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Resin D. Brown

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I have been working on one of my husband’s Brown lines. Any time a Brown line falls into place it is cause for rejoicing. I’ve been focusing on Rezin Brown’s children, hoping that one of them will shed additional information on the family. Rezin Brown, alternately spelled Resin and Reason, was the son of Joshua Brown and his first wife Nancy Wilcher. They were early settlers in Sangamon County, Illinois. That area is blessed with a couple of county history books that include biographies of early settlers. Anyone who has researched Rezin D. Brown is familiar with the biographical information below. This same basic information was repeated in biographies written about some of his children. I would love to what his middle name was. What did the D stand for?

Published biography:

REZIN D., born May 6, 1813, in Davis county, Ky., was married in Sangamon county, Ill., May 15, 1834, to Rachel Earnest. They had twelve children in Sangamon county. CATHERINE F., born March 7, 1835, was married Nov. 6, 1855, to John Childs, who was born Dec. 25, 1829, in Burlington, N.J. They had ten children, Leona L., Joseph H., Noah H., Katie A., John D., Timothy S., Annie R., Charles F., Jessie B., and Hattie, and reside near Warrensburg, Macon county, Ill. MARTIN V., born March 4, 1837, the day Van Buren was inaugurated President of the United States. He was married Sept. 26, 1869, to Helen M. Cecil. They have eight children, and reside near Palmyra, Otoe county, Neb. MARY A., born May 7, 1838, was married Oct., 1857, to James M. Galt. They have eight children, and reside near Palmyra, Otoe county, Neb. CHARLOTTE, born Dec. 19, 1839, married Feb. 23, 1864, to Thomas R. Ray. She died Jan. 9, 1836, leaving one child, Charlotte, who resides with her grandparents, Brown. JOHN D., born March 1, 1842, married Nov. 6, 1867, to Louisa J. Cecil. They have one child, Gertie, and reside near Mt. Rose, Mo. CHARLES F., born Sept. 14, 1843, died Sept. 30, 1853. PETER, born Aug. 6, 1845, resides in Alta City, Utah. ANNIS, born Aug. 16, 1847, married Nov. 10, 1869, to John Happer. They have two children, Howard H. and Nellie, and reside near Maroa, Macon county, Ill. LUANNA, born April 8, 1849, married Oct. 17, 1872, to Frank Leverton, and resides five miles west of Springfield. EDWIN, born May, 1851, died Feb. 5, 1862. CHARLES, born Sept. 16, 1853, resides with his parents. JACOB J., born Jan. 15, 1856, died Jan., 1865. Rezin D. Brown and wife reside in the southwest corner of Cartwright township.
[Source: History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois, by John Carroll Power, 1876]

Reason Brown enrolled on 20 June 1832 in Sangamon County, Illinois to fight in the Black Hawk War. He served as a corporal in Regiment 4, 3rd Brigade, Mounted Illinois Volunteers, serving under Capt. Reuben Brown. “This company was organized in Sangamon county, Springfield, June 6, 1832. Arrived at headquarters, Ft. Wilbourne, June 15, 1832. Mustered into service June 20, 1832. Mustered out Aug. 16, 1832.”
 [Source: Record of the Services of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk Ward, 1831-32 By Illinois Adjutant General’s Office, 1882]

2 Nov 1850, Sangamon Co., IL:

Reason Brown 38 M Farmer $2,400 b. KY
Rachel Brown 36 F b. KY
Catharine Brown 16 F b. IL
Martin Brown 13 M b. IL
Mary Brown 12 F b. IL
Charlotte Brown 10 F b. IL
John Brown 9 M b. IL
Chas. Brown 7 M b. IL
Peter Brown 5 M b. IL
Annis Brown 3 F b. IL
Luanna Brown 1 F b. IL
[Next door to Ann Brown 63, b. CT and her son Jacob]

28 Sept 1860, 17 Subdiv., Sangamon Co., IL, P.O.: Old Berlin:

R D  Brown 46 M Farmer $6,600-$1,500 b. KY
R Brown 42 F b. KY
C --- 20 F b. IL
J D ---- 18 M F L b. IL
P ---- 15 M b. IL
A ---- 12 F b. IL
L ---- 10 F b. IL
E ---- 8 M b. IL
C ---- 7 M b. IL
L ---- 4 M b. IL

7 July 1870, Cartwright Township, Sangamon Co., IL, P.O. Pleasant Plains:

Brown, Resin D. 57 M W Farmer $12,000-$2,500 b. KY
----Rachel 54 R W Keeping House b. KY
----Susanna 20 F W b. IL
----Charles 17 M W b. IL
Ray, Charlotte 4 F W b. IL
Haese, Fredrick 22 M W Farm Laborer b. Saxony
Massie, Jessie E. 60 M W b. KY

June 1880, Deepwater, Henry Co., MO:

Brown, Resin D. W M 67 Farmer b. KY fb. KY mb. KY
----Rachel E. W F 64 Wife Keeps Hse b. KY fb. SC mb. SC
----Charles B. W M 26 son works on farm b. IL fb. KY mb. SC
----Ray, Lotty B W F 14 gr dr Brdr b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Seifres, Benjamin W M 21 Hired Works on frm b. IA fb. IA mb. IA

Rezin D. Brown died 1 Sept 1887 in Appleton City, St. Clair County, Missouri and is buried in Appleton City Cemetery beside his wife Rachel.

2 June 1900, Appleton City, St. Clair Co., MO:

Brown, Rachel Head W F b. Mar 1816 84 Wd 12-7 b. KY fb. SC mb. SC
[Note: Next door to Lottie Cotton]

49-52 Ingels, Henritta Head W F b. Apl 1818 82 Wd 6-4 b. MO fb. SC mb. SC
[Note: Henritta Ingels was Rachel (Earnest) Brown’s sister.

Rachel (Earnest) Brown died 11 April 1906 in Appleton City, Missouri and is buried in the Appleton City Cemetery next to her husband Rezin D. Brown.

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