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Rebecah W. Duncan - Letter, 1845

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This first letter is concerned chiefly with Rebecah W (Pettus) Duncan's desire to receive a portion of her father William Pettus's estate. The portion she is seeking is a slave. William Pettus died intestate in York County, South Carolina in 1818. John Springs administered his estate. This letter was found in the store ledger of John Springs rather than in county records. There is not much family information in this letter except for a reference to her brother Samuel Knox Pettus, to the marriage of her nephew William Pettus (son of Samuel Knox Pettus), and to her deceased brother Stephen Bullock Pettus's daughter who is unnamed, but must be in Tennessee.

Gibson County, Yorkville, Tenn
Mr. John Springs    8 of Febuary 1845

Dr Sir   Your letter came safe to hand, it gave me Great satisfaction to think that you have taken it in hand to let me know how times ware. I had never heard about the Negros as you wrote to me Brother Samuel had told me about them he never gave me sattisifaction that your letter did when it came to hand as for Brother Bullocks child She is anxious for her part for She told me herself She wanted it Mr Springs if you could get but one for me I would Wait patiently the Period of time which God has fixed in his own Way it appears to me in Common lease of the Law that if all the Legatees except one or two ware willing Would not the majority carry the sway I ask your advice upon that acting for me as my Father I think it would answer in common case I do not know how it would answer in that point If you could get too I would be Willing if Mother is willing or wishes could get Clear of the Charg of the Smaller ones I am willing to take one of the small ones, and if Mother was anxious for a divide Could She or could She not Compell the children To a division I ask Your friendly and kind advice upon That Subject I am willing to ....one.  I am anxious For you if there is any chance to get one for me And I place grat confidese in you as my particular Friend believing that you will do all that is in your Power to assit me in that point If it is my good Success to gain in that point I expect to give Brother Samuel a power of aturney he has Some Idia of coming to that country this Spring if all Does well and nothing prevents I have that Subject as to the Friends and relations they are all well as far as I Know at present William Pettus was Married the 13

Instant to A Miss Macdonel I have nothing more at Present But fell myself favored for your kind Advice and answering of my Letter.

Post It Note comment from Louise Pettus

Mr. Spring if Brother Samuel Does come to that Country I wish if you please if their be any Chance at all by any means the you Could get me one for help So adding no more at present. But Remain your Sincere Friend
Rebecah W Duncan

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