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William and Matilda (Lewis) Mason

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William Mason, born c. 1804 in Tennessee, married Matilda Lewis on 18 Nov 1823 in Madison Co., AL. She was born about 1807 in Kentucky. Secondary sources indicate that she was the daughter of John and Susan (Daniel) Lewis; however, no primary documentation has been found yet to prove the connection. John Lewis is said to have died in Hardin County, Tennessee.

Madison County, Alabama

William Mason was the son of Joseph Mason who died in DeSoto County, Mississippi.

Known Children of William and Matilda (Lewis) Mason:

1.         Joseph J. M. Mason married Phebe E. Brumley
2.         Wesley Randolph Mason married Ann Kenney, 
                Mrs. Martha J. Harrison, and Mary Ann Vaughn
3.         Wiley C. Mason married Mrs. Phetney Bragg
4.         Susan Jane Mason married Rutherford P. Cawthon
5.         Charlotte Mason married Henry Buzan
6.         Keren Rebecca Mason married Rutherford P. Cawthon
7.         William W. Mason married Eliza Jane Early

What little is know about William and Matilda Mason is gleaned from a few census and tax records:

1840, 9th Civil Dist., Hardin Co., TN, p. 260:

William Mason            012001 – 220001

one male 5 – 9 = Wiley Mason
one male 10 – 14 = Randolph Mason
one male 10 – 14 = unknown
one male 30 – 39 =     William Mason
one female under 5 = unknown
one female under 5 = Charlotte Mason
one female 5 – 9 = Susan Jane Mason
one female 5 – 9 = unknown
one female 30 – 40 = Matilda Mason

By 1845, William Mason was insolvent and had removed from Hardin County, Tennessee:

William Mason appears on the list of insolvencies and removals for the year 1845, Bk. D, p. 165 for Hardin County, Tennessee. Hays makes the point that Hardin Co., TN sat above both Mississippi and Alabama so that there was frequent movement of people among these locations. The Mississippi area below Hardin Co., TN needs to be check for William Mason’s father. [Source: Hardin County, Tennessee Records 1820 - 1860 by Thomas A. Hays]

1846, Hopkins Co, TX – William Mason
[Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846 by Marion Day Mullins]

    “James Ashmore, 1797 - 1858 ca., was an early settler in the Stout’s Creek Neighborhood. He, along with William O. Mathews, William Mason, Josiah Smith, and E.A. Merchant, was ordered by the commissioners court of Hopkins County at the October Term 1846 to “view and mark” a road leading east from Tarrant, county seat of Hopkins County, toward the county seat of Titus County.
   At the 1847 January Term, these men recommended a road leading east from Tarrant to the Bone’s farm north of where Weaver now stands…”
[Source: Alive and Good To Know by Gerald Virtrue Post]

1847, Hopkins Co., TX - Wm Mason pays poll tax.

1848, Hopkins Co., TX - Wm. Mason pays poll tax

Jan Term 1848 - Probate Court of Hopkins Co., TX - Ordered by the Court that an inventory and appraise bill be returned to the next Probate Court and that John Despain, Milton Wardlow, Mansel W. Matthews and William Mason be appointed appraisers of the property belonging to the estate of William O. Matthews, Decd, and that they order issue. 
[Source: Probate Court Minutes Vol. I Nov. 1846 - Sept 1853 by Hopkins County Genealogical Society]

1849, Hopkins Co., TX - Wm. Mason pays poll tax. Owns 540 acres of land. Joseph Mason also owns 540 acres of land.

May Term 1849 - County Court of Hopkins Co., TX - William Mason is ordered to work as a hand on Road Precinct #2 under overseer Alfonzo Crowder. Along with William Mason and among others were Bailey Ashmore, Joseph M. Mason, Westley R. Mason, Wiley C. Mason, Melton Wardlow, and John Despain.
[Source: County Court Minutes Vol. I October 1846 - February 1852 by Hopkins County Genealogical Society]

[Notation: This road order includes William Mason’s son Joseph M. Mason who is living in his own household along with two of William’s sons who are still living in the home: Westley R. Mason and Wiley C. Mason. Westley R. Mason is Randolph Mason.]

1850, Hopkins Co., TX - Wm. Mason pays poll tax.

1850, Hopkins Co., TX, p. 137:

William Mason 46 M  Farmer $500 b. TN
Matilda ----- 43 F b. KY
Randolph ----- 21 M Farmer b.  AL
Wiley ----- 19 M Farmer b. AL
Susan ----- 17 F b. TN
Charlotte ----- 14 F b. TN
Caron ----- 7 F b. TN
William W. 2 ----- M b. TX

1851, Hopkins Co., TX - Wm. Mason pays poll tax .

1852, Cass Co., TX – W. Mason paid tax on 8 acres, original grantee W. V. Hughes

1853, Cass Co., TX - No Wm. Mason

1854, Cass Co., TX - No Wm. Mason

1855, Cass Co., TX – William Mason paid tax on 8 acres located in the Thos Gillespie grant

1856, Cass Co., TX – Wm Mason paid tax on 8 acres in the Gillespie grant.

1857, Cass Co., TX, p. 18 - William Mason paid tax on 8 ½ acres in unknown [O.G.] on Black Creek and tax on one slave. He paid no poll tax [landowner or too old?]

1858, Cass Co., TX - William Mason pays tax on 8 ½ acres in the Gilespie [O.G.] on Black Creek and tax on one slave. He paid no poll tax. [Too old?]

1859, Cass Co., TX – J M Mason agt for the Est of W. Mason = paid tax on 120 acres, original grantee V Hughes, located on Black Creek.

William Mason died about 1858 and his estate settlement can be found in Marion County, Texas records. Matilda predeceased him. Their place of burial is unknown. 



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