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Annis (Brown) Happer

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1     Annis Brown, daughter of Resin D. and Rachel (Earnest) married John Gardner Happer. Annis (Brown) Happer was born 16 Aug 1847 in Sangamon Co., IL; died 3 Dec 1884 in Maroa, Macon Co., IL; buried Maroa Cemetery in Maroa, Macon Co., IL.

Census Records of Annis (Brown) and John Gardner Happer:

4 June 1870 Maroa, Macon Co., IL:

Happer, John 23 M W Farmer $10,000-$500 b. IL
----Annise 23 F W Keeping Housse b. IL
Suckor, Charles 27 M W Works on Farm b. France

8 June 1880, Maroa, Macon Co., IL:

Happer, John G. W M 32 Farmer b. IL fb. PA mb. PA
----Annis W F 31 Wife Keeping House b. IL fb. KY mb. KY
----Howard H. W M 7 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----Nellie W F 5 dau b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----Lena W F 8/12 Sep dau b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Oliver, William W M 24 Farm Laborer b. OH fb. OH mb. OH
Green, William W M 20 Farm Laborer b. Ireland fb. Ireland mb. Ireland

Misses Nellie and Lena Happer of Maroa are visiting relatives in this neighborhood.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Wed. 15 July 1891]

Miss Nellie Happer, of West Liberty, IA, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. H.M. Batchelder.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Register; Springfield, IL; Tues. 27 Nov 1894]

John Gardner Happer married as his second wife Anna Elmira Young.

1895, Muscatine, Iowa:

John G. Happer 47 M b. IL
Anna Happer 39 M b. IL
Howard --- 21 b. IL
Nellie --- 18 b. IL
Lena ---15 b. IL
Hattie Houser 16
Irene Happer (b) 6 b. Iowa

1 June 1900, Muscatine Co., IA:

5-5 Happer, J.G. Head W M Dec 1846 53 M-30 b. IL fb. PA mb. PA
-----Anna wife W F b. Jan 1858 41 M-30 3-2 b. IL fb. NY mb. PA
----Vernice dau W F b. Mch 1899 1 S b. IA fb. IL mb. PA

25 April 1910, Brookings, Brookings Co., SD,:

Happer, John G. Head M W 63 M-2 16 b. IL fb. PA mb. PA
----Anna Wife F W 49 M-2 16 2-2 b. IL fb. JN mb. PA
----Bernice dau F W 10 S b. IA fb. IL mb. IL

Delayed birth certificate of Bernice Margaret Happer. Affidavit of Harriet H. Bagley, age 60, resident of Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa. Has known her for 39 years. Bernice Margaret Happer born 7 March 1899 in West Liberty, Iowa. Father: John Gardner Happer, resident of West Liberyt age 52, retired farmer. Mother: Annie Elimira Young of West Liberty, age 31. Harriet was at home on vacation. Father Happer sent her after the doctor and nurse. She is the half-sister.
Dated 26 Jan 1939.

John Gardner Happer b. Dec 1848, IL; d. 2 Nov 1917, Brookings, SD

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