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Sarah (Earnest) King

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Sarah Earnest, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Sims) Earnest, married John King.

KING, JOHN, was born Jan. 22, 1804, in Kentucky. He was a brother to Jeremiah King, came to Sangamon county about 1821, and was married Feb. 18, 1824, to Sarah Earnest. They had ten children, three of whom died in infancy.
Of the other seven--

WILLIAM E., born June 12, 1826, married Almyra Bradley. He died Feb. 16, 1856, leaving a widow and two children. She married Henry Morgan. He died, and she resides near Fredonia, Kansas.

ELIZABETH, born Feb. 1, 1828, in Sangamon county, married March 14, 1843, to John Ingels.

JEREMIAH, born Sept. 19, 1830, married Aug. 29, 1862, to Mary E. Douglas, who was born Sept. 19, 1843, in Sangamon county. They have six children, IDA, SARAH, ANNIS, ELIZABETH, EDWARD, and MARY, and reside two and one-half miles west of Curran.

JOHN E., born Dec. 21, 1832, married Mary Campbell; have four children and live near Fredonia, Kansas.

CHARLES W.,  born July 6, 1835, married Oct. 3, 1872, to Virginia Beach, and lives with his mother.

SARAH C., born May 12, 1836, married Daniel H. Brundage; have six children, and reside in Iola, Allen county, Kansas.

MARTHA F., born March 18, 1839, married Feb. 14, 1860 to Jacob J. Ingels, who was born Aug. 25, 1834, in Bourbon county, Ky. They had three children. The two youngest died in infancy. Mrs. Ingles died May 23, 1866. LIZZIE, born Sept. 14, 1861, is the eldest child, and the only member of the family living, resides with her grandmother King.

John King died Dec. 29, 1838, and his widow resides four miles northwest of Curran, Sangamon county.
[Source: History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois]

Obituary of Sarah (Earnest) King:

Death of a Venerable Lady...Mrs. Sarah King, relict of the late John King, died at her residence in Curran township, eight miles west of the city, on Friday afternoon last, at half-past three o'clock. On Tuesday she was taken down with a congestive chill, and gradually sank until death occurred, as above. Mrs. King was the daughter of Jacob Earnest, who settled on Spring creek, in this county, as early as 1819. She was born on the 7th of April, 1806, in Kentucky, and was married in this county to John King on the 18th of February, 1824. He died on the 29th of February, 1838, leaving her with a family of seven children, all of whom she succeeded in raising to worthy men and women. She possessed all of the rugged virtues that were distinguishing characteristics of many of the pioneer women, and died as she lived, with the respect of all with whom she came into contact. She was for fifty years a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has not entered upon the rewards of a well spent life. Register.
[Source: Daily Illinois State Journal; Springfield, IL; Mon., Nov. 24, 1879]

23 Oct 1850, Sangamon County, Illinois:

Sarah King 44 F $1,500 b. KY
Jermiah King 18 M Farmer b. IL
John King 17 M Farmer b. IL
Chas. King 16 M Farmer b. IL
Sarah King 13 F b. IL
Martha King 11 F b. IL
Wm. King 24 M Farmer b. IL
Elmira King 21 F b. NC
Laura King 6/12 b. IL

1860, Dist 16, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois:

Ingols, J.J. M 24 b. KY
-----Martha F 21 IL
King, Sarah F 55 b. KY
Ingols, G G F 20 b. KY

24 June 1870, Curran, Sangamon County, Illinois:

King, Chas W. 34 M W Farmer $5,000-$600 b. IL
-----Sarah 64 F W K. House b. KY
Engles, Elizabeth 8 F W b. IL
Winston, William 23 M W Agent $11,000 b. IL
Abernathy, James 24 M W Farmer $0-$300 b. Iowa

Children of Sarah (Earnest) and John King:

1. William E. King married Almyra Bradley
2. Elizabeth King married John Ingels
3. Jeremiah King married Mary E. Douglas
4. John E. King married Mary Campbell
5. Charles W. King married Virginia Beach
6. Sarah C. King married Daniel H. Brundage
7. Martha F. King married Jacob J. Ingels

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