pacific Coast; Hollister, CA; 18 Nov. 1881]

In 1883, A.J. Pool and his brother-in-law W.W. England had this brush with a criminal:

Murder and Arson -- Last Tuesday morning at about 4 o’clock, nightwatchman AUSTIN noticed a man on horseback pass through town. In about 3 hours thereafter, an officer from Gilroy appeared in town, and then it was learned that murder and arson had been committed near San Jose on Sunday night. That intelligence being gained, Sheriff BURNETT and a posse started out with the intention of tracking the man who passed town, who, from the description given, is beyond all doubt the assassin. All day Tuesday the officers looked for the criminal, but without success. He was heard of at several different places, but no definite information could be gained.

The particulars of the foul deed are: Living at a place near San Jose, known as Lexington, was an old man named Wm. P. RENOWDEN. He was reported to be wealthy, and that he kept considerable coin in his dwelling. This was the general belief among the inhabitants in that neighborhood. On Sunday night last a Mr. Archie McINTYRE, an old friend of RENOWDEN, went to pass the night with him. At 1 o’clock of the night, Mr. W.B. RANKIN, a neighbor, heard several shots in the direction of RENOWDEN’s house, and soon thereafter he discovered the old man’s house to be on fire. He gave the alarm, but before assistance could arrive the house was destroyed. Arriving at the scene of the tragedy, the body of RENOWDEN was discovered within a few rods of the dwelling with a portion of his clothing burned off and 3 bullet wounds, one in the right cheek and 2 in the breast. Further investigation showed the charred remains of another person, which proved to be McINTYRE. The cause for the crime was money, $200 in gold being found in the ruins.

Later particulars of the double murder convey the intelligence that Jno. SHOWERS and Joe JEWELL are the murderers. SHOWERS was arrested in Gilroy on Monday, but JEWELL succeeded in making his escape. The coroner’s inquest developed the facts as stated above. We think that the Sheriff of Santa Clara county made a mistake in not telegraphing to Sheriff BURNETT immediately, who would then have been on the alert. Up to going to press, Thursday, 5pm, no news of JEWELL have been received. Why, we are unable to say, as it is an open fact that JEWELL has been and now is in the immediate neighborhood of Hollister. He took dinner at Mr. NASH’s last Tuesday, and in an hour thereafter Sheriff BURNETT was at the same place, but he could not find JEWELL. On Tuesday night the murderer slept at Mr. A.J. POOLE’s, but wasn’t there when wanted. Wednesday at 2pm he visited the ranch of Judge MURPHY, and remained there nearly an hour. But when looked for he was gone. On Wednesday night Sheriff BURNETT and W.W. ENGLAND started on a hunt for JEWELL. It is rather singular that JEWELL could possibly circulate in this neighborhood without being captured, and that too, when being pursued by some of Santa Clara County’s criminal hunters, assisted by the officers of San Benito County. As matters now appear, it looks to a man up a tree as if the officers were either afraid to meet JEWELL or else are too lazy to find him. We do not assert this as a fact, as we are ignorant of the actions of the officers, who may have plans for his capture, which, in the end, will be successful. We hope so. 
[Source: Hollister Democrat; Hollister, CA;16 March 1883]

Evidently, A.J. Pool removed to Tulare County, California by 1886.

Poole, Andres [sic] Jackson 53 Missouri  Farmer Traver   28 May  1886
[Tulare County CA Great Register of 1888]

Died -- POOL -- at Traver, Cal., Nov 9, A.J. POOL, aged 60 years.
[Source:  The Hollister Free Lance, 15 Nov 1889]

Andrew Jackson Pool's burial place has not been found yet. He was probably buried in Tulare County, California since that seems to have been his place of residence at the time.

Andrew Jackson and Margaret (Jamison) Pool's bible can be viewed  here.

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