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Martha Jane (McMurry) Gregory

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Martha Jane McMurry, Lavina (Earnest) and James McMurry, married Inglefield B. Gregory on 2 March 1843 in Lee County, Iowa. She was born about 8 March 1827 in Sangamon County, Illinois and died on 21 Feb 1816 in Ione, Amador County, Illinois. She  buried beside her husband, Inglefield Buril Gregory, in Ione Public Cemetery. He was born 5 April 1819 in Sumner County, Tennessee and died 7 March 1883 in Ione, Amador County, California.

Was born in Sumner county, Tennessee, April 5, 1819, and for the succeeding thirteen years remained a resident of that State. His advantages for obtaining an education were somewhat limited, but he managed, by energy and close attention to his studies, to acquire a knowledge of the common branches, to which he added, in after years, a large amount of practical knowledge, which places him on a firm basis in that direction. In 1832 he removed from Tennessee to the State of Missouri, where he remained until 1846, at which time he went to Texas, and for about three years was a resident of that State. In 1849 he again emigrated, this time to Iowa, and stayed there three years, and then returned to Missouri. One year later he started for California by way of the plains, and after experiencing the usual incidents connected with such a trip, reached his objective point and located at Ione City, Amador county, where he followed the occupation of contractor and builder. In 1862 Mr. Gregory was elected a Supervisor of his district, serving in that position about three years. In 1867 - 68, he represented his people in the Assembly of the State Legislature, in a very creditable manner to himself and to entire satisfaction of his constituents, and was solicited to again accept the nomination for the same office, but declined. Mr. Gregory possesses the enviable distinction of being almost the only man ever elected to office in the county who did not urge his canvass with whiskey. Some years since he joined a temperance society, the secretary of which firmly posted the two sheets containing his signature and pledge, together, in consequence of which he cannot erase his name, and still feels bound by the obligation. His honor and integrity are the brightest jewels of his character. About three years since he removed from Ione City to his present home in Jackson valley, a view of which is to be found in this volume. Mr. Gregory was married to Miss Martha Jane McMurry, March 2, 1843; nine children are living at the present time to bless their union, one being laid to rest to meet them no more on earth.
[Source: History of Amador County, California: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers by Jesse D. Mason]

Obituary of Martha Jane (McMurry) Gregory:

Mrs. I.B. Gregory, who came to California across the plains in 1853 and ever since had been a resident of Ione, Amador County, passed away at that place February 21. She was a native of Illinois, aged 90 years, and is survived by a large family of children.
[Source: The Grizzly Bear, 1915 by J. Rush Bronson, Clarence M. Hunt]

1860, Twp. 2, Amador County, CA:

Gregory, I B 41 M W b. TN
-----Martha 33 F W b. IL
-----Sarah 14 F W b. MO
-----Martha 12 F W b. TX
-----John H 10 M W b. Iowa
-----Mary J 8 F W b MO
-----Jas M 5 M W b. CA
-----Malzine 2 F b. CA

Daughter Malzena B. Gregory died 21 June 1960 in Ione, Amador County, California and is buried in the Ione Public Cemetery.

Births. In Ione City, March 28th, the wife of I.B. Gregory, of a son.
[Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, CA, 31 Mar 1869]

28 June 1870, Twp. #2, Amador County, California, P.O. Ione City:

Gregory, I.B. 51 M W Carpenter $4,500 - $1,000 b. TN
-----Mary J. 43 F W Keeping House b. IL
-----John H. 20 M W Farm Laborer $0 - $75 b. Iowa
-----Mary J. 16 F W At Home b. MO
-----James M. 14 M W At Home b. CA

5 June 1880, Twp. 2, Amador County, California:

Gregory, I.B. W M 61 Farmer b. TN fb. VA mb. TN
-----William M W 18 son Works on farm b. CA fb. TN mb. IL
-----James T W M 17 son Works on farm b. CA fb. TN mb. IL
-----Edgar G W M 15 son Works on farm b. CA fb. TN mb. IL
-----Eugene W M 11 Son b. Works on farm b. CA fb. TN mb. IL
-----Martha J. W F 53 Wife Keeping house b. IL fb. KY mb. KY
[note: census is very dark]

4 June 1900, Ione, Amador County, California:

Gregory, Martha Head W F March 1827 73 Wd 10-9 b. IL fb. VA mb. KY
-----Eugene Son W M March 1868 F S b. CA fb. TN mb. IL
McMurry, Mattie Niece W F Sept 1882 17 S b. CA fb. IL mb. AL
-----Eddie Nephew W M April 1886 14 S b. CA fb. IL mb. AL
-----Hulda Niece W F Feb 1888 12 S b. CA fb. IL mb. AL
Violett, Henry Head W M July 1877 22 M-0 b. CA fb. KY mb. TX
-----Josephine Wife W F July 1878 21 M-0 0-0 b. CA fb. unk mb. LA

Gregory Death Records:

Edgar Grant Gregory, b. 1 Mar 1866 in CA, died 23 Dec 1940 in San Francisco, CA.
Father: Gregory. Mother: McMurry.

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