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Jose Rafael Antonio Sandoval, Possible Parentage

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The ongoing dispute in Sandoval research is over the parentage of Rafael Sandoval of Taos County, New Mexico. Most confuse him with Lorenzo Rafael Sandoval, who was baptized in Santa Cruz in 1779. However, that Rafael died in 1781. Most overlook, Josef Rafael Sandoval who was baptized in Santa Cruz in 1782. While this Rafael Sandoval seems like a better fit, I am not sure that he is the Jose Rafael Sandoval for whom I am searching.

Possible parentage of Rafael Sandoval based on baptisms recorded in Santa Cruz de la Canada Church:

Sandoval, Josef Rafael, bap 24 Feb 1782, b. 21 Feb; son of Luis Sandoval and Polonia Medina; godparents - Pablo Sandoval and Lugarda Quintana.
[Source: New Mexico Baptisms Santa Cruz de la Canada Church, vol. 1 1710 - 1794 byVirginia Langham Olmsted]

Flawed, but generally accepted  parentage for Rafael Sandoval:

The generally accepted parentage for Rafael Sandoval cites the following baptism record in Santa Cruz de la Canada:

Sandoval, Lorenzo Rafael [Truchas] bap 21 Aug 1779, b. 10 Aug; son of Feliciano Sandoval and Antonia Fresquis; godparents - Juan Antonio Sandoval and Maria Josepha Romero.
[Source: New Mexico Baptisms Santa Cruz de la Canada Church, vol. 1 1710 - 1794 by Virginia Langham Olmsted]

However, Feliciano Sandoval and Antonia Frequis’s son Rafael died in 1781 and, therefore, could not be the father of Diego Antonio Sandoval who was born about 1815:

Sandoval, Jose Rafael: Santa Yglesia de Senor San Josede gracia Rio de las Trampas.
Buried 1 March 1781; Spanish, parbulo, son of Feliciano Sandoval and Maria Antonia Fresquiz, vec. LDS Film #016869.
[Source: New Mexico Deaths: San Lorenzo de Picuris Church, 17 April 1728 to 17 February 1861 by Betty Sanches Pacheco. Albuquerque Public Library]

This record would seem to rule out the son of Feliciano Sandoval and Maria Antonia Fresquis as the same Jose Rafael Antonio Sandoval who resided in Taos County, New Mexico.

Since Feliciano Sandoval’s wife was a Fresquis, would that eliminate the possibility that "our" Rafael is their son based on his marriage to Apolonia Fresquis? Would the two women be too close in blood for this marriage to be approved? Is there a letter to the church, asking permission for Rafael Sandoval and Apolonia Fresquez to marry?

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