Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Charles Duncan's Revolutionary Land Warrant

© Kathy Duncan, 2018

Land Warrant 1473 can be found in the Kentucky Secretary of State's web page:


No patent for this land was ever issued. Since there is no other identifying information with this warrant, it is difficult to say for sure at this point that this warrant was issued to my ancestor, Charles Duncan. So far, there seems to be two Charles Duncans, who served in Virginia. One who received his pay for service in Regiment 11, and one who received his pay for service in Regiment 7.

Charles Duncan, resident of Giles County, Virginia, stated in his Revolutionary War pension application that he enlisted in Faquier County, Virginia on 12 January 1777 and served in William Blackwell's company in Regiment 11 commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan. They were attached to the Brigade of General Woodford. He was discharged on 12 January 1780 in Fredericktown, Maryland. This Charles Duncan died on 24 October 1838, and his widow Margaret applied for a pension based on his service. A bible record was produced which listed their children as Buford, John, Elizabeth, Thornton, Ezekiel, Braxton, Margaret, Elsby, Nancy, Judith, and Sarah.

This would seem to rule out Charles Duncan of Regiment 11 as my ancestor.

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