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Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey

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Sarah E. Barber, daughter of Joesph and Arsenia Barber, was born 15 Jan 1843 in Alabama.  She married Levi Blakely on 3 December 1867 in Barbour County, Alabama. Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey died 9 July 1910. Levi then married Annie Bell Crye in 1911. He died on 5 May 1923.

Bible birth records for Levi Blakey and his wives Sarah E. Barber and Annie Bell Crye:

Levi Blakey August 10, 1849
Sarah E. Blakey Jan. 15, 1848
Charley Lee Blakey Aug. 10, 1869
Walter Whitfield Blakey Oct. 28, 1870
Lue Ellen Blakey Jan. 28, 1873
Columbus Baker Blakey Feb. 3, 1874
Leigh Leon Blakey May 27, 1875
Beatrise Desomer Blakey July 22, 1876
Sarah Bama Blakey Dec. 4, 1877
Abigail Emma Blakey Mar. 14, 1879
Mart Roy Blakey Jan. 23, 1881
Monroe Jefferson Blakey June 16, 1883
Levi J. Blakey Oct. 24, 1884
Anna Blanche Feb. 26, 1908
Asa David Blakey Feb. 10, 1912
Ruby Irene Blakey Dec. 7, 1914
William Levi Blakey Dec. 19, 1916
Mary Ruth Blakey May 26, 1919
Catherine Blakey Jan. 16, 1922

Census records for Levi and Sarah E. (Barber) Blakey:

24 June 1880, Prct #7, Cass Co., TX, p. 238:

Blakey, Levi 30 W M Head Farmer b. AL  fb. NC  mb. NC
---Sarah 36 W F Wife K.H.  b. AL  fb. GA  mb. NC
---Charley L. 10 W M Son b. AL  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Walter W.  9 W M Son b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Louella 7 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Laban 5 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Beattrice 3 W F Dau  b. TX  fb. AL  mb. AL
---Sarah B. 2 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL  m.b.AL
---Abigal 1 W F Dau b. TX  fb. AL mb. AL

21 June 1900, 7-PCT, Cass County, TX, p. 315:

Blakey, Levi Head W M Aug 1849 50 M-30 b. AL fb. NC mb. NC
---Sarah E. Wife W  F 1843 57 M-30 11-10 b. AL fb. AL mb. AL
---Leon Son W M Mar 1875 25 S b. TX  fb. AL mb. AL
---Monroe Son W M Apr 1888 17 S b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
---Levi Son W M Jan 1884 16 S b. TX fb. AL  mb. AL
Wood, Balena Dau W F Feb 1880 20 Wd b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
McClure, Bill Boarder BM Jan 1881 19 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
John Oscar Boarder BM Feb 1885 15 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
[Notation:  The deceased child of Sarah E. (Barber) and Levi Blakey was Walter Whitfield Blakey.--kdd]

22 April 1910, 7 3-PCT, Cass Co,TX, p. 252:

Blakey, Levi Head M W 62 M1-45 b. AL fb. AL mb. US
---Sarah Wife F  W 66 M1-45 10-8 b. AL fb. US mb. US
---Leon Son M W 36 M1-1 b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
---Lizzie Dil F  W 17 M1-1 1-1 b. TX fb. TX mb. TX
---Carline  Grdau F  W l2/12 S b. TX  fb TX mb. TX

Census records of Levi and Annie Bell (Crye) Blakey:

19th & 20th January 1920, Bloomburg, Cass County, TX, p. 287:

Blakey, L.  Head W M 70 M b. AL fb. NC mb. GA
---Annie Bell Wife W F 35 M b. GA fb. GA mb. GA
---Asa Dau W F 8 S b. TX  fb. AL mb. GA
---Ruby Dau W F 6 S b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
---William Son W M 3 6/12 S b. TX fb. AL mb. GA
---Mary Dau W F 7/12 S b. TX mb. AL fb. GA
Martin, Blanchey Step-dau WF 12 S  b. TX fb. TX mb. GA

Obituary published of Sarah [Barber] Blakey in the Citizen’s Journal of Atlanta, Texas on 14 July 1910:

Sarah Blakey - The beloved wife of L. Blakey was born Jan. 15th, 1843, and died of paralysis at her home July 9th, 1910 at 8:05 o’clock p.m.

She was buried in Smyrna Cemetery, Sunday afternoon, July 10th, funeral services conducted in Smyrna church by Judge F.A. Allday. A good noble mother has passed away. [Rest of obituary could not be made out]

NOTE: Card of thanks - I would like to thank the good people through your paper for their kindness to our dear mother, Mrs. Levi Blakey, while she was sick. We never will forget them, may the dear Lord ever be with them. They did all that could be done, but the Lord saw fit to call her home at eight o’clock Saturday night July 9, 1910. Some of the neighbors stood by us like sister, and I must say that if I never see them again I will always remember them.

