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Ellen E. Brown, Daughter of Isaac S. Brown

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Ellen E. Brown, daughter of Isaac S. and Catherine E. (Hay) Brown, was born 15 December 1843 in Greene County, Illinois. She married Eli Grimes in 1864. They lived in Pike County, Illinois, where Ellen (Brown) Grimes died 20 January 1910 and is buried in French Cemetery.

Children of Ellen E. (Brown) and Eli Grimes:

1. Clara Grimes
2. Catherine E. Grimes
3. Hawley A. Grimes

Biography of Eli Grimes published in 1891:

    Eli Grimes. Few citizens of Pike County have shown a greater degree of business tact and enterprise than Eli Grimes, of Milton, who is now filling the office of Postmaster in a very efficient manner. He has been one of the leading spirits in the Republican ranks in this section for some years and is one of the most uncompromising advocates of the party policy. In the conduct of his business affairs he has from his youth up followed the old adage, “Nothing venture, nothing have,” but has likewise wisely calculated probabilities and results.
    The father of our subject is John D. Grimes and his mother was Elizabeth A. (Cox) Grimes. Both parents were born in the Blue Grass State and came to Illinois when quite young, Grandfather Grimes settling in Pike County and Grandfather Cox in Cass County. The marriage took place at the home of the bride, and Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes immediately settled on a farm near Milton, Pike County. Mr. Grimes operated his farm and engaged in speculating. He was one of the leading citizens, taking a prominent part in public enterprises, among which was the building of the Christian Church. He was a member of the society and a Deacon of the same. He is now living in Kansas City, MO., with his second wife, the mother of our subject having breathed her last in 1868, and is engaged in the real-estate business. Six children came to bless the union of John and Elizabeth Grimes and all are still living.
    Our subject is the eldest child and opened his eyes to the light in Milton, January 3, 1843. He received his education in the schools of his native place and, inheriting a taste for trade, began speculating when but seventeen years old. For ten years after the war he was a heavy dealer in horses and mules in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, and he has also done a large trade in cattle. After his marriage in 1864, he established his home in Milton and is still living in the same house. In addition to this property he owns two hundred and sixty acres of farm land in Detroit Township, which is improved with a comfortable residence and adequate barns, and occupied by a renter. Mr. Grimes gives his attention to stock-dealing and to the duties of the office to which he was appointed April 7, 1889. 
The lady who presides over the home of Mr. Grimes bore the maiden name of Ellen E. Brown and was born in Greene County, this State, December 15, 1843. She is an educated, refined woman who has many friends in the community. Her parents, Isaac S. and Catherine E. (Hay) Brown, removed from New York to Illinois, making their first settlement in Greene County and coming to Pike County in 1850. Mr. Brown was killed at the siege of Vicksburg in 1863, he having been a wagonmaster in the Ninety-ninth Illinois Infantry. Mrs. Brown survived until 1889. Their family consists of six sons and daughters, all still living. Mr. and Mrs. Grimes are the parents of three daughters, names respectively: Clara, Catherine E., and Hawley A. All have received good educations and the daughter held teachers’ certificates. The first-born is now deceased, but was formerly the wife of C. White. Catherine married J.A. Miller, lives in Detroit Township, and has one child, Mary Ellen. The youngest, Hawley A., is still residing under the parental roof.
    Mr. Grimes is a member of the Blue Lodge in Milton, in which he has held office, and also belongs to Milton Chapter, No. 119. He has been a member of the School Board and was Assessor of Montezuma Township nine years. He was a candidate for the office of Supervisor but was beaten by five votes. His first Presidential ballot was cast for Abraham Lincoln at his second candidacy and he has never withdrawn his political allegiance from his first love. He has frequently been a delegate to State conventions and is recognized as a prominent member of the local party organization. Our subject was Postmaster under Arthur’s administration.

[Source:  Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois  by the Biographical Publishing Company of Chicago, 1891.

Records for Ellen E. (Brown) and Eli Grimes:

30 July 1870, Milton, Pike Co., IL, p. 242:

Grimes, Eli 27 M W Merchant        $1,000-100   
-----Ellen 26 F W K.H. b. IL
-----Clara 4 F W b. IL
-----Catherine 3 F W b. IL
-----Mary 9 F W b. IL

19 June 1880, Milton, Pike Co., IL, p. 553

Grimes, Eli 37 M W  Trader b. IL fb. KY mb. KY
-----Ellen 36 F W Wife K.H. b. IL fb. NY mb. NY
-----Clara 14 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Catherine 11 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Hawley 6 F W Dau. B. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Brown, Catherine 65 F W   M-i-law b. NY fb. NY mb. NY
Alkin, Edson 37 M W Boarder b. OH fb. OH mb. OH

Catherine E. Grimes, daughter of Eli Grimes and Ellen E Brown, age 21 married James Albert Miller, 28, son of J B Miller and Mary Griffin, on 14 September 1887 in Pike Co., IL

1900, Milton Village, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 188:

Grimes, Eli  Head  W M    Jan 1843  57 M-36 b. IL  fb. KY  mb. KY
-----Ellen E. Wife    W F     Dec 1843 56 M-36   3-2  b. IL  fb. IL  mb. NY
-----Hawley A. Dau    W F     May 1874 26 S  b. IL  fb. IL mb. IL

19 Apr 1910, Milton Village, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 179:

Grimes, Eli  Head  M W 67 Wd b. IL  fb. KY  mb. IL
-----Hawley    Dau    F W 35 S  b. IL   fb. IL  mb. IL

6 Jan 1920, Milton, Montezuma Twp., Pike Co., IL, p. 153:

Grimes, Hawley  Head  F W     45 S  b. IL   mb. IL  fb. IL
Dennison, Bulah   Companion   F W  21 S  f.b IL   mb. IL  fb. IL

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