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Dr. Timothy S. Childs

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Timothy S. Childs, son of Catherine F. Brown and John S. Childs.

6 June 1900, Decatur City, Decatur Twp., Macon Co., IL:

Childs, Dr. Timothy Head W M Dec 1866 34 M-5 b. IL fb. NJ mb. IL
----Carlotta Wife W F May 1869 31 M-5 2-2 b. ILfb. OH mb. OH
----Agnes Dau W F Dec 1895 4 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----John Son W M May 1897 3S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Hane, Jeremiah Boarder W M Apr 1841 59 M 32 b. OH fb. PA mb. PA
----Viola Boarder W F b. Nov 1849 51 M 32  b. IL fb. OH mb. NJ
Sprague Morris Boarder W F Jan 1887 13 Sb. IL fb. OH mb. NJ
----Gladys Boarder W F Dec 1889 10 S b. MO fb. OH mb. NJ
Siars, Rennir Servanta B F Aug 1882 17 S b. IL fb. KY mb MO

1910, Decatur, Macon Co., IL:

232 Wests William
Childs, Thomas J. Head M W 44 M-1 15 b. IL fb. NJ mb. KY Dentist
----Carlotta F. Wife F W 39 M-1 15 4-4 b. IL fb. OH mb. OH
----Agnes E. Dau F W 14 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----John R. Son M W 12 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----Russell H Son M W 8 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
----Robert S Son M W 5 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Hane, Viola C m-i-l F W 62 Wd 4-4 b. OH fb. OH mb. PA

Waite, Rhoda G. Lodger F W 62 Wd 0-0 b. OH fb. MA mb. VT
[Note: Timothy S. Childs is misreported, but this is clearly his household.]

Dr. T.S. Childs of San Diego published "Embouchure" in the Dental Review: Devoted to the Advancement of Dentistry in 1916.

In 1917, David O. Dryden completed an American Arts and Crafts home for T.S. Childs and wife Carlotta, located at 3412 28th street. That area has been designated the North Park Dryden Historical District.

9 Jan 1920, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA:

3412 Oregon St
Childs, Timothy S. Head M W 54 M b. IL fb. NJ mb. KY dentist
----Carletta Wife F W 50 M b. IL fb. OH mb. OH
----Agnes E. F W 24 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL stenographer
----John K. Son M W 22 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL cellist
----Russell H. Son M W 18 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL salesman
----Robert H. Son M W 15 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Published Biography of Timothy S.Childs: 

Timothy S. Childs, D.D.S.
            Dentistry may be said to be almost unique among other occupations, as it is at once a profession, a trade and a business. Such being the case, it follows that in order to attain the highest success in it one must be thoroughly conversant with the theory of the art, must be expert with the many tools and appliances incidental to the practice of modern dentistry and must possess business qualifications adequate to dealing with the financial side of the profession. In all these particulars Dr. Childs is well qualified and therefore has attained prestige among the able representatives of dentistry in Decatur.
            A native son of Macon county, he was born in Mini township in 1865, one of the eight children of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Childs. The father died in 1905 and the mother in 1909. He had been a lifelong farmer and owned a section of land in Mini township. His success enabled him to provide well for his children and his widow and at her death the part of the estate which she had inherited was divided among their sons and daughters. As his share Dr. Childs received eighty acres of choice land near Warrensburg. He was reared to farm life with the usual experiences that fall to the lot of the farm boy who does the chores and aids in the work of early planting and gathering harvest in the autumn. Good educational privileges, however, were accorded him. After attending the district schools he spent one year in the Wesleyan University, at Bloomington and was graduated from the Northern Indiana Normal School at Valparaiso. Subsequently he matriculated in the University of Michigan for professional training and was graduated from the dental department with the class of 1892, at which time he won his degree. Following his graduation he returned to Macon county and opened a dental parlor in Decatur, where in the intervening period of nineteen years he has built up an extensive practice. He has always kept in touch with the progress of the profession in he methods of practice and in the inventions which facilitate the work of the operating room. He belongs to the Macon County Dental Society and his close conformity to the strict ethics of the profession has won him the high regard of his fellow practitioners.
            Dr. Childs was married in 1894 to Miss Carletta Hane and they have become parents of a daughter and three sons: Agnes, John, Russell, and Robert. Dr. and Mrs. Childs have a wide acquaintance in Decatur and are favorably received into the best social circles of the city. He is also prominent in musical circles, having for a number of years been a member of the Goodman Band and historian of that organization. He has been the cornet soloist and is still identified with the band, his musical talents contributing in no small measure to the high reputation of the organization.
[Source: City of Decatur and Macon County, Illinois: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement by Hon. William E. Nelson]

