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Mary Jane (Kelley) Clyburn, Daughter of John Kelly Jr.

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Mary Jane Kelley, daughter of John Kelley Jr. and Nancy Missouri Owens, was born 10 March 1846 and 21 May 1909 in Kershaw County, SC. She is buried in Bethany Cemetery in Westville, Kershaw County, SC. She married Lewis L. Clyburn on 19 Dec 1860 in Kershaw Co., SC. He was born 12 April 1840 and died 28 Feb 1925. He is also buried in Bethany Cemetery in Westville, Kershaw Co., SC.

Children of Mary Jane (Kelley) and Lewis L. Clyburn:

1. Lottie Josephine Clyburn b. 10 Nov 1861 in Kershaw, d. 21 Dec 1892, m. Frank Perry. Children:  Lewis, Lou, Clyburn, Eva and Stephen Perry.
2. Thomas Clyburn b. 26 Nov 1865 in Kershaw Co., SC; d. 4 Jan 1940; m. Sallie Roberta Belle. Children: Reuben Lewis, John Stephen, Lottie Belle, Willie Marie, Sarah Elizabeth, William Henry, and Thomas Benjamin Clyburn Jr.
3. William Richard Clyburn b. 7 Dec 1867 in Kershaw Co., SC; m. Emily Truesdale. Children: Lewis Lee Clyburn, William R. Clyburn Jr., Corbett Clyburn.
4. Stephen S. Clyburn b. 26 July 1869 in Kershaw Co., SC; d. 26 June 1931; m. Lizzie Peach. Children: Edna, Stephen William, Henry Frank, and Mary Jane Clyburn.
5. Lewis Craig Clyburn b. 6 Oct 1871 in Kershaw Co., SC; d. 15 Jan 1966; m. Janie Cunningham. Children: Lottie Josphine, Annie Blanche, Thomas Jefferson, John Henry, Lewis Craig Clyburn Jr.
6. Blanche Elizabeth Clyburn b. 28 Mar 1877 in Kershaw Co., SC; m. James Clyburn. Children: Stephen Lewis, Mary Edna, James William, and Henry Lee Clyburn.
7. Henry Frank Clyburn b. 21 May 1879; d. 14 Aug 1919; m. Rosa Stover. Children: Edna Mary, Henry Lewis, and William Hampton Clyburn.

There is something very important for the descendants of Mancel Pinkney Kelley to note about the above list of Mary Jane (Kelley) Clyburn's children.  She gave birth to a daughter, Blanche Elizabeth Clyburn, on 28 March 1877, a scant seven months prior to the birth of her brother Pink Kelley's twin sons Lewis and Ross Kelley. Additionally, Mary Jane (Kelley) Clyburn would have experienced a lying-in period of up to month after the birth. 

Census  and newspaper records for Capt. Lewis L. and Mary J. (Kelley) CLYBURN:

30 July 1870, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, P.O.: Camden, p. 241

644 - 722        

CLYBURN, Lewis L.  34  M W  Farmer 2,800 - 630 b. SC
-----Mary J.  25  F W  Keeps house  b. SC
-----Josephine 7 F W At home b. SC
-----Thomas D. 4  M W  At home b. SC
-----William R.  3 M W At home b. SC
-----Stephen  1 M W  At home b. SC

Capt. L.L. Clyburn returned by Friday’s train from Columbia whither he had been in the interests of his company, and to meet his daughter, Miss Lottie, who had been at school at Murfreesboro, N.C. for the last two years.

[Source: The Camden Journal; Camden, SC; 2 July 1878]

11th & 12th June 1880, Flat Rock Twp. (East), Kershaw County, South Carolina, p. 158:

Clyburn, Lewis L. W M 40 Farmer b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Mary J. W F 34 Wife Keeping House b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Lottie J. W F 18 Dau At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Thomas B. W M 14 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,William R. W M 12 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Stephen W M 10 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Lewis W M 8 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Edna A. B. W F 3 Dau At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Henry W M 1 Son At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Kelly, Nancy M. W F 60 m-i-l At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Edna E. W F 25 s-i-l At Home b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Harvey H. W M 31 b-i-l Miller b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Drakeford, Jess B M 16 Servant Domestic Servant b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Caesor B M 17 Servant Domestic Servant b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

15 June 1900, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 161

Clyburn, Lewis L. Head W M b. Apr 1840 60 M 39 b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Mary J. Wife W F b. Mar 1846 54 M 39 7-6 b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--Henry F. Son W M b. May 1879 21 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Perry, Mary E. Gr-dau W F b. Apr 1890 10 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--,Stephen L. Gr-son W M b. Apr 1892 8 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Pace, Edward boarder W M b. Mar 1873 27  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Kelly, Elisa E. boarder W F b. Sep 1855 44 S b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

Note that in the 1900 census the information provided is that MaryJane (Kelley) Clyburn has given birth to seven children, not eight. That number matches the list of her children above.

The summer of 1906 was a busy time for Capt. Lewis L. Clyburn because he was re-entering politics.

