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John Sims - Sangamon County, Illinois

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John Sims of Sangamon County, Illinois was a nephew of Rev. James Sims, Rev. William Sims, and Elizabeth (Sims) Earnest. In addition, he had a sister Nancy who married Elisha Kelly. The father of John and Nancy Sims is an unknown brother to Rev. James Sims, Rev. William Sims, and Elizabeth (Sims) Earnest.

Biographical information from the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, 1876:

Sims, John, was born Sept. 13, 1799, in Spartanburg county, SC. His father died and his mother married again and moved to North Carolina, thence to Tennessee, and from there he went to live with his uncle, James Sims, in Logan county, KY. His uncle moved to Caldwell county, and from there to St. Clair county, Ill., in 1815. John Sims and Lucinda Duff were there married Jan. 13, 1819. They moved, with his father-in-law, to what became Sangamon county, arriving in April, 1819 and settled south of Spring creek, in what is now Gardner township, four miles west of Springfield. They had seven children in Sangamon county, namely --
LUCY, born Oct. 8, 1820, married David P. Robison
EMILY J., born April 27, 1824, married John Skipton
VERLINDA, died age seven years.
CAROLINE, born Jan 21, 1828,in Sangamon county, married James A. Patterson. They have nine children. Emily A. married William W. Morgan. Virley A., married John R. Henton, and lives near Linden, Kansas. The other seven live with their parents, five miles southwest  of Springfield, Ill.
SARAH A., born Nov. 15, 1830, in Sangamon county, married Henry Washington Rickard.
JOHN M., born Aug. 12, 1833, married Mary Kendall, and both died.
GREEN VIRGIL, born Nov. 15, 1835, in Sangamon county, married Mary McClure, has five children, and resides near Linden, Osage county, Kansas.
JAMES B., born April 13, 1838, married December 29, 1864, to Mary F. Massie. They have three children, JACKEY E., CARRIE A., and LILLIAN G. and resides four miles west of Springfield, Illinois.
Mrs. Lucinda Sims died Sept. 26, 1864, and John Sims resides at his resides at his old homestead four miles west of Springfield, Ill.
[Source: Early Settlers of Sangamon County, 1876 by John Carroll Power]

John Sims' children:

1. Lucy Sims married David P. Robison
2. Emily F. married John Skipton
3. Verlinda Sims - died 7 years old
4. Caroline Sims married James Patterson
5. Sarah A. Sims married Henry Washington Rickard
6. John M. Sims married Mary Kendall
7. Green Virgil Sims married Mary McClure
8. James B. Sims married Mary F. Massie and Mary Cone

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