Monday, October 5, 2015

Iley Nunn Selph - 1920, Part 2

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

A couple of years ago, I posted my discovery of Iley Selph on the 1920 census. It has taken me years to find him because the census taker had partially mangled his name, and then database indexers mangled it even further.

Well, now I've found Iley Nunn Selph and family in yet another locale in 1920. For the census, they were living in La Madera Village in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Four months later, they were relocating to Estancia in Torrance County, New Mexico. Apparently, Iley who had worked for the D.&R.G. railroad for the previous eight years (1912-1920?) had taken a job as agent for the N.M.C. railroad for whom he had worked previously (before 1912).

This clipping gives me information that I did have before about his employment as well as telling me where he had moved. 

The N.M.C. was likely the New Mexico Central Railroad that ran from Torrance, New Mexico, through Estancia to Santa Fe. 

The D.&R.G. railroad was the Denver & Rio Grande railway founded in 1870. It was to run from Denver to El Paso, but when it came under the control of  Jay Gould, it ran only as far south as Santa Fe. After a bankruptcy, the D.& R.G. reorganized as the D.& R.G.W. - Denver & Rio Grande Western.

Further digging revealed that Iley N. Selph did not have this job in Estancia for very long. One month later he resigned and returned to his previous job. In La Madera Village? Wonder what the problem was. More than likely he had a homesick wife and children to deal with.

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