New was received here yesterday to the effect that Capt. L.L. Clyburn of Kershaw county, after a retirement of 20 years from politics, had been persuaded to announce his candidacy for the State senate in opposition to ex-Speaker M. L. Smith. Capt. Clyburn pleasantly remembered here as the gentleman who took such an interest in the proper burial of Mr. Boone, the ex-Confederate soldier who died on a street car during the reunion.

[Source: State; Columbia, SC; Fri. 29 June 1906]

The Campaign in Kershaw
Two Candidates for the Senate and
Five for Lower House—How
They Stand
…There are two candidates for the State senate, Capt. L.L. Clyburn of Westville and Mr. W. R. Hough of Camden. Capt. Clyburn has served his county before and thinks he knows what is best for the people. He is opposed to the dispensary law. He believes that local option by counties is the best solution of the whiskey question. Mr. Hough, the other candidate, stands for the dispensary law, and believes that it is the only solution of the vexatious problem…
[Source: State; Columbia, SC; Sun. 26 Aug 1906]

7 May 1910, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC p. 220

221 - 223

CLYBURN, L.L.  Head  M W 70 W b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
KELLEY, Nancy M. M-i-l  F W 90 W  7 - 4  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--Edna   s-i-l  F W 55 S  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
PERRY, Eva  grdau  F W 20 S  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
--, Stephen  grson   M W 18 S  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC      
JORDAN, Morgarek   servant F W 32 S  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

Big Tract of Land is Sold in Kershaw
Eight Thousand Acres of Land Change Hands
Will Go For Farm Lands
Special to The State
    Camden, Aug. 30 –One of the largest if not the very largest land deals ever negotiated in Kershaw county was consummated a few days ago, when 8,000 acres of land belonging to Capt. L.L. Clyburn of DeKalb passed into the hands of Lewis Conder of Kershaw and Henry F. Clyburn of Heath Springs, a son of Capt. Clyburn.
    It is the purpose of the purchasers to have this land surveyed into tracts of 100 acres each, and have it improved and offer it to prospective settlers or others, who want farm lands…
    Capt. Clyburn is the largest land owner in this section of South Carolina. He has held this tract for so many years, that it was not publicly known that any of it was for sale, until the transaction was completed.

[Source: State; Columbia, SC; Sat. 31 Aug. 1912]

Special to The State
   Camden, Dec. 15—A marriage of considerable interest to the people of Kershaw and Lancaster counties was that of Capt. L.L. Clyburn of DeKalb and Miss Mary Kirkland of Flat Rock which occurred Thursday afternoon. Rev. J.B. Ferris of Kershaw officiating.
   The bride is the daughter of the late William Kirkland, the Confederate hero, in whose memory a handsome drinking fountain was dedicated to several years ago which was erected on Main street of this city. The groom is Kershaw county’s largest planter, and is president of the Loan and Savings bank of this city, and has many friends in every section of the county.

[Source: State; Columbia, SC; Mon. 16 Dec. 1912]

31 Mar 1920, Flat Rock Twp., Kershaw Co., SC, p. 231

329 - 329

CLYBURN, Lewis L. Head  M W 80 M  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, ____     Wife  F  W  45 M b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
-----, James K. Son  M W  4 1/12  S  b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
Beckham, _    lodger F B  15 S   b. SC fb. SC mb. SC

Obituary of Lewis Lee Clyburn:

Captain Clyburn Dead
Was One of The Most Prominent Citizens of The County

Captain Lewis Lee Clyburn, one of Kershaw county's most prominent citizens, died at his home near DeKalb Saturday night, being ill only from Thursday and was buried at Bethany graveyard Sunday afternoon. The funeral services were conducted from the home by Rev. Mr Graham, pastor of the Baptist chuch in Camden. Captain Clyburn was born in Kershaw county April 12, 1840, the youngest son of the late William Clyburn and at the time of his death was the only surviving child. He fought on the Confederate side during the whole period of the war serving as first lieutenant of Company G South Carolina Regiment, Hagood's Brigade, afterwards attaining the rank of captain. He was wounded in the leg and at home recuperating when Sherman's army came through South Carolina. Captain Clyburn was twice married, his first wife being Mary Jane Kelly, and of that union the following children survive: Thomas B. Clyburn, Steve S. Clyburn, Lewis C. Clyburn, all of the Westville section and Dr. W. R.Clyburn and Mrs J. H. Clyburn of Camden. Many years after the death of his first wife he married to Mary Helen Kirkland who with a young son, James Kirkland Clyburn, also survive him. Captain Clyburn had been engaged in farming nearly all of his life and was one of the very largest land owners in the county. He was also engaged in banking, being one of the organizers or the Loan & Savings Bank of Camden and its first president. He was for a while one of the larger stockholders in the Peoples Bank of Kershaw and served as president for a while prior to the reorganization in 1920, when he declined further service in that position. Some time prior to his death he retired from active affairs of life and lived in quietness at his country home. Captain Clyburn had a large family connection and a wide circle of friends who came from near and far to attend the funeral in the little country cemetery near the church where he had held his membership and in the vicinity of which he lived out practically all his life, following the war period, when he entered again upon civil life as a citizen of his native county.
[Source: Kershaw Era; 6 March 1925]

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