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James Solomon Reese, son of Solomon Reese

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James Solomon Reese, son of Solomon and Mahala Reese, was born c. 1834/35 in Lincoln Co., Tennessee and died 30 Jan 1891 in Carroll County, Tennessee. He married Narcissa Ann  Phipps on 7 May 1867 in Carroll County, Tennessee and was the father of three living children at the time of his death. His widow, Narcissa Ann Reese, received a Confederate pension in Carroll Co., TN. Her widow’s pension reveals that she was born 14 July 1837 in Carroll County, Tennessee and been a resident of that county all her life. James Solomon Reese enlisted in Co. H, 55th Tenn. Infantry in April 1862 in Carroll County. His company was originally known as Jones Battalion and later as Green’s Company. He was captured at Island No. 10 and exchanged five months later. He was present in Greensboro, NC when Gen Johnston’s army surrendered. After the war he was a member of Stonewall Jackson Bivouac #20 in McKenzie, TN.   In her pension application, Narcissa Ann (Phipps) Reese stated that she was the mother of three daughters and one son, one daughter having died in infancy.  At the time she filed for her pension, 1905-1906, Narcissa Ann Reese was living on her husband‘s land, located 27 miles east of McKenzie, TN. [Source: TN CSA Widow‘s Pension #W432]. Census records reveal that Narcissa Ann Phipps’ father was probably deceased before 1850 since he does not appear on any subsequent censuses with his wife and children.

An 1875 piece of correspondence from J.S. Reese of McKenzie, TN was filed in the Lincoln County, Tennessee courthouse which needs further examination. J.S. Reese was writing to inquire about the settlement of affairs for a Thomas J. Reese who is termed a son of Solomon Reese, dec’d. The transcript of the document states that Thomas, a minor, died about 1860 and that Robert Reese, son of Hiram was administering his estate. This Thomas, if he died in 1860, could not be James Solomon Reese’s son since according to Narcissa’s pension record, they did not have a son who died in infancy; therefore, this Thomas could not be a son of James Solomon. Logically, James Solomon would only be interested in the estate of a deceased brother. There is possibily an unidentified son of Solomon and Mahala Reese--Thomas J. Reese may be him. However, according to the 1860 mortality schedule a Thomas J.Reese, aged 1 year, died in Sept of hives. That Thomas could not be the son of Solomon Reese and either of his wives. Robert Reese was administering the estate of a Thomas P. Reese on 29 Mar 1860. It may be that the death date of Thomas J. Reese mentioned in this letter from J.S. Reese is actually 1840 instead of 1860.

Old Letter in the Lincoln Co. Archives:
McKenzie, Tenn.
August 14, 1875
County Court Clerk
Dear Sir,
I take the liberty of writing you in regard to an old matter; which is this.
One Robert Reese administered on the estate of Thomas J. Reese in 1860 or about that time.
Thomas J. Reese died a minor and the property administered on was from his fathers, Soloman Reese's estate. Hiram Reese the father of Robert was security to him (Robert) as admr. They are both now dead and James McGee or MaGee is administrator of est. of Hiram Reese. Now will you be so kind as to examine your books and see if the money can be made ie. that which belonged to the estate of Thomas J. Reese; If you think that there is any chance will you please write me, and if you think advisable refer responsible lawyer who will attend to it for me if necessary. One Lem Suggs of your county can tell you the circumstances better than I can. Write if you can see him.
By doing this you will oblige.
Yours respectfully,

J. S. Reese  

Known children of James Solomon and Narciss Ann (Phipps) Reese:

1.         Ida Jane Reese
2.         Charley Reese
3.         Lewonia Reese
4.         A daughter, died in infancy

Census records of James Solomon and Narcissa Ann (Phipps) Reese


Solomon Reese was at home with his mother and step-father Isaac Weaver in Barry Co., MO.

19 July 1870, Dist. 4, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN, p. 325:

Reece, Janes 34 W M  Farmer $1,500 - 600 b. TN
---Narcissa 35 W F Keeps house b. TN
---Ida Jane 9/12 W F b. TN

1880, Carroll Co., TN:

Reese, Solomon  45 MW b. TN  fb. TN mb. TN
---Narsissa  41 F W b. TN  fb. TN mb. TN
---Ida 10 F W b. TN  fb. TN mb. TN
---Charley 5 MW b. TN fb. TN mb. TN
---Lewonia  6 F W b. TN fb. TN mb. TN
Bell, Baker 55 F W b. TN fb. unk mb. unk

The death of Solomon Reese was noted in the Carroll County Democrat, Huntingdon, TN:

Friday, January 23, 1891:
SOLOMON REESE of the 4th district was paralyzed last Tuesday after walking in the yard, talking, when he felt its first approach by a pain in his one of his wrists. His entire system is effected and he is in a very precarious position. Mr. Reese is one of the best men of the community in which he lives and it is to be hoped that he will recover.

30 Jan 1891:
Solomon Reese’s condition is critical.

B.P. Gilbert and wife, and Whig Gilbert returned from Martin where they attended the burial of Mrs. Reese.

Fri. 6 Feb 1891
Solomon Reese of the 4th Dist., stricken with paralysis two weeks ago, died last Friday evening. Mr. Reese was about 55 years old, a member of the C.P.Church at Shiloh, and one of the best men in the community. He was an industrious, hardworking man, honest in his dealings. He leaves a wife, one son and two daughters. His funeral was preached by Rev.T.W. Cannon and buried at Shiloh.

Personals - Solomon Reese, a well to do and highly respected farmer living in the 4th District near Shiloh Church died last Friday from paralysis.
[Source: Carroll County Democrat, Huntingdon, TN, 30 Jan and 6 Feb 1891]

Fri. 13 Mar 1891: Marriages license to W.E. Allen and Vonie Reese…

Fri. 20 Mar 1891:
McKenzie Items - Resolution of respect from the Stonewall Jackson Bivouac No. 20 at McKenzie…in honor of J.S. Reese…was among the first to respond to the call of his country, entered service as
member of Company H, 55th Tennessee, Regt. C.S.A., was captured at Island No. 19 [sic], remained in prison until exchanged and rejoined his command and served with distinction until surrender of Gen. Johnston’s army at Greenboro, NC…by James N. Null, G.W. Rogers, and R.D. Gwinn, Committee.

Census records for the family of Narcissa Ann Phipps:

2 Nov 1850, Dist. 9, Carroll Co., TN:

Mary A. Clever 80 F b. NC
Reganera Phipps  35 F b. TN
Malissa A.  17 F  b. TN
Daniel J.  15 M b. TN
Narcissa A.  13 F b. TN
Fredrick R.  10 M  b. TN

4 Oct 1860, Dist. 11, Carroll Co., TN, P.O.: Huntingdon:

Regena Phipps 46 F     - $175  b. TN
Narcissa A.  22 F   b. TN
Riley    21 M  - $125  b. TN
Charlotte  20 F  b. TN

Since Charlotte Phipps is not present on the 1850 census of the Phipps household, she is probably the wife of Riley Phipps rather than a child of Regena Phipps'.

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