Obituary of Dr. Timothy S. Childs:

Dr. Timothy S. Childs Dies In West
Born Near Warrenburg and Lived in County Until Six Years Ago
Timothy S. Childs died in his home in San Diego, Cal., Wednesday after a long period of ill health, suffering from tuberculosis, which about six years ago impelled him to leave Decatur, seeking a climate which he hoped would assist him in regaining health. Born near Warrensburg. Childs was born on a farm near Warrensburg and until he went to California, his home had always been in Macon County, where he practiced his profession as a dentist. He was an accomplished musician, a member of Goodman band, and found much enjoyment in his music aside from the professional field in which he sometimes ventured. Same to all men with thos who had opportunity to become acquainted with him personally, he was ever popular, for his uniform kindness, his consideration for others, was on the most outstanding characteristics of the man and there were no ? he was the same to all men. His wife, who was Carletta, daughter of Jeremiah C. and Viola C. Hane, four children survive him. Also he leaves two sisters: Misses Edna and Harriet Childs of Los Angeles, two brothers, Dr. C.F. Childs of La Place, and John D. Childs of Arkansas.
[Source: The Decatur Herald; Decatur, IL; 25 March 1920]

3 April 1930, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA:

4070 Lark Street
Childs, Carletta M. Head F W 60 Wd b. IL fb. OH mb. OH
----Agnes Dau F W 32 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL yeoman US Navy
----Robert Son M W 26 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL Staff photographer – Daily papers
[Note: Rent for $40/month. Have a radio.]

20 April 1940, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA:

3033 5th Ave
Childs, Carletta M head F W 70 Wd ed-8 b. IL res 1935 – same
----Agnes E. dau F W 44 S ed-C-2 b. IL 1935 res – same, industry – 11th Naval District

Russell Childs Here From Mexico to Visit Aunts
Russell Childs, nephew of Miss Edna and Miss Harriet Child, 95? West Williams street, arrived in Decatur Sunday for a visit of three days, during which he found time to tell a number of friends of his experiences in Old Mexico the last three years. Mr. Childs is a son of Mrs. T.S. Childs, now of San Diego, Calif. He has not been in Decatur for 20 years and he found the site of the old Childs home now the location of the new Masonic temple. Mr. Childs is a superintendent for the Royal Dutch Shell company, the English oil company that has branches scattered over Mexico. He has been at Mexico City and vicinity for three years, and his present trip, which takes him to Chicago for business, is his first vacation. He will return for another three years, this time at Tampico. Mr. Childs had 40 Mexicans a number of Englishmen working under him at Mexico City. All products of his company are shipped to England. Mr. Childs left Tuesday evening for Chicago and will return to Mexico from there.
[Source: The Decatur Herald; Decatur, IL; 11 April 1934]

Obituary for Carletta (Hane) Childs:

Mrs. T.S. Childs Dies in California
Funeral services were held yesterday in San Diego, Calif., for Mrs. T.S. Childs, former Decatur resident, who died in California Tuesday after a long illness. She was the wife of the late Dr. Childs, former Decatur dentist and member of a prominent family here. The couple was married in December, 1894, and moved to California in 1913. Mrs. Childs leaves a daughter Agnes Childs, at home, and three sons.

[Source: The Decatur Herald; Decatur, Illinois; 28 March 1942]

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