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Emma C. (Brown) Manlove Lehman Egel, daughter of John Delos Brown

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Emma C. Brown, daughter of John Delos and Nancy (Johnson) Brown, was born 28 January 1858 in Illinois. She was married three times To Deville or Devillo Manlove, a Lehman, and to John Egel.

Emma C Brown married Deville Manlove on 9 July 1875 in DeWitt Co., IL. They evidently had four children. 

Children of Emma C. (Brown) and Devillo Manlove:

1. Truman M. Manlove
2. Clarence Olen Manlove
3. Edith Manlove
4. Verna/Vera Manlove

Devillo Manlove died 1 August 1892 and is buried in the Chandler Cemetery of Argenta, Macon County, Illinois.

Following the death of Devillo Manlove, Emma married John Lehman. They had at least one child, Donnie Lehman. He died 26 September 1895 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri.

Children of Emma C. (Brown) and John Lehman:

5. Donnie Lehman

1 June 1900, Cameron, Clinton Co., MO:

Lehman, E? Head W F b. Jan 1858 42 Wd 6-6 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Manlove, Clarence son W M b. May 1878 22 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Edith dau W F b. Feb 1884 16 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
-----Verna dau W F b. Oct 1888 11 S b. IL fb. IL mb. IL
Lehman, Donnie dau W F b. Feb 1896 4 S b. MO fb. IL mb. IL

[The census states that Emma is the mother of six children with six still living. Therefore, two children are missing from this household. They are probably older than Edith Manlove. One of them is evidently Truman Manlove.]

Emma C Lehman of Cameron, Clinton Co., Missouri married John Egel of Stewartsville, DeKalb Co., Missouri on 2 August 1909 in DeKalb Co., Missouri.

20 April 1910, Stewartsville, DeKalb Co., MO:

Egel, John Head M W 62 M-3 0 b. NY fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----, Emma Wife F W 52 M-3 6-6 b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Lehman, Lonnie step-dau F W 14 S b. MO fb. PA mb. IL

The 1910 census indicates that both John Egel and wife Emma had been married three times each. 

2 January 1920, Cameron, Clinton Co., MO:
Egel, John Head M W 71 M b. NY fb. Indiana mb. Indiana
-----, Emma wife F W 61 M f. IL fb. IL mb. IL

12 January 1920, Independence, Jackson Co., MO:

Halley, Herman R. Head M W 43 M b. NY fb. Ny mb. NY
-----Maude C Wife F W 40 M b. MO fb. PA mb. NY
Schneider, John Head M W 33 M b. MO fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----Donnie Wife F W 23 M b. MO fb. Pa mb. IL

John Egel died on 10 September 1921 in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri and is buried in the Stewartsville Cemetery in Stewartsville, DeKalb County, Missouri, where he shares a tombstone with his previous wife Margaret C. Egel who died in 1907.

Donnie (Lehman) Schneider died 8 March 1924 and is buried in Graceland Cemetery, in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri.

18 April 1930, Independence, Jackson Co, MO:

Schneider, John Head M W 43 Wd b. MO fb. Germany mb. Germany
-----Mary E dau F W 10 S b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
-----Donnie R dau F W 9 S b. MO fb. MO mb. MO
Egel Emma C. m-i-l F W 72 Wd b. IL fb. IL mb. IL

Death Certificate of Emma C. (Brown) Manlove Lehman Egel:

Emma C. Egel of 401 N Spring, Independence, Jackson Co. MO, b. 28 Jan 1858 in Illinois, d 31 Oct 1933 in Jackson Co., MO. Father: John D. Brown. Mother: Nancy Johnson. Informant: Verna Neff. Burial in Cameron, MO 2 Nov 1933. She died of a skull fracture after being struck by a car.

Truman M. Manlove, born 6 November 1875 in Illinois, died 11 July 1936 of Pellegra and is buried in Highland Cemetery in Carter County, Missouri.

Obituary for son Clarence Olen Manlove:

Clarence O. Manlove, 89, of 1016 Locust, died yesterday at Research hospital. He was born in Weldon, Ill, and lived here 60 years. Mr. Manlove was a retired cabinetmaker. He was a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church and its Holy Name Society. Mr. Manlove was a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of American union, local no. 1635, and was a life member of the Ozanam Home for Boys and the Marillac School for Special Education. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Lenora S. Manlove of the home, and two sisters, Mrs. Edith Flanders, Los Altos, Calif., and Mrs. Vera Neff, Mammoth Springs, Ark. Services will be held at 9 o’clock Saturday at the church; burial at Mount Olivet cemetery. The rosary will be said at 7 o’clock Friday night at the Melody-McGilley-Eylar chapel, Linwood and Main.
[Source: The Kansas City Times, 22 June 1967]

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