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Mary (Kelley) Fair

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Mary Kelley, daughter of John Kelly of Fairfield District, South Carolina, married William Fair.

Currently, it is unknown where William and Mary (Kelley) Fair settled. A William Fair lived in Hinds County, Mississippi. His children and in-laws were interacting with the other Kellys and their allied families, so at this time it is thought that he may be the same William Fair who married Mary Kelley.  Further research needs to be done in this area.

The following estate notice was run in the Raymond, Mississippi Gazette on 11 May 1849 for William Fair:

“April 1849 Term, Probate Court, Hinds Co., MS. Frances Stubbs, Admr."

Two years later The Hinds County Gazette ran the following notice for nonresident heirs of William Fair on 6 Nov 1851, naming:

“Isaac H. Fair, William H. Fair, Mariah and Thomas H. Floyd, Eliza and Joe A. Tyler."
[Source for both estate notices of William Fair: Newspaper Notices of Mississipians 1820 - 1860 by The Mississippi Genealogy Society, 1960]

William Fair may have died in Hinds County by mid-1849.  A wife for him is not named in either notice.

The following Fair marriages occurred in Hinds Co., MS:

Jefferson M. Hutson married Harriet Frances Fair with John S. Fair as bondsman on 10 May 1844
William Taylor married Mary Fair, with John J. Fair as bondsman, on 4 June 1844
Thomas H. Floyd married Mariah Fair, with Jefferson M. Hutson as bondsman, on
17 June 1846
Joseph Seastrunk married Elizabeth Jane Fair, with Samuel Plandell as bondsman on 22 Nov  1848

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