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Rebecah W Duncan - Letter, 1848

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This letter seems to be from "Chister" in Gibson County, Tennessee, but I cannot find a place of that name in any nineteenth century gazeteers. Again, Rebecah W. (Pettus) Duncan is writing to John Springs in York County, South Carolina in the hope of receiving a settlement from her father William Pettus's estate. In this letter, she mentions her brother Samuel Knox Pettus, her sister Mariah (Pettus) Campbell Sutton, and her mother Mary (Knox) Pettus.

Chister Gibson County Ten   Febuary the 7 1848
Mr. John Springs
   Dear Father & Friend
I embrace another oppertunity of a few lines to you hoping these lines will find you all as they leave us in reasonable health at presant I have nothing verry particular. Brother Sam and all landed about the Middle of January Moses A House told me that you said you had nothing to do with the estate I said that you had something to do with my interest in the estate he said not that you was done with it and did not expect to have any thing more to do with it at all it is my wish and desire for you to proceed in the business if you could feel so disposed to act that no more of the property should be wasted I live a long way from them and heare nothing of consequence from those that are here they tell me but verry little about the concerns. you gave me more Sattisfaction in your letters than ever I received from any of them as for Mariah or Mother they have not sent me the scrape of a pen in seven years my relations seem to care verry little for me the reason they do not I have not the propperty as the rest has I care nothing for that if justice would have place with us all I never expect to have the enjoyment of my part from Mother if ever I get anything perhaps it will do my Children some little I am verry wakly and unhealthy at present I feel myself that I cannot last many years I have nothing more at present Remain your

Sincere Friend until Death
Rebecah W Duncan
I wish you to answer this leter as soon as you can convenienly

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