Friday, October 27, 2017

Iley N. Selph in Allison, Colorado

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On 3 June 1920, Iley Nunn Selph, resigned from his position as agent with the New Mexico Central Railroad [N.M. C.] in Estancia, New Mexico. He had only held the position for a few months. The local newspaper reported that he would be returning to his former job with the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad [D. & R. G.]. I speculated in an earlier post that he may have also returned to his former residence in La Madra Village.

It turns out that just a few days before the announcement of Iley’s resignation, the Ignacio Chieftain excitedly reported that Allison, Colorado had been slated for a depot that would have a station agent:

I don’t know how long it took to build the depot at Allison. I don’t know where Iley Nunn Selph went after he left Estancia, but by December 1922, he was the station agent with his old employer, the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, at Allison, Colorado:

By the New Year, he was enjoying Allison society:

Within another month, he was building a house at Allison. That surprises me since, his railroad positions seemed to keep him moving.

Since the railroads were the major employers in small towns west of the Mississippi, the promotions and transfers of their officials was routinely reported in local newspapers. As more newspapers are digitalized, I hope to find more references to Iley N. Selph’s movements.

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