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William Haskell Kelley, son of M.P. Kelley

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William Haskell Kelley, son of Mansel Pinkney and Eliza Ann Rebecca (Thompson) Kelley, was born 29 Oct 1866 in South Carolina and died on 25 Nov 1965 (in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX?). He is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Naples in Cass Co., TX.  He married Louella Smith, daughter of John and Martha (Williams) Smith on 30 Nov 1902. She was born 26 May 1875 and died 4 Mar 1958. She is also buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. They resided in Marion Co. and Cass Co., TX.  Louella was married previously to a Humphrey, and they had Dora, Guy, Johnny, and Harry.
Children of William Haskell and Louella (Smith) Kelley:

1.         Mancil P. Kelley
2.         Millard Kelley
3.         Annie Carrie Kelley
4.         Charlie L. Kelley
5.         Jessie P. Kelley
6.         Emma Kate Kelley

Obituary for William H. Kelley abstracted from the Greenville Banner, Fri. 26 Nov 1965:

Rites for W.H. Kelley, Sat (99 yr., 29 Oct 1866 - 25 Nov 1965), Baptist. Brother of Mrs. Bessie Brown, father of Mrs. Willie Cast, brother of Mrs. Tom Foster, Stepfather of Guy Humphrey, father of Mrs. Ira Joyce, father of Charlie Kelley, brother of Frank Kelley, father of Jessie P. Kelley, father of Manvil [sic] Kelley, father of Millard Kelley, son of William T. Kelley [sic], husband of Louella Smith (30 Nov 1902), son of Aliza Rebecah Thompson, Royse City Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills Baptist Church, near Naples. 

Census records for William Kelley:

23 Apr 1910, Pct #2, Marion Co., TX, p. 167:

82 - 83  
KELLY, William W. Head   42  M1-8  b. SC fb. AL mb. GA
--, Louella  Wife    35  M2-8   7 - 6 b.TX fb. AL mb. GA
HUMPHRY, Dora s-dau   15  S b. TX  fb. SC mb. TX
--, Guy  s-son    12 S b. TX fb. SC  mb. TX
--, Harry P.  s-son  9 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
--, Mason P. son 6 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
--, Willard  son 4 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
--, Annie C.  dau 2 S  b. TX fb. SC mb. TX

28 Jan 1920, J-Pct #3, Marietta, Cass Co., TX, p. 154
Ser. T625 Roll 1785:

Kelly, William H.  Head  M W 54 M b. SC fb. SC mb. SC
---Ella  Wife    F W 44 M b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
---Mansel P. Son  M W 16 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
---Millard Son  M W 14 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
---Anna C. Dau  F  W 11 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
---Charlie Son  M W   9 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
---Jesse  Son  M W   6 S b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
---Emma K. Dau  F  W 1 11/12 S b. TX fb. TX mb. TX

Humphry, Guy S-son  M W 21 S

14 Apr 1930, Pct #3, Cass Co., TX, p. 117:

80 - 84
KELLEY, W.H. Head  63 M 36 b.  SC  fb. SC mb. SC
--, Liwella  Wife 54 M 29 b. TX fb. AL mb. AL
--, Millard Son 19 S b. TX  fb. SC  mb. TX
--, Jesse Son 16 S b. TX  fb. SC  mb. TX
--, Kate Dau 12 S b. TX  fb. SC  mb. TX
SMITH, Mattie m-i-l 80 Wd  b. AL fb. US  mb. US

81 - 85 
KELLEY, Mancie  Head  26 M 25  b. TX fb. SC mb. TX
 --, Thelma Wife    19 M 18 f. TX mb. TX fb. TX 

2 April 1940, Pct. 3, Cass County, Texas:

Kelley, William H. Head M W 73 M b. SC 1935 res.-R
--, L. Ella Wife F W 65 M b. TX 1935 res.-R
Cast, Willie s-i-l M W 34 M b. AL 1935 res.-same place
--, E. Kate Dau F W 22 M b. TX 1935 res.-same place

--, James H. Son M W 3/12 S b. TX 1935 res. -same place

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