Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Isaac and Deletha (Wiley) Duncan's Tombstones

© Kathy Duncan, 2018

In late 1999, I was contacted by Ann Bellamy, who had seen a query of mine on the Cooper County, Missouri usgebweb page. My query was in regard to my great-great-great grandfather Isaac Duncan, who had moved from Madison County, Kentucky to Cooper County, Missouri. His wife Susan (Kavanaugh) Duncan had probably died before he make the move. My best guess is that if she had died after they arrived in Missouri, there would a grave for her there. After arriving in Cooper County, Missouri, Isaac Duncan married Delitha Wiley.

Ann was contacting me to let me know that she had found the graves of Isaac Duncan and wife Delitha on her recently purchased farm. One of the provisions of Delitha Duncan's will was that a tombstone like the one erected for Isaac be made for her. Evidently, they were buried on Isaac Duncan's Missouri farm under twin gravestones. Ann was able to provide me with a map of the location of their graves and the following photographs.

Isaac Duncan
Born August 20, 1776
Died October 5, 1842

Deletha Duncan
Born March 17, 1790
Died March 16, 1851

Duncan Graves on old Duncan Farm
in Cooper County, Missouri

Location of Duncan Cemetery

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