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Singleton Frost Kelly, son of John Kelly Jr.

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Singleton Frost Kelly, son of John Kelley Jr. and Nancy Missouri Owens, was born 25 Dec 1851 and died Dec 1918. He is buried in the Smyrl Cemetery in Kershaw County, South Carolina. He married Mary Etta Smyrl. 

Children of Singleton F. and Mary Etta (Smryl) Kelly:

1. Ida Kelly
2. James H. Kelly
3. Lou L Kelly
4. Mary E. Kelly
5. Stephen Blake Kelly

Census records for Singleton Frost and and Mary Ettie (Smyrl) KELLY:

14th and 15th June 1880, West Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 129:

Kelly, S.F. W M 28 Farmer b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--, Etta W F 24 Wife Keeping house b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--, Ida W F 5 Dau b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--, James W M 1 Son b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

3 July 1900, Westville Town, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 200:

15 - 15

KELLY, Singleton      Head   W M    Dec 1851 48 M 26                  SC       SC       SC
-----, Mary E.              Wife    W F     Dec 1844 49 M 26  5 - 5         SC       SC       SC
------, Jimmie H.         Son      W M    July 1878  21 S                       SC       SC       SC
------, Lou L.               Dau     W F     Nov  1885 15 S                       SC       SC       SC
------, Mary E. Dau     W F     Apr  1884 16 S                        SC       SC       SC
------, Blake                 Son      W M    May 1889 11 S                        SC       SC       SC
CLIFTON, Will          s-i-l      W M    Nov  1872      M 0                   SC       SC       SC
-----, Ida J.                   Dau     W F     Jan  1876 24 M 0                    SC       SC       SC

27 Apr 1910, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 194

267 - 277        

KELLY, S.F.  Head   M W    5_  M1-34       5 - 4                 SC       SC       SC
-----, E.M.       Wife    F  W    59  M1-34       5 - 4                 SC       SC       SC

Published obituaries for Singleton Frost Kelly:

The Passing of A Friend
Mr. S. F. Kelly Died Early Friday Morning

“It was with sincere regret that we learned of the death of our warm personal friend, Mr. S. F. Kelly, which occurred at his home in the northern section of our country Friday morning. For several years past he had not been in the best of health and this with his advancing years caused his friends to feel anxious about him. We had known him for many years, and there was one thing that could be said about “Sing” Kelly as he was familiarly known, he was a sincere friend. When he was a friend to any one he never did anything to betray that friendship, and was always fair and straight to any who might oppose him in any way. Our first and most intimate relations with him dates back to 1888, when the writer was chairman of the board of county commissioners and he was elected a member of the board. He proved his friendship for us then, and we ever since regarded him as one of our truest and best friends. We could always place him. He is survived by his wife and several grown children besides a number of other relatives, to whom we extend our sympathies. The remains were laid to rest Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Smyrl burying ground."
[Source: Loose Newspaper Clipping]

S.F. Kelly Dead
Prominent Kershaw County Citizen
Passes Away in 67th Year
Special to The State
    Camden, Dec. 13.—S.F. Kelly, known to many in this section as “Sing” Kelly, a prominent citizen of the Shaylor’s Hill section died last Friday. He was 67 years of age. The funeral and burial occurred at Flint Hill Baptist Church Saturday, after the service by the Rev. M.M. Benson.
[Source: State; Columbia, SC; Sat. 14 Dec. 1918]

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