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Joseph J. M. Mason

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Joseph J.M. Mason was the son of William and Matilda (Lewis) Mason. He married Phebie Emly Brumley on 12 Dec., 1848, [Hopkins Co., TX marriages. Bk. 2, p. 20].

Census and tax records for Joseph J. M. and Phebe (Brumley) Mason:       

1849, Hopkins Co., TX - Joseph Mason pays poll list. No land.

1850, Hopkins Co., TX - Joseph Mason pays poll list. No land

1853, Hopkins Co., TX - J.J.M. Mason pays poll tax. No land.

1854, Hopkins Co., TX - J.M. Mason pays poll tax. No land.

1855, Hopkins Co., TX - No J.M. Mason listed on tax list.

1856, Hopkins Co., TX - No J.M. Mason listed on tax list.

1859, Cass Co., TX - J.M. Mason pays poll tax. No land.

30 Sept 1850, 8th Jud. Dist., Hopkins Co., TX, p. 136:

Joseph Mason 23 M Farmer b. AL
Phebe  22 F b. AL

Joseph Mason petitions to be appointed admin. of his father, William Mason’s estate 31 May 1859, Bk C, p. 577, Cass Co., TX.  On 28 May 1860, Joseph J.M. Mason files annual report, Bk D, p. 89, #130.

17 July 1860, Beat #3, Marion Co., TX, P.O. Jefferson, p. ?

J.J. Mason 32 M Farmer $600 - $580 b. AL
C. 26 F b. OH
Saml P. 7 M b. TX
P.R. [K.R.?] 17 F b. TN
W. W. Mason 11 M b. TX
Jos. J. Mason   }
Guard Minor Heirs      }
of Wm. Mason dec’d}

Joseph’s wife “C.” seems to be a second wife. She is the wrong age and has the wrong birth place to be Phebe. Apparently, Phebe (Brumley) Mason is deceased. Samuel P. Mason is the only child of Joseph J.M. Mason and Phebe.

Joseph J. M. Mason died between 11 November 1860.  His death date is recorded in his probate packet in Marion County, Texas.

His death was also reported by Jefferson Masonic Lodge No. 38 before the proceedings of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Texas at its 25th annual convention held at the city of Houston, commencing on the second Monday in June A.D. 1861. At that time a list of deaths was reported by the several lodges in their annual returns to 27 Dec. 1860.
[Source: Texas Masonic Deaths With Selected Biographical Sketches by Michael Kelsey et al]

1862, Marion Co., TX: Mrs. C. Mason paid taxes on two acres of land in Thos. Gillespie [O.G.]

By 1870, Samuel P. Mason was living in the Brumley's - relatives on his mother's side of the family. After Joseph J. M. Mason's death his widow administered his estate. Initially, she attempted to administer the interests of two of Joseph Mason's children. Later, in June of 1861, she focused on only the interests of her daughter Mary Matilda Mason.  Presumably, Samuel was no longer her household at that time.

27 Aug 1870, PCT 2, Hopkins Co., TX, P.O. White Oak

208 - 206
Brumley, Talbot 39 M W Farmer $160 - $1545          b. AL
---Martha 28 F W   Keeps house b. TN
---Franklin 4 M W b. TX
---Mary 1 F W b. TX
Mason, Samuel 18 M W   Farm laborer b. TX
Thompson, Virginia 18 F B b. TX
Johnston, Sophia 20 F B Cook b. AL
---Samuel 1 M B b. TX
---Henderson   25 M B Day laborer    b. MS

Samuel P. Mason married M.L. Smith in Hopkins Co., TX--Bk 4, p. 200

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