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James Skaggs, Jasper County, Missouri Probate

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James Skaggs, husband of Hannah (Holcomb) Skaggs, was deceased with an estate in Jasper County, Missouri, by 1859. Notably, Hannah Skaggs was made guardian of their minor children: Sarah Skaggs, Hester A. Skaggs, and Flora Skaggs in early 1860. This is a significant document since the Skaggs family was evidently in route to California by wagon train in the summer of 1860 when the US census was taken. Hester A. Skaggs and Flora Skaggs were born after 1850, were missed by the 1860 census, and evidently married or deceased by the 1870 census when Hannah was living with her daughter Nancy (Skaggs) Witter

Flora Skaggs had married William Simmons, but was deceased by 1880 when her grandmother Hannah Skaggs and great-uncle James Brown were living in the same household with William Simmons and their daughter.

The hunt for Hester Skaggs begins...oh, oh, found her: Hester A. Skaggs married John L. Gibson 3 July 1866 in Calaveras County, California, where her sister Flora married William Simmons.

Meanwhile, the icing on the cake is additional information that Hannah's nephew Andrew Jackson Pool acted as security.

Jasper County Court Monday December 19th AD 1859
Ordered by the Court that Rice Charles administrator of the Estate of James Skaggs, deceased, pay to the widow of the said deceased fifty dollars, for provisions, clothing and tuition of the children of the deceased
Bk. D, p. 43
[Jasper County, Missouri, Probate Court Minutes, 1855-1861, vol C-D]

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Jasper County Court Tuesday February 28th 1860 (2nd day)
Ordered by the Court that Hannah Scaggs be and she is hereby appointed Guardian of the persons and Curator of the estates of Sarah Skaggs, Hester A. Skaggs and Flora Skaggs. Minor heirs of James Skaggs deceased, said Hannah Skaggs presented cause as such Guardian & Curator in the sum of two hundred dollars with Thomas J. McDougald and Andrew J Pool as securities which bond was approved by the Court
Bk. D, p. 76
[Jasper County, Missouri, Probate Court Minutes, 1855-1861, vol C-D]

Jasper County Court March 2nd AD 1860
Now at this day came Rice Charles administrator of the estate of James Skaggs, deceased, and made application to the Court to make his amende final settlement, according to an order of this court. It is therefore consider by the Court that said administrator make said amended settlement, and it appearing to the Court from the accounts here produced and fled that said administrator is chargeable with the sum of six hundred and fifty one dollars and forty-nine cents ($651.49) and that he is entitled to credits amounting to the sum of six hundred and eighty four dollars and eight cents ($684.08) leaving the sum of thirty two dollars and fifty nine cents due said administrator, all of which was approved by the Court.
Bk D, p. 96
[Jasper County, Missouri, Probate Court Minutes, 1855-1861, vol C-D]


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