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Iley Nunn Selph, son of Rev. Duncan Hyder Selph, married Carolina Sandoval on 2 May 1900 in Taos County, New Mexico. Carolina's death certificate reveals that her parents were Rosita Leyba and Ramon Sandoval.

Jose Ramon Sandoval was the son of Diego Antonio Sandoval and Maria Eulogia Salazar. Maria Rosa Leyba was the daughter of Jesus Marie Leiba and Maria Dolores Sanchez. This information is documented in both their marriage record and the U.S. census.

Marriages made by Antonio Lamy:  “In this church of Taos on the 30th of November of 1872, I married Jose Ramon Sandoval, single, legitimate son of Diego Sandoval and of Eulogia Salazar with Rosa Leiba, single, legitimate daughter of Jesus Marie Leiba and of Maria Dolores Sanchez. Witnesses: Juan Benito Romero and Francisca Salazar. From El Rancho.
[Source: Taos Marriages, (Book No. 1) from January 1848 to January 26, 1885, by Padilla]

Four years after their marriage, Ramon Sandoval and Rosa Leyba witnessed the marriage of Roman’s brother Antonio Rafael Sandoval:  “In this Church of Taos, today the 11th of November of 1876, I married and veiled Antonio Rafael Sandoval, from El Rancho, single, legitimate son of Diego Sandoval and Maria Eulogia Salazar with Maria Juana Gonzales, single, legitimate daughter of Ramon Gonzales, deceased, and of Maria de la Encarnacion Cardenas. The witnesses were Ramon Sandoval and Maria Rosa Leyba.”
[Source: Taos Marriages, (Book No.1) from January 11, 1848, to January 26, 1885, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe RCC, Taos, Territory of New Mexico by Luis Gilberto Padilla y Baca.  Albuquerque Special Collections Library]

Census records for Ramon and Rosa (Leyba) Sandoval:

21 June 1880, El Rancho, Taos Co., NM, ED 48, p. 19:

Sandoval, Ramon..36 M W Head Farmer.b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Rosa.......24 F  W Wife..Keeps house..b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Esequiel..10 M W Son...At home.........b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Fores....... 6 M W Son.........................b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Bongida.....4 F  W Dau........................b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
[Notations: Jesus and Dolores Leyba live next door.]

1 July 1885, Ranchos De Taos, Taos Co., NM, p. 58 B:

Sandoval, Ramon..W M 38 Head Farmer b.. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Rosa.................W F 30 Wife...............b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Esekiel..............W M 10 Son...............b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Fares................W M...8 Son...............b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
---Julia..................W F....3 Dau...............b. NM fb. NM mb. NM

6 June 1900, Ranchos, , Precinct #3, Taos County., NM, p. 179A:

--Ramon Head W M b. Feb 1849 51 W-26 b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Fare...........Son...W M b. Apr 1878 22 S b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Bisente.......Son...W M b. Jan 1884 16 S  b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Julian..........Son...W M b. Dec 1887 12 S b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Bernarda....Dau...W F b. Feb 1892.....8 S b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Eseqiel.Head W M b. Mar 1873 26 M-7/12 b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
-- Carmel..Wife..W F b. Oct 1882 17 M-7/12..b. NM fb. NM mb. NM
[Notation: Ramon Sandoval indicates that he was married for 26 years, which may indicate that Rosa Leyba died in 1898.]

29 June 1910, Ranchos de Taos, Precinct #3, Taos, County, NM:

Sandoval, Ramon Head W M 59-D b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Vicente........Son W M 25-S....b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Julian...........Son.W M 22-S....b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Carmelita.....Dil...W F 26-W...b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Mercedes....Grdau W F 5-S....b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Amelia.........Grdau.W F.2-S....b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Esekiel......Grson W M 1/12-S b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
Garcia, Juan Head W M 34 M1-5 b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
--- Bernarda Wife..W F 19 M1-5 b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
Garcia, Juan Jr Son...W M 2 S b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM
---, Eustakis....Son W M..1/12 S b. NM father b. NM mother b. NM

Christenings of some of the children of Maria Rosa Leyba and Ramon Sandoval:

Sandoval, Maria Carolina, christened 24 Apr 1881, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - Catholic, Taos, Taos County, NM. Father: Roman Sandoval. Mother: Rosa Leyba
[source: "New Mexico, Births and Christenings, 1726-1918," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 May 2015), Maria Carolina Sandoval, 24 Apr 1881; citing NUESTRA SENORA DE GUADALUPE-CATHOLIC, TAOS, TAOS, NEW MEXICO, reference; FHL microfilm 733,506.]

Sandoval, Vicente Ferres, male, christened Taos, Taos County, New Mexico. Father: Ramon Sandoval. Mother: Maria Rosa Leybs
[source: "New Mexico, Births and Christenings, 1726-1918," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 May 2015), Ramon Sandoval in entry for Vícente Ferres Sandoval, 30 Jan 1884; citing Taos, Taos, New Mexico, reference; FHL microfilm 17,011.]

Sandoval, Jose Julian, christened 19 Dec 1886; Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe-Catholic; Taos, Taos, County, NM. Father: Roman Sandoval. Mother: Rosa Leyba.
["New Mexico, Births and Christenings, 1726-1918," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 May 2015), Roman Sandoval in entry for Josâe Julian Sandoval, 09 Dec 1886; citing, reference 2:3SN6JVR; FHL microfilm 17,011.]

Esequiel Sandoval Age 36 years, 5 months, and 8 days of Ranchos de Taos, NM died at his residence 4 March 1910. Born 24 Sept 1873. Survived by his wife Carmelita V. de Sandoval and parents Roman Sandoval and his wife not listed.
[Source: News Paper La Revista de Taos, NM]

Marriage Records of the children of Maria Rosa Leyba and Jose Ramon Sandoval:

Newspaper notice:
“Mr. Iley Selph and Miss Martinez daughter of Ramon Martinez of Ranchos de Taos were married by Rev. ____ Montoya, a Methodist Minister.”
[Source: New Mexican, 12 May 1900]
[Notation: This presents an interesting “error” in naming Carolina as a Martinez rather than a Sandoval. Does this indicate that the family was using an older form of the name “Sandoval-Martinez”?--kdd]

Divorce of Jose Roman Sandoval:

A newspaper notice reveals that Roman Sandoval married after 1900 and divorced before the 1910 census, which shows his marital status as divorced.

Rough translation:
Notice is given by those who having been separated from my wife, Dona Emilia Casias de Sandoval;, for legal reasons, today I will not be responsible for any debt she contracts in my name or in any other trade whatsoever.

Death of Jose Ramon Sandoval:

Jose Ramon Sandoval evidently died in Largo, NM where his daughter Carolina (Sandoval) Selph was living.

Rough translation:

From Largo, N.M. We communicate on July 25, Don Roman Sandoval, of Ranchos de Taos, succumbed to in Largo, NM on the 23th of the same month and victim of cancer. Born in Ranchos de Taos in 1849, aged 64 years and six months. Lets [offer sympathy for] his death [to his] two brothers and two sisters; three sons one daughter and many friends

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Emilia de Casias, Ex-Wife of Roman Sandoval

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