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Joseph Barber was born about 1810 in North Carolina and died after 1870. He married Arsenia [Moore?] by 1835.  Arsenia was born about 1812 in North Carolina and died after 1870.  They resided  in Sumter Co., Georgia, then in Russell County, Alabama and Barbour County, Alabama. Later Joseph Barber evidently removed to Cass Co., TX and lived near his daughter Sarah Blakey.

Joseph Barber appeared on the first membership list for Friendship Baptist Church in Sumter Co., GA on October 1842. Friendship Baptist Church is located on Hwy 30 (Friendship Road) thirteen miles from Americus, GA. Built in the mid-1800s, it is the oldest church building in Sumter County. The current building was built on the original church site where services started in 1839. There were no other Barbers or Moores on the membership list.
[Source: History of Sumter County, Georgia by Jack F. Cox]

There are no Barbers buried in the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery; however, there are the following Mashburns:

Daniel Mashburn 6 Apr 1819 - 4 Apr 1873
Mary P. Mashburn (wife of Daniel) 2 July 1822 -25 Nov 1897
J.R. Mashburn 1856 - 1942 (d. 25 June)
Ella Hayne Mashburn (wife of J.R.) 1857 - 1939 (d. 4 May)
Samuel Robert Moore 1861 - 15 May 1945
[Source: web page. Notation: Among the heirs of Thomas Mashburn of Onslow Co., NC is a Daniel Mashburn and a grandson, Joseph Barber. At this time, there is no primary evidence to link Daniel Mashburn's grandson Joseph Barber with Joseph Barber of Barbour Co., AL, but the search continues.--kdd]

A Samuel W. Barber married Sarah Ann Harvey on 20 Dec 1849 in Sumter County, GA. As of yet, no relationship has been established between Samuel and Joseph Barber.
[Source: History of Sumter County, Georgia by Jack F. Cox]

In 1850, Samuel W. Barber’s Sumter County household contained the following individuals, all born in Georgia: Samuel W. age 36, Sarah age 26, Susan age 7, Henry age 5, and Sarah age 3. Obviously, none of these children belonged to Sarah. Samuel’s previous wife died between 1847 and 1850.
[Source: 1850 Sumter Co., GA census]

Known children of Joseph and Arsenia Barber:

1. Rebecca Barber born about 1835 - 1837 in Georgia
2. William A. Barber born about 1838 in Sumter Co., Georgia
3. Samuel Barber born about 1841 in Georgia or Alabama
4. Sarah E. Barber born  13 Jan 1843 in Alabama
5. George W. Barber born
6. Mary Emma Barber born
7. Robert J. Barber born
8. Edward Barber born about 1849 in Alabama - a twin to Robert J. Barber?

The Creel Church Cemetery of Barbour Co., Alabama contains the grave of Bama Barber 23 Aug 1879 - May 1955. Bama was a name that Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey used in naming one of her daughters. [Source: web page. Connection?--kdd]

Census Records For Joseph and Arsenia Barber:

1840 Sumter Co, Georgia census:

Joseph Barber  1 0 0 0 1 - 0 1 0 0 1

In 1840 William A. Barber is the male under five years of age while his elder sister Rebecca is a female between five and ten years old. Joseph Barber is between 20 and 30 years of age and Arcenia also between 20 and 30 years of age. Joseph Barber was no longer a resident of Sumter Co., GA by 1850 although Samuel W. Barber was still in residence.

5 December 1850, No Twp L, Russell County, Alabama, page 54:

Joseph Barber 40 M Farmer - $100 b. NC
Arsenia 38 F b. NC
Rebecca 13 F b. NC
William 12 M b. NC
Samuel 9 M b. AL
Sarah 7 F b. AL
George 5 M b. AL
Mary 3 F b. AL
Robert 1 M b. AL
Edward 1 M b. AL

13 July 1860, Eastern Div., Barbour County, Alabama, P.O. Eufaula, page 340:

Joseph Barber 49 M Farmer - $500 b. NC
Arcena 47 F b. NC
Rebecca 24 F b. GA
William 21 M Farm hand b. GA
Samuel 18 M b. GA
Sarah 17 F b. AL
George 15 M b. AL
Emma 13 F b. AL
Robert 11 M b. AL
Edward 11 M b. AL
[notation--This census seems to be the most accurate in terms of the children's birthplaces. A later census reports Rebecca's birthplace as Georgia. William A. Barber consistently reports his birthplace as Georgia, and Sarah (Barber) Blakey consistently reports her birthplace as Alabama. This places the Barber family in George from at least 1834 to 1838. Need to check both North Carolina and George for the marriage record of Joseph and Arcena (Moore?) Barber c. 1833. --kdd]

12 Aug 1870, Twp 10, Range 26, Barbour Co., AL, page 449:

Barber, Joseph 60 M W Farmer b. NC
----- Arbthenia 60 F W Keeps house b. NC
Walls, Rebecca 35 F W At home b. GA

13 Aug 1870 Twp 12, Range 25, Barbour Co., AL, P.O. Eufaula page 423:

Barber, Robert 21  M Farm Hand b. AL
----- William 32 M Farmer $800 - $200 b. AL
----- Minerva 28 F Keeping House b. SC

Arcenia Barber, wife of Joseph died between the 1870 census and the 1880 census. The date and place of her death are unknown.

1880, Prec. 7, Cass Co., TX, p. 222A:

Barber, Joseph 69 b. Self employed b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
----- Rebecca 50 b. Keeps house b. TN fb. TN mb. TN

Joseph Barber married Mrs. Rebecca Murphy on 22 Dec 1874 in Cass Co., TX. Their marriage is recorded in Bk 4, p. 39. They were married by J.E. Jones, L.E.; no witness’s names appear on their marriage license.

Joseph Barber's date and place of death are unknown. There is no tombstone next to his last wife Rebecca.

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