Monday, March 9, 2015

William J. Kelley

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William J. Kelly, son of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, died before the settlement of his father’s estate.  A letter from his adminstrator, filed in John Kelly's estate settlement, indicates that there were five surviving heirs, four of which still resided in SC. They are unnamed in the John Kelley Sr. estate records:

“January 30th 1843

“Dear Sir

“A part of the family of W.J. Kelley dec’d have expressed a desire that I should adminster on his estate.  Four out five of them who are in the state have signified their wish in the paper. The remaining one of the five, lives in the lower part of Richland- His wishes are only presumed on, not known.  I am not ______ of the office, but if I am to undertake it, no time should be lost.  You can therefore take the ________ preliminary steps to granting administration- and please inform me when I need to attend at your office.
Yours repectfully,
Geo. R. Hunter”

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