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Susan Jane (Mason) Cawthon

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Susan Jane Mason, daughter of William and Matilda (Lewis) Mason, like many of the Masons died young and little is known about her. She was born c. 1833 in Tennessee. She married Rutherford Porter Cawthon on 5 April 1854 in Cass County, Texas. He was born 26 February 1822 in Tennessee. Susan died in early 1860, probably at the birth of her last child, who also died.

After her death, Rutherford Porter Cawthon married Susan's younger sister Karen Rebecca Mason on 23 Dec. 1860. In 1861, Rutherford became the guardian of his and Susan's daughters Leona Gray and Mary Charlotte Cawthon, and represented their interests in the estate of their grandfather William Mason and their great-grandfather Joseph Mason.

According to family tradition, Karen Rebecca Mason become the loving mother of her sister's daughters and had many children of her own. In fact, she was so adored that the name of her sister was either not passed down or remembered by her sister's descendants. Her name was only recovered by the family through research.

Rutherford Cawthon Porter

 Children of Rutherford Porter and Susan Jane (Mason) Cawthon:

1. Leona Gray Cawthon b. 26 Jan 1855 married John Thomas Chapman
2. James Buchanan Cawthon b. 8 Oct 1856 [died young]
3. Mary Charlotte Cawthon b. 8 Mar 1858, d. 3 Mar 1918, married William Sargent
            Chapman, younger brother of John Thomas Chapman
4. Dick R. Cawthon b. 25 Jan 1860 [died young]

Early tax records of Rutherford Porter Cawthon:

1848 Bowie County, Texas tax list:
Cawthon, R. P., poll tax, state, county [age 26 - should be located somewhere on five previous tax years]

1849 Bowie County, Texas tax list:
Cawthorn, R. P., poll tax, state, county

1850 Bowie County, Texas tax list:
Cawthen, R. P. poll tax, state, county 

Not found on 1850 census

1853 Cass Co., TX tax list:
R.P. Cawthon, poll tax 

Tax records of Rutherford Porter Cawthon after his marriage to Susan Jane Mason.

1854, Cass County, Texas tax list:
Cauthron, R. P., poll tax, state tax, county tax
Marion County, Texas 1861 tax list:
Cauthron, R. P. poll tax, state, county
Cauthron, R. P. – Mason Estate  original grantee – Gillian tax on ½ acre

Rutherford Porter Cawthon and family have not been found on the 1860 census. Neither Susan Jane (Mason) Cawthon nor Dick R. Cawthon is on the 1860 mortality census.

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