We sure did appreciate Bro. Allday’s talk at the funeral services; it was as fine as I ever heard. May the richest of blessing be on him.  [Signed] Her daughter, Mrs. George Gibson, Deridder, La.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass County [TX] Connections by the Cass Co. Gen Society]

Probate papers for Sarah E. Blakey were filed in Cass County by her husband Levi Blakey. These papers state that she died July 9, 1910 and left the following children:

C.L. Blakey, a man, 41 years old, who resides at San Antonio in Bexas County, Texas.
Louella Hagler, a woman, 36 years old, who resides at Maude in Bowie County, Texas,
Leon L. Blakey, a man, 35 years old, who resides at Atlanta in Cass County, Texas,
Beatrice Gibson, a woman 33 years old, who resides at DeRider, Louisaniana,
Bamer McAdams, a woman, 30 years old, who resides at Atlanta, Cass County, Texas,
Abigail Smith, a woman, 28 years old, who resides at Monroe, Louisana,
Monroe Blakey, a man 26, years old, who resides at Oil City, Louisiana,
Mart Blakey, a man, 24 years old, who resides at Atlanta, Cass County, Texas,
Levi Blakey, a man, 22 years old, who resides at Delta, Pennsylvania.

That in addition to the nine above named children of the petitioner and the said Sarah E. Blakey deceased, there was born unto them another child to-wit: W.W. Blakey, who died after reaching manhood, leaving three children surviving him, all three of whom now reside at Atlanta in Cass County, Texas and whose names and ages are as follows:
Erma Blakey, a girl, eleven years old.
Ora Blakey, a girl nine years old,
Bessie Blakey, a girl seven years old.
[Source: Cass Co, Tx Probate Minutes, Bk 11, p. 431-432. Notation--did not see anything in the records indicating at inheritance from Sarah’s father Joseph Barber.]

Obituary published for Levi Blakey in Citizens Journal on 10 May 1923:

Levi Blakey - Levi Blakey, was born Aug. 10, 1849 in Alabama, where he married Sarah Barber in 1868. To this union eleven children were born, five of whom survive him. He moved to Cass County in 1870, where he has since resided.

Mrs. Blakey died in 1910 and he has since married Anna Martin. To this union five children were born, all of whom are living.

He is survived by five children by his first marriage: Chas. Blakey and Mrs. B. Q. McAdams, Atlanta; Mrs. Geo. H. Gibson, DeRidder, La; Mrs. E. O. Smith of Monroe, Louisiana and L. J. Blakey of Washington, D.C.; also his wife and five children by his second marriage - Asa, Ruby, Ruth May, William and Katherine.

He was one of the oldest settlers in Cass County and was respected by all who knew him.

He joined the Baptist Church when he was a young man and has since been a member of that church. He said a short time before his death that he had no fear of death, but did not want to leave his family.

He passed away peacefully at his home near Atlanta Sunday noon. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from Smyrna Church, Rev. Williams, assisted by Rev. Fuller, conducted the services. His remains were laid to rest in Smyrna Cemetery, beside his deceased wife and two sons.

L. J. Blakey of Washington, D. C. a son, was sick and unable to come for the funeral.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass Co. [TX] Connections, vol. 1 by Cass Co. Gen Soc.]

Annie Belle Blakey was declared a lunatic on 29 Apr 1924. Records indicate that she had been suffering for mental illness for two years. She died shortly after entering the Rusk asylum.

Obituary for Anne Bell (Crye) Martin Blakey published in the Citizens Journal on 9 July 1925:

Anna L. Blakey - Mrs. Anna L. Blakey died in Rusk Asylum Monday. Remains shipped to Atlanta and buried at O’Farrell on Wednesday afternoon. Sympathy to the bereaved.
[Source: Obituaries with Cass County [TX] Connections, vol. 2 by Cass Co. Gen Soc.]

Blakey burials in Smyrna Cemetery, Smyrna Community, Cass Co., TX:

Blakey, Lee "Levi" 10 Aug 1849 - 5 May 1923
kn/ch Anna, John, Minneola & Vergil
Blakey, Sarah E.  (Barber) 15 Jan 1843 - 9 Jul 1910
w/0 Lee m. 3 Dec 1868 in AL
Blakey, Walter Whitfield 1870 - 1908
kn/ch Bessie Gertrude h/o Martha Fitts
Blakey, Martha Jane Fitts 1874 - 1973
McAdams, Bamma S. Blakey 4 Dec 1877 - 25 Nov 1959
m. 25 Mar 1903   d/o Levi & Sarah Eliz. Barber Blakey
McAdams, Burlie Quincey 9 Mar 1879 - 22 Sep 1949
h/o Bamma; kn/ch Oda Mae & B.Q. Jr.
s/o Sam L. and Nannie Clements b/o Ada, L.B. & Mat
Location of Smyrna Cemetery: from Hwy 59 in Atlanta take Hwy 77 east at intersection of 59 & 77 for 5 miles to cemetery. Blakeys are in Section A - from church next to hwy 77. Row 1 is in upper end of cemetery.
[Source: Cemeteries with Cass Co. Connections Vol. 8 by Cass County Genealogical Society]


  1. Thanks for posting all this info on Sarah Blakey, Kathy. Levi Blakey was my gandfather and Annie Belle Crye was my grandmother. It's good to see so much of the whole family in one place. You have done such a thorough job. - Millie Woods

    1. Millie, I think we corresponded briefly several years ago. My email address is in my profile if you would like to correspond further.