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George W. Barber

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George W. Barber, son of Joseph and Arsenia Barber, was born 28 Jan 1845 in Alabama and died 15 Dec 1920 in Fannin Co., TX.  He married first Matilda Walder on 9 May 1867 in Barbour County, Alabama. He married Caldonia Harris on 28 Feb 1869 in Lafayette Co., AR. Since George's marriage to Matilda Walder lasted less than two years, she may have died in childbirth. George W. Barber's Texas CSA pension, dated 23 Mar 1910 stated that he had come to Texas 40 years before (c. 1870) and that he had resided in Fannin Co., TX for 36 of those 40 years. George and Caldonia must have headed to Texas shortly after their marriage. According to George W. Barber's death certificate his parents were Joseph Jackson and A_____a (Moore) Barber, birthplaces unknown.

Census records for George W. Barber:

28 Jun 1880, 7-PCT, Fannin County, Texas, p. 545D:


Barber, George Head W M 34 Farmer b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
---Caldonia Wife W F 33 Keeps House b. NC  fb. NC mb. NC
---William  Son W M 8 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Jackson Son W M  7 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Ida Dau W F 5 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---George  Son W M 2 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---James Son W M 3/12 Feby  b. TX fb. AL mb. NC

20 June 1900, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX, p. 191:
Series T623, Roll 1634

Barber, D.W. Head W M Jan 1845 55 M-30  b. AL fb. GA mb. GA
----C.D. Wife W F Apr 1846 54 M-30 7 - 3 b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
----John Son W M Mar 1887 13 S b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
[Notation--Based on the cemetery records of Sandy Cemetery in Fannin Co., TX three of the four deceased children of George W. and Caldonia Barber were son William, son Jackson, and son James.--kdd]

21 June 1900, 8 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX. p. 234:
Series T623, Roll 1634

Leaky, William A. Head W M Feb 1847 54 M-31 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
-----Betsy Anne Wife W F Nov 1849 50 M-31   7 - 5 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
-----Joseph L. Son W M Feb 1876 24 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Andrew W. Son W M Feb 1881 18 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Jane? Dau W F Aug 1892   7 S  b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
Barber, Margaret L. Dau W F Apr 1873 27 W 1 - 1 b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
-----Minnie V. gr-dau W F Mar 1893 7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
[Margert L. Barber seems to be the widow of a William H. Barber, son of George and Caldonia Barber.--kdd]

29 Apr 1910, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX p. 235:
Series T624 Roll 1548

Barber, George Head M W 32 M1-11 b. TX  fb. AL  mb. NC
-----Kate  Wife F W 27 M1-11 5 - 5 b. KY fb. KY mb. KY
-----Edna  Dau F W 11 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----____  Son M W 7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----Claud Son M W 5 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
-----Vernon Son M W 3 S b. TX fb. TX mb. KY
----- Ruel  Son M W 1/12 S b. TX f b. TX  mb.  KY

Barber, George Head M W 66 M2-40 b. AL fb.  AL mb. AL
-----, Caldonia Wife F W 64 M1-40 7 - 3 b. NC fb. NCn mb. NC

10 May 1910, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX p. 244:

Barber, John Head M W 23 M1-3 b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
----Annie Wife F W 20 M1-3 2 - 2  b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
----Chester Son M W 2 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
----Tracie  Dau  F W 1 4/12 S b. TX fb. TX  mb. TX

2 & Jan 1920, 7 J-PCT, Fannin Co., TX, p. 146:
Series T625, Roll 1803

-164 Barber, George W. Head M W 74 M b. AL fb. GA mb.  GA
---C.D. Wife F W  73 M b. NC fb. NC mb. NC
-165 Barber, John A. Head M W 32 M b. TX fb. AL mb. NC
---Annie Wife F W 29 M b. TX fb. TN mb. TN
---Chester Son M W 12 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Gracy Dau F W  11 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---J.B. Son M W   9 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Jodie Son M W   7 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Elsie Dau F W   3 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX

Sandy Cemetery, Ravenna, Fannin Co., Texas:

G.W. Barber Jan 23, 1845 - Dec 15, 1920
Caladonia Barber Apr 9, 1845 - Oct 10, 1925
W.H. son of G.W. & C.D. Barber Jul 22, 1871 - Sept 12, 1895
J.J. son of G.W. and C.D. Barber Dec 14, 1872 - Jan 31, 1889
J.M. son of G.W. and C.D. Barber Mar 14, 1880 - Sept 14, 1880
John Austin Barber Mar 18, 1887 - Sept 19, 1937


  1. Kathy,

    I just stumbled across your blog. Since you and I last communicated, I lost my job of nearly 12 years and later found a job but out of town. After nearly two years, I finally have time to get into digging through my grandparents' papers and photos. I still hope to find more clues but time will tell. Love what you have done with your blog.

    1. Sorry to hear about the job, but selfishly happy to hear that you have more time for research! I'm crossing my fingers that you turn up more information. If you see any errors on what I have for George W. Barber, please let me know. I sent you email at the address that I have for you. If you don't get it, please send me your new email address. You can send it through the blog comments if you need to, and I won't publish this since I moderate.